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  1. If you count Murray, then you need to count Todd Zeile who it 20 with Phil before coming over. The other really crazy stat about that team? If Hammonds hits one more and Devereaux 2 more, that would give you 10 guys with at least 10 home runs. I don't think that's ever been done before
  2. Cheaper? not really. I haven't flown out to the east coast just for a ballgame yet (long ways from SFO) which means I've never been to OPACY. I'm way overdue and catching the Preakness as well is a no-brainer.
  3. The stars are aligning for me so it looks like I'll fly out for the May 20 game vs Toronto. That's the same weekend as the Preakness so I'll catch them both if possible. I can't seem to find the thread for visitors, so I'm looking for a good recommendation for hotel and dinner on Saturday near the ballpark- seems like a bunch of good hotels are nearby. Thanks in advance! sfosfan
  4. Great topic. So many directions this team to go. There were probably two main issues I had with the O's last offseason, and I'm hoping the mistakes are not repeated: 1) putting a band aid on the rotation by signing Gallardo and Worley. Then getting Miley, another enigma kind of pithcer- we don't need more of these. 2) Giving up on home grown talent in favor of rentals. So, to avoid # 1 I don't want to see a rotation of Ubaldo, Gallardo or Miley. One of the three in the #5 spot is about all I can stomach. As for #2, I'd like to see Sisco and Boom Boom have a spot ont the team. Mancin
  5. I'm hoping this happens. Tillman, Bundy and Gausman are fine. I could probably tolerate one of the remaining three as the #5 starter, but if more than one is in the rotation, I'll be disappointed. Not sure i want someone new in spots #3-#4. I'd love another #2 or #3 guy and put Bundy at #4 to start. That would be a nice solid staff, regardless of who gets the #5 spot.
  6. Absolutely not true. Zack can give up one more run- as long as he pitches 10.2 more innings, then he'll still break the record. :beerchug1:
  7. Actually JD, I was also wondering the same thing. Last I read was that Bundy wasn't going to throw his cutter this year. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for next year though- the cutter was talked about as Bundy's best pitch. Bundy being so good without it now, I can't wait to see it next year (hopefully). At least throw it enough to put in the hitter's head.
  8. I disagree. Makes no sense to use Ubaldo in a tight game that goes extra innings. Why waste such a good effort by the bullpen today by bringing in Ubaldo? He's either coming into the game during a blowout or not at all.
  9. During the game today, there was some talk about Buck saying that Bundy could be a starter sooner rather than later. I took that to mean Bundy may be starting at some point later this year. I can't wait to see that. :smile11:
  10. Definitely! I forgot about that. But Gallardo still kept pitching and his velocity kept dropping, until he finally went on the DL. I guess the doctors are also somewhat at fault here too, but didn't take over 3 weeks before going on the dl? You would think someone should have said something sooner, not just restructure a contract. But at least it seems fixed, and that's exactly what this staff needed right now.
  11. Gallardo did have shoulder tendinitis, and given that his velocity is back up over 90mph I'd be confident the injury was real. Gallardo probably had the issue for awhile and just didn't say anything about it. Hopefully he's learned his lesson.
  12. So much for the term "pitcher friendly" park when the O's come to town. Even Kim goes deep.
  13. Yep, that's the problem. You could trade Wieters for some good starters, but they won't be starters at the mlb level. If we were in last place an looking to rebuild, then Trade Matty for some future studs. But not when you're in first place.
  14. I voted yes because they're in first now and it's almost the half way point in the season. Seems like a lot of people who voted no are assuming the other teams int he East will step up- but they all have problems too. I'm fine with Tillman-Gausman-Wilson-Gallardo-? as the rotation for now, but I do want another top guy to help win in the playoffs. Winning the division shouldn't just be the goal, but it's a start.
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