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  1. Another nice place to watch some games.
  2. Cool. I am from Isle of palms. Nice to see coastal Carolina games up there when Maryland plays them .
  3. Beckham to second. Sign 3rd baseman. Move Schoop for starters.
  4. Like Wacha, Flahrety trade but need someone other than Wong . Think St Louis also has extra OF.
  5. A one year deal could work.
  6. I don't think he is untradeable. Really fits Rockies well. Let's not forget Davis plays great defense and lots of deep fly balls go out in Coors.
  7. EALSO a good option which opens payroll just Rockies don't need OF I don't believe. With regards to right we have Mullins, Hays, Santander close. Could sign a OF to fill in till they are ready
  8. Would like to see Davis and either Brach or Britton moved to Colorado for major league ready prospects. I think Davis would mash in Coors and they need a closer. O's get payroll help and some prospects. Mancini to first and Hays fills Left.
  9. Very well said ScGO's. Now that we know they are paying his salary it looks like a win. Anyone can clearly see we are in need of a few starters . The AAA guys are just as bad as the ones on roster now . Do you really want to watch Gnoa, wright, Wilson any more?
  10. I guess he is a unknown.
  11. kg orioles

    Jeff Beliveau

    What is the deal with this guy he seems to be pitching well and is a former big leaguer?
  12. It's unfortunate we are in this situation. But it could be much worse considering we had Davis,Oday,Weiters as free agents and they are back. So my outlook is we are a solid team that needs some pieces and here is the problem we again are in this hope someone steps up situation. I don't think going into this year that we thought 3 out of would be back. So here is to Dylan Bundy and Hunter Harvey filling the gap . Latos would be a good reach but honestly no one left is worth the pick.
  13. Number 5 I think your right but do not believe it was as extensive as Bundy but good comparison. Both highly touted that had arm trouble .
  14. I am not sure wouldn't be one for one but a add to make one work . I was curious as I couldn't think of anyone that started their career like his . Thanks for answering. I guess like most have lost faith in him ever producing.
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