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  1. nm, apparently you just get that message if they don't have the seats you selected
  2. my screen keeps saying "additional orders for this exclusive onsale are restricted at this time"
  3. Really hope they know what they're doing...
  4. Assuming Oday returns in full health, Is it time to place Brach ahead of Oday on the depth chart?
  5. How many more ab's before Rickard is platooned more or benched? Serious question; not hating on the kid...
  6. Does little things exceptionally well - sounds like a Joe Orsulak reincarnation
  7. About half the reason I'm going to the game! Will be rooting hard for him...
  8. I think he will be close to AS caliber at some point in his career if not this year. But his bat is redundant in this lineup. His defense (and power?) can be somewhat replicated by Flaherty. What say you.... :scratchchinhmm:
  9. just bought 3 tix for fathers day so guessing it works now
  10. was only mildly interested in father's day tix. got same msg
  11. [/url] http://shop.mlb.com/product/index.jsp?productId=53478796 the nike hat shows up in your cart after you add the book it's $33.99 w/shipping but if you have roadrunner it's only $25 ends 12/13
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