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  1. It used to be that way. Remember in Moneyball when Billy Beane was waiting at Scott Hattebergs doorstep at midnight of the first day of free agency? Now the bubble is bursting (whether naturally or with coordination) and owners are willing to wait out the players and try to drive down the price as opposed to competing with each other to outbid one another to secure the services of a player. I think too many owners have been burned by Boras, et al and outbid themselves so they’re willing to be more patient now. It’s just interesting that it seems that all 30 owners seem to have adopted this strategy.
  2. Hmm, yes, I’m sure it was the eye exercises that put Brady over the top.
  3. Getting on base is always better than not getting on base. Having a high OBP certainly does not preclude you from being able to swing the bat. Most high OBP players have respectable averages as well. Very few players have high walk rates without the ability to make a pitcher pay for throwing strikes.
  4. The Orioles advised Steve Bechler not to use ephedra and rushed him to the hospital when he collapsed. They did not orchestrate an investigation to clear their name and save their jobs to maintain a toxic culture. The Orioles have a lot of issues but at least they’re clearing the absolute lowest bar unlike Maryland.
  5. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills reading through this. We had a good run, but it is time to make changes. We can’t change ownership, but we need to clean house everywhere else. Buck, Brady, and Duquette all need to go and start fresh with a new group in the front office.
  6. First things first, I obviously am raising ticket prices. This is a business not a hobby. And there’s definitely not more free tickets given away. I’d rather tarp it off like Oakland and decrease the supply to justify the new ticket price. Second, I clear out the warehouse. Better yet, let’s knock it down and get some new luxury box seating that can go in there. Bring in some corporate dollars. As far as front office personnel, everyone’s gone. Goodbye Dan, see you later Brady. And I bring in someone who will be loyal to me. Someone who values their job security more than winning or standing up for what I believe in. I also want someone with ties to the organization. That’s rights, Orioles fans, were holding a press conference for your new VP of baseball operations (I hold the title of President, after all I do own the team) ... David Segui! After all that hard work, I think I’ve earned a vacation. I have David pack my bags and I jet off for the Caribbean for a few weeks of relaxation while managing the team remotely. I’m kept in the loop with daily briefings and I make all final decisions. Nothing gets done without my fingerprints on it. I want to make sure I get the credit when Baltimore returns to glory. If Jerry Jones can win 3 Super Bowls then I should be able to bring home the Word Series in no time.
  7. Is it possible that he could get his career WAR back to zero by the end of this contract?
  8. Chris Davis has 85 strikeouts compared to 66 total bases plus walks. Has there ever been a full time player that had more strikeouts than TB+BBs? The closest I found was Adam Dunn has 177 Ks with 180 TB+BB.
  9. Hanley is a free agent now. Why would he sign with us even if we are interested?
  10. An 11-1 win is a fluke. An 11-1 loss is indicative of who we are.
  11. We were 1-1 after March 31st, so you’re technically right.
  12. <p><p><p>Hey did you know these messages must be at least 6 characters long?</p></p></p>

  13. I was at the game. He was warmed up when the A's had bases loaded and one out. Melvin put him out there to start the inning because that's who was warmed up and ready to go at that point. And if Johnson is supposed to be your best reliever, than it's not a terrible idea to put him out in a high leverage situation. It just didn't work out. Also, I don't understand all the hate towards Johnson. Every pitcher gives up runs and loses games. It's frustrating for sure, but Johnson over the past three years had sub 3 ERAs while pitching exclusively in high leverage situations. It's not easy to find a reliever that can do that year to year while facing both righties and lefties.
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