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  1. Right. Flacco's job looks pretty easy when your main concern is keeping the Cheetos dust out of the remote.
  2. They were on the field and open in "crunch time." I think that it's real unfair to call Flacco an idiot for hitting open receivers with less than 30 seconds left. The "idiot" actually played a pretty nice game in my opinion.
  3. I agree, he looked horrible at the plate. Further, he was in terrible shape. I'd pass.
  4. My condolences. You are in my thoughts my friend.
  5. Exactly. These guys are professional athletes, The only embarrassment was the Bears performance IMO.
  6. You have a right to this opinion as well. For the record, I never defended the OP's position, from the quote that was commented on, I clearly stated that I did not understand his position as a supposed Orioles fan. Have a nice night.
  7. He has every right to his opinion, and your response to me is condescending IMO.
  8. While I respect your right to this opinion, I do not understand it. You are either a fan of the team are you aren't. You can certainly be disappointed in the performance, but IMO no fan has the right to demand anything but maximum effort from its players and management. Sounds like you are ready to move on from the Orioles, I hope that the next team that you root for meets your "demands".
  9. Your observational abilities are very strong. Especially for a KC fan trolling an Orioles website.
  10. I recall this happening to Eric Bedard while he was pitching for the Orioles. It's the only time I have ever seen the rule enforced in a game. ( Pretty sure that it was the 12 second rule.)
  11. I'm pretty sure that the new rules allow the relief pitcher one and a half minutes to get from the bullpen to the mound. This should help speed up the pitching changes. I don't think that keeping the rosters from being expanded will fly, ( Players Association) In addition I believe that the new rule change will help speed things up next September.
  12. First off,I have never whined. Secondly, Ithink that it's pathetic that you feel the need to troll this website a week or so after the serie
  13. Way to cover all of your tracks troll.
  14. Last time I checked anyone with a twitter account can pop off about anything that they want. Caleb Joseph is in the big leagues because he is an above average defensive catcher. This is a fact despite his error in the playoffs. Further, he's not policing the game like Fisk did. ( Which was BS IMO.) He's simply rooting publicly against the team that knocked the orioles out.
  15. So according to your "logic", overweight players are prone to giving less than full effort on the field. To that end, the only explanantion for Roberts' lack of effort and concentration is that he was a prima donna. ( He is "skinny" by your definition) Thanks for clearing that up.
  16. Not sure. I wonder how many times Morales forgot how many outs there were or how often he put it on cruise control on a routine grounder or fly ball?
  17. I think that you are reading too much into his tweet. Really? If Joseph can help the Royals down the road, his "welcome back to earth" tweet will most likely elicit a chuckle.
  18. The Royals catcher wears a batting helmet which is more effective than the hockey mask type when there is contact from a backswing.
  19. There is no doubt that it was a freak injury. However this seemingly innocuous act will be brought up at the conference. Most acts out of frustration like this ( throwing bats, helmets, etc.) have the potential for poor results.
  20. My theory is that Brian probably suffered other concussions in his career. ( Mild and not diagnosed) His method of sliding was head first most of the time. Maybe this time he hit himself in the wrong spot.
  21. Probably anyone who has been hit with a blunt object. I've did the same thing that Brian Roberts did years ago. The sound inside the helmet was as loud as anything that I can remember. While I did not sustain a concussion, my actions were irresponsible and foolish. Brian Roberts miseed a considerable amount of time at the highest level of play because of a self inflicted injury. I know that he did not intend to harm himself, however, the end result was that he hurt the team along with himself.
  22. But it did happen the way you describe and most are not going to forget how it happened. I think that you need to acknowledge that what Roberts did to himselfwas ill advised and irresponsible.
  23. I personally have no issue with a player on any team being a "sore loser." He's a professional athlete, and losing in any manner should hurt. I have no problem with him rooting publicly against the Royals, I don't think that it's that big of a deal.
  24. This paragraph pretty much sums up my feelings as well. I really do not care that he signed with the Yankees. Baseball is a business, and that may have been the best and/or only offer that he had. I can't fault the guy for wanting to play another season. In addition, his leaving was addition by subtraction for the reasons that you list here. I don't hate the guy, I just hated the way he went about his business on the field.
  25. You are correct, they generally do. However, Nucky pretty much gave up everything to save his nephew's life. Further, it looks like he is going to try to help Gillian with her plight. Finally, he and Margaret may very well cash in on the Kennedy deal. I can see the possibility of his story being one of redemption. He has been saying that he wants to leave a legacy. We'll see. Further,
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