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  1. Tempted to say yes. For Astros fans, this is well over a year after the fact. The emotions of that night were real and the circumstances were not yet known. Those feelings were real and organic, and will never be taken away. They got a parade. They got their merch. It all happened. Sucks to find out after the fact that it was tainted, but that moment was still real, and that's what you're after as a fan.
  2. He was the first person I thought of when the news broke. He's a good guy to bring in for 1-2 years until they can find their next long-term solution. You can give him the keys to that caliber roster and not feel like you're going to leave wins on the table. Plus with him being a TX guy, it's probably a fairly attractive situation for him. If he gets it, I wish him luck.
  3. Greg Roman could never just leave well enough alone in SF. I hope he is able to learn from his past mistakes, because it would be a real shame to derail another promising career. Like him or hate him as a person, Kaepernick was a very good player (in my biased opinion, better all-around than Lamar) his first season and a half. Then Roman tried doing things that no longer worked to Kap's strengths, whether it was because he wanted to develop him as a "pure pocket passer" or because the league was eventually catching up to the pistol, RDO scheme that devastated opponents for so long. I think we'd all agree that you have to be an effective passer to survive in this league as a QB long-term, and I'm not sure if Lamar has those long-term attributes yet or not. Hopefully he can learn them if he hasn't yet, but I don't like his throwing motion, that's for sure. That's just one component of many, but it's a red flag. He'll only be able to rely on his superior athleticism for so long before the league demands that he is able to pass the ball reasonably well.
  4. It’s all about the championships. I’m not saying World Series Champs or bust, but I want to go to a parade.
  5. I have no idea what's going to happen on Sunday, but the Ravens are destroying teams right now, and it's not exactly motivating me to spend $500 on a pair of tix to the game. I believe in my Niners because they play a very good brand of football, and they're absolutely a top 3 team when they're fully healthy (which they might just be by Sunday). Hopefully Kyle has something up his sleeve for this weekend that he hasn't show much yet this year. Defensively, if Ford is back, that's huge. I expect to see a ton of Dime packages to get our bevvy of quality DBs on the field to try to contain Lamar as much as possible. Neither team has seen another squad as good as they will this weekend so far this year. I think both teams are better than the Pats and Seahawks at this point, and likely the 2 best teams in the NFL. Could go either way, but I have to give the edge to the Ravens, even if it's just for home-field advantage.
  6. I'd be interested to know what the level of effort is to keep the message board running. I won't name anyone specifically, but I'd be willing to guess that a handful of folks around here would be willing to pitch in to keep this thing going. Even if we don't have the scouting reports anymore, which would be a blow, as they're always quite good, losing the message board would be a tough pill to swallow. I know my join date says July 2008, but it was probably 6 months prior to that when I first tripped over the Hangout. Crazy that it's coming up on 12 years ago for me, and much longer for others. Like others that have "grown up" over the years, I'm not posting all that much anymore, either, but this site is literally always open in a tab on every device I use, and I pop in and out of here daily. The thought of losing the security blanket that the Hangout provides is saddening. I hope we can find a way to keep this community together.
  7. Even tougher if you're only somewhat hard.
  8. Agree 100%. But I don't think that logic is being applied to the notion that a pitcher has to face a minimum of 3 batters. Just play and manage baseball as usual. Maybe actually enforcing the pitch clock would be a good place to start.
  9. Having said all of this, I don't think we're full-on tanking. I am 100% in favor of keeping Villar and Mancini (I don't consider them to be investments, per se), and we could be far worse than we have been over the last 2 years if we really wanted to be. We're about as bad as you can be while being capable of getting 24-27 outs 162 times a year.
  10. I really don't consider there to be much difference between losing 94 and 104 games. Both teams are bad, and I'd imagine that at the start of a season that if Team A was projected for 104 losses and Team B was projected for 94 losses that Team B could easily finish with a worse record than Team A. Also, the Cards and Giants are two of the best orgs in baseball. Hopefully we get to that level soon.
  11. Care to elaborate? It's the only smart way, IMO. There is zero reason to invest in the major league team here right now. That leads to a bad team, lots of losses, and high draft picks. While still unpredictable, odds are at least better for higher picks.
  12. This is a dumb suggestion. The reason that there is no parity in baseball is because the draft is unpredictable and takes years to impact the big club and there's no salary cap. Tanking is really the only way to go, but not just for the draft picks. It goes all the way back to the Billy Beane comment that "you're either building for something special or you've got nothing," or something like that. Especially for us, there's no real sense in being in between.
  13. Good writeup. Am I being unfair/impatient/short-sighted/stupid to be disappointed that our #2 overall prospect has a mid-rotation projection? Is he just too young to tell? I assume that a strong 2020 could change his outlook. And I'm not disappointed by Rodriguez, but if our #2 has a mid rotation projection, what does the rest of our top 10 look like?
  14. Echoing a lot of sentiments from earlier in the thread, I'm happy for my Nats fan friends, but also annoyed at the sudden interest. Maybe it's more annoying because it's the Nats and many of us NOVA/DC folks are in the local social media territory and see all of these brand new fans coming out of the woodwork. Those of us that post here are a rare breed. We live and die with a historically bad team through thick and thin, wondering if we'll ever be fortunate enough to feel this type of joy. From our perspective (or at least from mine) the bandwagoners are so easy to resent because they're happy about a team that they didn't give two squirts about 2 months ago. And they're all over our social media timelines in their new hats and World Series Champions t-shirts. I really don't want to be judgmental about it, but damn it, it's annoying. I'd never call anyone out, but I'm annoyed as hell. I watched because I have some close friends that are legitimate die hards. I haven't watched the World Series in a very long time. I just don't spend a lot of time watching non-Orioles baseball. I spend enough screen time on my own team. Anyway, as I was watching, I was nearly emotionless. I had some feels late in Game 7, but mostly because I would have hated to see them blow it. I don't know if I emoted at all after the final pitch - I just didn't care. The Nats are not my team and never will be. The idea of jumping ship is just so foreign to me that I can't even process it. How in the world can you just decide to root for another team? Or just decide to root for any team for that matter. If it's not organic, is it even real? The deeper resentment that I have about this is that most Nats fans used to be Orioles fans that jumped ship. Think about that for a while. What Nats fan over, say, 32-33 years old wasn't an O's fan first if they're a passionate baseball fan? Frobby has his example of the 75 year old fan that used to be a Senators fan. That's an outlier. As a 37 year old guy, many of my friends that are now Nationals fans were following the Orioles 16 years ago. Now they're on cloud 9 because the geographically local team won? Does not compute. To each their own. Hopefully the Orioles Hangout faithful are rewarded with a Championship one day. Lord knows we deserve it.
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