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  1. I like his size. I know there have been plenty of smaller pitchers lately that have done extremely well, but I will always default to the classic, big-bodied stature that GrayRod possesses. Excited to see him in Baltimore, whenever that might be.
  2. How much do you think it hurt Elias' soul to spend that kind of money on one player? He probably wanted to stay under that figure for the whole infield.
  3. Would be nice if we could afford to spend in the Million Dollar Club or the Upper Middle Class. That's a lot of money on lotter tickets, but I think the risk starts to go down as the price goes up, to a certain extent. Happy to know that we were responsible for a few guys on this list though.
  4. Every developmental effort in the world benefits from a clear roadmap regardless the subject matter. I'm not sure how this is such a big revelation in MLB / MiLB, but apparently it was - and it was not that long ago. When you don't know what you don't know, there's no clear path forward.
  5. Funny you say this, because I'd say the exact same thing, just a few years later. We were shopping Bedard around the time my oldest brother passed away very unexpectedly, and he was the only other big Orioles fan in my life. I found this board to get better Orioles news and started to join the message board conversations shortly after. Erik Bedard news absolutely drew me into this site, and I'll always remember it that way. I'm not sure what was the craziest time on the OH: the Bedard Trade or Courting Mark Teixeira. Both were riddled with "insider info" on a daily basis, but Teixeira was probably crazier.
  6. For clubs to do business this winter. And do it aggressively. I'm with you - I like seeing this. It's a little curious because they're up against a much bigger gun in the Dodgers in their own division, but I like it from a fan's perspective. I'd be thrilled right now if the Padres were my team. This has been an excruciatingly slow offseason. Not just for us, which was to be expected, but for everyone. Good for them.
  7. It IS possible... from ESPN of all places:
  8. I chuckle a little at all of the hand-wringing going on in this thread. Frobby made the point that none of us can put ourselves in CD's shoes, and that's the long and short of it. He can and should tell everyone else to go pound sand. He's living up to his end of a contract that he signed (in a literal, bare-minimum sense). And those saying that they'd take an 80% buyout should remember that even 20% of a sh*t ton of money is still a sh*t ton of money. Saddle up, boys. Two more years of complaining lie ahead.
  9. Do you think they make eye contact? I bet that would be awkward.
  10. OH Premium is free on holiday weekends.
  11. Agree, except that we know there will be some roster movement. That's just the nature of pitching staffs. My issue is that when I look at our T25 prospects, most ETAs are 2022 or later for the pitchers that will make a meaningful contribution. So while our position player roster could be looking nice by this time next year, I think there is room for improvement with the pitchers. Just not sure who to predict, although I like your Stroman idea.
  12. You can expect another 20% churn by the time this team is good again, if not more. Rutchman, Diaz, Hays, and Mancini just for position players are all guys that could or should be on the roster in September 2021. Yes, two of those guys are currently on the IL, but not on the current, active roster. Pitching is in constant flux, so who knows what that will look like a year from now (though for the most part, probably similar to today).
  13. I thought the OH consensus was already that 3 catchers was a good thing with the blend of talent they (Rutchman, Sisco, Severino) each bring. DHing one every now and then, etc.
  14. OH Debbie Downer Mob beating this one into the ground per usual. In a season with so little to be happy about, I'm glad that a guy like Valaika is having a nice streak and helping what should be an utterly terrible team hang around in most games. Maybe a more apt title for the thread would be "Valaika Makes a Bid to Become an Everyday Player on the 2020 Orioles" for proper context. But what's the point of being right about small sample sizes if you can't SHOW everyone that you're right? This is the way.
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