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  1. http://newyork.yankees.mlb.com/nyy/history/ballparks.jsp Hilltop Park 168th Street and Broadway, Manhattan Capacity: 16,000 (plus up to 15,000 standing room) Dimensions: Left field: 365 feet; center field: 542; right field: 400. The site has been occupied by the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center since the 1920s. The team was known as the Hilltoppers for the first several years it played at Hilltop Park. As early as 1905, however, the name "Yankees" began popping up in newspapers whose editors undoubtedly were searching for a shorter name for their headlines. By the time the franchise
  2. What in the blue hell are you talking about? Yeah, his bullpen management could be better, then again, he could also use some better pitchers in his bullpen, I bet if he had Okajima to Papelbon or Joba to Rivera it would look better than Johnson to Ray or Sherrill...the team's running isn't as bad as it looks, yeah, they make outs on the bases, but so does every other team in baseball, it's just that you notice them more because you watch more of the games...as for Adam Eaton, he's on the team, he's in the rotation, you don't want to undermine his confidence or anything like that, especially
  3. Have you been outside the Baltimore City limits, ever? Because it doesn't take long to get into some serious country out there...in whatever direction you head.
  4. Stop watching and commenting on them, then.
  5. Or Craig Biggio at 2B, don't forget that one.
  6. getxstoked

    Wang is done...

    1.1 IP today, 7ER. 30+ ERA for the year, he's actually worse than Adam Eaton now.
  7. Lou Montanez is not being blocked and he is not a good player, he's a fourth outfielder at best, and well, Reimold has had one really good year, and he's been hurt a couple of times, so let him hit at AAA...and Pie is learning a new position in a new ballpark, give him a week or two to get used to how things play at a park that isn't Wrigley. But seriously, you're still very wrong, and saying very dumb things.
  8. You have to give Pie time to get to his peak, since he's played, uh, 4 games for the Orioles, and Montanez at Pie's age was busy sucking in AA.
  9. Can't hit and never will, did you feel the same way about Jones at the beginning of last year? Remember, AJ came from an AL team, Pie has spent his career in the NL and has not seen a whole lot of AL pitchers in his time there, please give the kid more than 15 at-bats before rushing to judgment, and he's played 3 games in left so far, he'll get better at it. In conclusion, you don't know what you're talking about, and should probably keep your fingers off the keyboard for a while.
  10. 2 HRs the previous inning is good enough reason for me.
  11. To whoever said something about the weather in Camden Yards being a factor, you do realize that Pie played a bit at Wrigley Field which features strange wind patterns, 30,000 obnoxious fans, cold, and everything else that could happen in Baltimore...it's not like he was playing in San Diego or playing in a dome before coming here.
  12. 31 saves is pretty useful, I do believe...well, and look at his L/R splits, and consider that he was an out of place LOOGY last year.
  13. Sherrill has a track record of being a useful major league pitcher, Hayden Penn has track record of freak injuries, when you look at it that way, it's not too hard to see why Sherrill gets a lot more slack than Penn.
  14. Sounds like the Hold Steady, kind of, I really like this.
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