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  1. He's got plenty of power already, but I think you'll see him naturally get bigger and stronger as he enters his physical prime. Just being around a professional sports team and the exercise and nutrition regimens available to him should result in additional muscle.
  2. I like the idea of having a former left-side-of-the-infield glove at 1st base. I think he'll get better as the position becomes more second-nature to him. Yes, he was a failed prospect defensively at SS and 3b, but he played at a high enough level there in lower levels to guess that he's got good footwork, mechanics, and athletic ability to do well at 1st. I think his early experience as a 3bman really helped Davis grow into being a good 1bman at his peak, and I have similar hopes for Mountcastle.
  3. The one silver lining for me right now, which is honestly very surprising because I normally don't care about sports if it's not one of my teams, is that the O's were sooo bad this year that I may actually follow the postseason. They were so bad that it takes the sting out of watching others play on, because we were out before we evere even got started in 2021. I think I'm going to go all-in on the Giants, if for no other reason than for good will towards San Francisco and my 49ers, who look like they need all of the voodoo help they can get. Then again, it's also pretty likely that
  4. All good stuff and fantastic individual accomplishments. I remain hopeful that things will get better soon. But a ~51 win season is horrible no matter what goes on at an individual level. I hope Mullins, Mountcastle, Mancini, and Means are all on the next playoff roster.
  5. I wasn't really all-in on losing this year, but I am now. With 1 week to go, I want the 1:1 pick. It would make this nightmare season slightly more palatable if we at least ended up with the top pick.
  6. I think the "no quit" theory was tested mightily during the longer losing streaks this summer. Those were pretty brutal, and you can tell by the body language of a few players (John Means wants to be pretty much anywhere else right now) that it's worn them down. But yes, the players, whether due to their own personal work ethic and professionalism or through Hyde's motivation, have found a way to re-engage and finish as strong as they can with the talent they have. I posted on Facebook about how I liked Hyde for his - ahem... interaction? - with Robbie Ray a few weeks ago. Players respond to t
  7. We have 39 games left. Counting the 18 straight losses, we'd have to finish 3-54 to lose more than 120 games if I did my math correctly.
  8. It aggravates me too much that we are this bad. The 1999 - 2011 teams were not good, but this squad is just wretched. Just absolutely sickeningly awful. So even when I am winding down for the night and I’m about to put the game on the tv or radio, I usually check the score to see what I’m getting into. Lately, that’s as far as I get. We are never in games anymore after 3 innings. I’m a very passionate fan by my definition, but I will not subject myself to this voluntarily. I will sleep, work, or spend QT with my sons instead. Circumstances have changed for me significantly since I joined
  9. I had this idea years ago. I can only assume that there is an intern in the FO that is assigned to reading OH archives.
  10. I'd wager that there are at least about 500k people in the world that consider the O's to be their primary MLB team.
  11. Last year reminded me how much I missed baseball when I didn't have it available to ignore. So I am watching more this year than I did in 2018 or 2019. But It's usually for about an hour or so tops and I'm checking out once the game is no longer competitive. This Astros series was a total disaster. I barely tuned in.
  12. Absolutely. But it looked like weak contact even from the CF cam, and I don't recall people cheering for a hit, so I relaxed just as quickly.
  13. Today was one of those days. It's been a while since we had something this good to celebrate. While there are bigger fish to fry in the years ahead, today is a pretty special day, and I'm going to savor it. This hasn't happened since 1969, so I thought it deserved its own thread.
  14. You're talking about my guy all wrong here. If you read the thread title, it simply says Franco caaaaaaan pick it. Whether or not he does it on a regular basis is something else entirely.
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