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  1. OH Premium is free on holiday weekends.
  2. Agree, except that we know there will be some roster movement. That's just the nature of pitching staffs. My issue is that when I look at our T25 prospects, most ETAs are 2022 or later for the pitchers that will make a meaningful contribution. So while our position player roster could be looking nice by this time next year, I think there is room for improvement with the pitchers. Just not sure who to predict, although I like your Stroman idea.
  3. You can expect another 20% churn by the time this team is good again, if not more. Rutchman, Diaz, Hays, and Mancini just for position players are all guys that could or should be on the roster in September 2021. Yes, two of those guys are currently on the IL, but not on the current, active roster. Pitching is in constant flux, so who knows what that will look like a year from now (though for the most part, probably similar to today).
  4. I thought the OH consensus was already that 3 catchers was a good thing with the blend of talent they (Rutchman, Sisco, Severino) each bring. DHing one every now and then, etc.
  5. OH Debbie Downer Mob beating this one into the ground per usual. In a season with so little to be happy about, I'm glad that a guy like Valaika is having a nice streak and helping what should be an utterly terrible team hang around in most games. Maybe a more apt title for the thread would be "Valaika Makes a Bid to Become an Everyday Player on the 2020 Orioles" for proper context. But what's the point of being right about small sample sizes if you can't SHOW everyone that you're right? This is the way.
  6. Nice to have a super utility guy that's capable of playing all over the infield and isn't a liability at the plate.
  7. Last night was a pretty good case study for the 2020 Orioles. Inexplicably winning games however they can based on whatever wacky circumstances their opponents present.
  8. Makes you wonder what might have been if Elias & Co had been around for the Cavalry 1 and 2. Arrieta might have been a Cy Young Award winner for Baltimore. But it's not a fruitful exercise to go too far down that road.
  9. I believe Hyde when he says guys are getting better. They brought Elias and Hyde in specifically to improve players with knowledge, analytics, and teaching players how to maximize and capitalize on their specific skill sets and characteristics. Now that it's working, why should we be so surprised? I think we are seeing the beginning of "Phase 2" of the Elias roadmap to competition.
  10. It's been years since I've heard someone use this analogy. Now I've seen it twice in 10 days on the Hangout. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2020 Baltimore Orioles.
  11. But tonight, in the land of the skunks, the man with half a nose is king. Sing the song, boys!
  12. So wait, when baseball resumes, people in MD, DC, and VA won’t be able to watch O’s games because of blackouts??
  13. So the AAA or AAAA guys are the ones that get the most screwed here. Because they can help train and stretch the lower-level guys, but who pushes them? Hopefully there is a plan to do right by some of these guys when we're in a no-win season. Then again, nobody owes them any favors, and pro sports is a meritocracy. Any speculation what we would do with our minor leaguers without a MiLB season? Would we just have mixed rosters competing against each other over and over? That's certainly better than intersquad, but not much. And limits exposure by a significant amount. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  14. I asked this question in another thread, but it will make more sense in this one now. If this is true and the MiLB season is cancelled, what does that do to our 30 and 60 man rosters for the MLB season? Do we decided to let guys like Rutchman, Mountcastle, and the other top prospects play? ST workouts and intersquad reps won't give them the experience they need to get better. These guys need to play. My biggest fear, obviously from a pure baseball perspective, with the pandemic was how this was going to affect our player development. I think the guys at the very top of our talent pool could tread water in MLB without it being a detriment to their development. This is far from ideal, but I think putting those guys on the shelf for a year is worse. Someone on here much smarter than me will know what we should do. I'll take my answer off air.
  15. Didn't Gregg Maddux lose a game when he had a no hitter through 9, but lost in extra innings?
  16. I'm curious how - or if - this shortened season might impact a club's decision regarding service time with prospects. Obviously, ours specifically. My guess is that service time is what it is from a number of games on the roster standpoint, but will the percentage of the season still contribute? I could be confused - maybe that's not a thing, but I thought it was. 12 games is nothing in a full season, but it's 20% this year, and that can make a huge difference regarding status, or so I thought. I also don't know a single thing about what's going on with MiLB this season, and my biggest concern, from a pure baseball perspective, is how that would impact player development. Obviously, or prospects can't get any better if they don't play. They just sit around getting older without gaining any experience. I'd have to consider bringing some of our youngsters up for a little bit to get some game action if there's no other way for them to play.
  17. if this is truly the sticking point, I think it's time to get back to baseball. If you're a player and you choose to play, you need to accept the risk and not hold a potential class-action lawsuit over MLB.
  18. Agree. But it's hard to incentivize billionaires that are looking out for their multi-million dollar investments, etc. And some of these changes, while very interesting, sound like they'd require a change to the CBA, which is never easy. Not impossible, but not easy. And I have a hard time buying owners or the MLBPA signing off on much of this. Major League Baseball isn't for the fans, it's for the owners and players.
  19. Separate topic, but this is why we'll never be able to "fix" baseball. We may all agree - even unanimously - that the older era of baseball was a better version of the game, but you can't stop evolution. Today's game is highly conservative because so much money is at stake with revenue and contracts. Organizations will try to do whatever they can to protect their investments, so they have pitchers that can only throw one inning for fear of blowing out an elbow or shoulder, and they don't like to take risks on the base paths because a formula told them that there is an minimum AQL for stolen base percentage.
  20. Sorry, wasn't directing that entirely at you. But if you understand it logically, you're probably better off accepting the reality. Also, Trumbo wasn't a mediocre player for his whole career. We remember his last 2-3 years here (or however long it was) where he was really just taking up space. A Mark Trumbo in his prime can (and has) contribute to a championship-caliber team.
  21. That probably demonstrates the unrealistic/uninformed casual opinion of the value of the slot than anything.
  22. What about the Gunnar (Gunner?) kid we drafted out of HS last year? Thought he was a good looking MI prospect. No?
  23. Tempted to say yes. For Astros fans, this is well over a year after the fact. The emotions of that night were real and the circumstances were not yet known. Those feelings were real and organic, and will never be taken away. They got a parade. They got their merch. It all happened. Sucks to find out after the fact that it was tainted, but that moment was still real, and that's what you're after as a fan.
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