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  1. While I understand being frustrated about Davis, I believe that frustration should be pointed at the front office. They were the ones who decided to hand out a 7 year deal to a guy entering his age 30 season (and a guy who had some red flags in his performance.). Would any of us have turned down that deal? I am sure he is professionally frustrated with his inability to deliver. I say just leave him in peace. I said at the time and it is even more clear now that any spending money at that time should have been reserved for Machado.
  2. I agree. He is clearly the outlier so the truth probably trends closer to the pack. Of course, none of this really matters, it comes down to development and what happens on the field and in the GM office.
  3. I'm no expert and I can't speak for him, but I think he would say our top-end talent is good but we do not match the depth and upside of other organizations because we haven't been in the international market. I know that trend is changing but we haven't been in on the "big fish" international prospects yet so that improvement in depth is probably a few years in the making still.
  4. Logically, it is possible to have a top system without international prospects; talent is talent no matter where it comes from. However, I think his point is that since we have been solely relying on the draft for so long we simply are playing against a stacked deck as it relates to other teams. Thus, we have to have a higher hit rate on our prospects since we have no shot at high end talent internationally, which is a recipe for a lack of depth. I don't know if he's right for this year or not, but I believe he is saying that we are pulling from a shallower pool so our depth just isn't there, not that he is simply penalizing us for what he believes is an organizational failure and is slapping us on the wrist for it.
  5. I agree. He was loyal to the team (to a fault) and I hope he gets a decent chance for a send-off. However, he was repeatedly nails-on-the-chalkboard for me with his blind homerism and longevity with a job doesn't insulate you from being let go if you're not connecting with your audience. I see this as the club really trying to show its new direction as we are hopefully on the upswing towards competitiveness. Hunter may be simply a casualty of being too associated with the down years and we want a fresh face to go with the rebuild. Can't fault them for that.
  6. The commissioner isn't going rogue here. He would never do this without at least the tacit consent of the owners. He was hired for a reason.
  7. I am a lifelong O's fan, but only lived in Baltimore city for 6 years. The O's traded for Jones in my first year there, so I feel like I got to watch him come into his own firsthand. He obviously was a great player for us, but I appreciated him more for how he spoke his mind, stood up for his teammates, and made an impact on his community. Thank you, Adam.
  8. 4 years of high school ball on a decent team in a competitive league. Pitched a lot because I could throw strikes but never had overpowering stuff. Developed a pretty good change up but my curve never amounted to much. Probably topped out at 75-80 mph. Never hit enough to play the field much. Gave it up when I went to college. A few years ago I got a massage and got some comments that my right shoulder had a lot going on and they guessed that I was a pitcher. I can still make lots of funny sounds with it.
  9. This is almost exactly how I feel. I'd rather see Jones out there than Rickard, but if the kids are knocking on the door in July then he needs to be willing to reduce his time. I would love it as a Jones fan, but I don't see it happening.
  10. This is a great thread, and those videos have me chills. My dad and I had a pact that after 15 years in the wilderness we would go to the first playoff game at home whenever the Orioles made it back. That game, sitting in the upper deck in left field, was one of the loudest I have been to in any sport. Just awesome to see the Yard like that. Lots of good memories and likable players. It's going to be a long couple of years here but I feel confident we are doing the right thing and will rise again.
  11. I was also at the 30-3 game. That was one of the most memorable games I have ever attended. The Rangers just hit everything hard. I am a diehard O's fan but found myself rooting for history. Still have the ticket stub. One of the oddities of that game is that the Orioles used pitchers the whole game, no position guys.
  12. I agree with those who believe we have seen Gausman's ceiling. He just doesn't get the K's that someone with his stuff seemingly should. I think we should trade him now as he has had decent success, durability, and still has the "potential" card. This is probably the highest his value will be, and we are not likely to be competitive before he hits free agency. I would not trade Bundy, I think he has another level he has yet to reach.
  13. Good for both of them, justly deserved. I used to fall asleep (or sometimes not, if we were playing the Jays) to the voices of Fred Manfra and Jon Miller 25 years ago. The induction of BRob makes me feel old.
  14. This is what makes baseball so great, anybody can beat anybody on any given night. I love the NBA, but it is a little silly knowing that we have basically been waiting all season to watch a Cavs-Warriors rematch. Baseball isn't anywhere near as predictable.
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