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  1. I like what I read on a local tennessee news site: Kiffin did to UT what UT did to Fulmer and Majors.
  2. Good night for the state of Virginia, Virginia Tech and UVA were the only teams outside of the top 25 to beat top 25 teams I believe. Fingers crossed we both can win our next two games to set up a nice little top of the acc game on the 28th.
  3. Has anyone coming out not been because of professional reasons?
  4. He never lied, he simply pleaded the 5th by claiming he wasnt "here to talk about the past".
  5. The McGwire apologist right? Thats who I thought of when I came here after hearing the news
  6. Its also like that on old Army cammies. Its not really backwards. If I remember correctly, its done that way to mimic the way the flag would look when charging in battle, back in the day when they still did that.
  7. I have to say I really didnt like the teams reaction to the dutch players HR. Yah he showed them up but so what? The guy plays for Kinheim in Holland, let him enjoy the moment of hitting an HR off an MLB pitcher in a blow out loss.
  8. Michigan State Missouri Pitt- National Champs Oklahoma
  9. The thing Siena has going for them is they are 0-5 against rpi top 50 teams, yet isnt the SC record as well? Doesnt seems to bother the like of Lunardi or Bilas one bit:rolleyes:
  10. I guess I was the jinks....
  11. As great as Towsons run was a win today wouldnt have provided us with a final that would be as entertaining or competitive as this one will be (hopefully).
  12. Man Sutcliffe is ripping Johnson's roster moves big time, and I agree start the players who are going to win the game, this isnt the All Star game where everyone gets to play.
  13. Wow. I can not believe CBS cut away from the MVC final with less than 1:30 left in a 3 point game. Complete BS.
  14. Anybody watching the OVC final? Two great shots by both teams to send this game into OT.
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