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  1. Did they introduce the Sox to "Loser" as usual, or was that another tradition that got bucked this year?
  2. Worst case scenario: Lopez gives up a monster grand slam and we trial 6-0. Pretty sure, anyway.
  3. What's most aggravating about this is that the game wasn't out of hand yet when he brought in (an ice cold) Armstrong. Sure, he could have induced a ground ball or a popup, but I agree with your logic. And without a crystal ball, you don't know you're getting shut out yet. So in a close game, I would have also liked to see a different call. Or even letting Lopez try to get out of it himself.
  4. Not too shabby for a team that only attracts 9k fans a night!
  5. Plenty of good points made already as to why the defense was so bad with that lineup, but there's still nothing wrong with Hyde trying to set a precedent and push the backups to play better defense. I think it was a cultural statement, so I like it. "You've gotta act like winners before you can become winners" or whatever.
  6. I just had this same thought myself. They did it in a shortened season with other extremely high-caliber starters in the rotation to shoulder the load for the openers/bullpen games. I don't think it works when you have 3-4 "decent to pretty good" starters and a pool of 2-4 inning guys over 162. The wear and tear of the full season would cause a lot of burnout, but still, that's why you have the taxi squad. Even if you want to think of the season in 30, 45, or 60 day increments, those are still rolling increments, and I think it's hard to gauge how what Tampa did last year would apply to us in 2021. I think we're talking about two vastly different pitching staffs.
  7. Would be interested to see a proposal of what a pitching staff would look like. Obv the 2-4 inning guys would offset some of the 1-inning specialists, but we'll still end up with at least 2-3 of those guys I'd think. From a roster standpoint, I wonder how it would make sense. You'd probably have to wear out the taxi squad to make it work, which we've done before. I like the idea and I have since it first came up on these boards 10+ years ago. I'm glad Tampa showed it could be successful last year.
  8. How many of these 2-4 inning arms would we need to get through 1,458 innings?
  9. It's very, very bad, but better than last year's that was glossy plastic material for the logo, I believe. I purchased on this weekend for historical purposes.
  10. I think we benefited moreso in 2012 than 2014. The 2012 team was good, but the 2014 team was legitimately great. I'll never get over that ALCS.
  11. It's not a dig, just a fact. Boston, usually a juggernaut, was reloading and won 69 games in 2012. Toronto just 73. But we did fend off a 90-win Rays team. New York won the division with 95 wins to our 93. In 2014, the rest of the division was just mediocre (in large part because we pounded them). We cruised to a 96-win division title, while the Yankees, Jays, Rays, and Sox won 84, 83, 77, and 71 games, respectively.
  12. I agree with your "ifs", which are not outlandish. Mancini, Hays, Santander, and Moutcastle are potentially 4 potent bats. Add Rutchman to that and you upgrade everything. I think a bigger difference between 2012 and 2021 is the rest of the division. We took advantage of down years from the rest of the division in 2012 and 2014. I don't think we have that luxury right now.
  13. Nice writeup. Thanks to the OP for sharing. I was looking for a thread to ask this question, and the article sets it up perfectly: Is there any reasonable scenario in which the talent on this team is so unknown at this point that we could be heading into another 2012 this season? Is it possible that a decent start could be the catalyst for an earlier-than-expected Rutchman promotion that could make this season interesting? What's a reasonable win total for the 2nd WC? 84 or so? Is that really definitively out of reach for this club in 2021?
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