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  1. DC United home opener has been announced as March 17, and venue is TBD due to their new stadium, Audi Field not opening till June. They will play two home games at to be announced alternate sites, before playing at their new stadium. Apparently they've had talks with the O's about playing at OPACY, but talks have not progressed. Would be cool. http://wapo.st/2ByfQdv?tid=ss
  2. Yeah, the problem I am talking about started at 10:30 or so because I was late to the presale and that's when I first logged in. My co-workers had already purchased tickets by that time after sitting in the waiting room. I got the message after I had gotten in, when trying to add tickets for a given section. I tried on their computers which they had used successfully, and no luck. Tried at 1, 2 and 3 o'clock still no luck.
  3. I feel your pain. This was like beating your head against the wall. After a few hours it was clear high volume wasn't the issue. Not sure if it was a Windows / Internet Explorer glitch, or if other browsers worked on Windows. I switched to the iphone after developing carpal tunnel from clicking and got tickets right away. There was definitely a glitch.
  4. Tried on two Windows machines with IE and had the same problem selecting tickets after I had gotten in (high volume message). Tried on an I-phone and had no problem, only game 7 was left.
  5. 6 hours later I try my code and get "We're sorry, we were unable to process your request due to high transaction volumes. Please try to submit your request again by clicking the CONTINUE button" Obviously it's broke(n) unless you use the mobile version.
  6. I couldn't find your previous post in the long thread but I assume you were referring to the O's - Ravens double header last year that never happened because both teams couldn't play at home the same day. Strangely I think We are in agreement.
  7. Tell some Raven fan who shows up 4 hours early he can't tailgate in the spot he paid $50 for because there's an Oriole fan parked in his spot.
  8. Random thoughts, I'm probably repeating what's been said. I worked in Montgomery county in the late 90s and my company had 4 seats, full season plan. How many businesses in mntgmry county do you think have season tickets now? We are basically back to where we were before OPACY, when it wasn't as easy to get to the stadium for DC fans. Except now it's worse; DC fans just aren't coming at all. The Ravens have PSL owners locked in. People are reluctant to let their PSLs go. $1500 avg for a pair of season tickets. Almost all the 70k seats are sold by season tickets.
  9. Sat in front of Cal Jr. at a Colts vs. Dolphins game in Jan 83. Think it was a make-up for the strike shortened season. Colts lost 34-7. He was there with a girlfriend don't know if it was Kelly. Also literally walked into Johnny U on the concourse at Stallions game once. Wasn't watching where I was going. He kind of had a scared look on his face , and I was like "sorry sir" before I realized who it was.
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