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  1. I believe Texas had the 25th pick, so that wouldn't move us up any. Also, since Greinke was traded midseason he isn't eligible for a qualifying offer and the Dodgers don't lose a pick. The Braves lost one for Upton, but they pick 28th. Still a chance we move up though with Swisher, Bourne, etc. still on the market
  2. mdterpsrule

    Tillman Tonight

    Maybe not: http://rotoworld.com/player/mlb/4678/chris-tillman
  3. Harper had a .724 OPS at AA and a .708 OPS at AAA. I know Machado isn't anywhere near the hitter harper is, but still it's not unheard of for can't miss prospects to struggle a little. http://www.baseball-reference.com/minors/player.cgi?id=harper002bry
  4. Just because they put it in print doesn't mean it clears them from liability. Cops have been charged with assault and battery for tasing unarmed people, it can be considered excessive force. That being said, I would love for them to be able to use tasers in this situation to keep these people off the field.
  5. He signed Hanley Ramirez. I really don't know how you can get much more substantial than that. Edit: Also Jorge De la Rosa and Anibal Sanchez to name a few more
  6. http://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/NL/2005.shtml The Nats first season every team in the NL East finished above .500. But the division winning braves only won 90 games. Having every team finish above .500 with a team with 105 wins and another team with 95 wins doesn't really seem possible
  7. If they hadn't traded Jones though they may have never traded for Gutierrez. I thought he was brought in as someone to replace Jones?
  8. Honestly I won't argue against any of that. I agree he should have been protected even if they though he was a dime-a-dozen player, because he had a chance to be better than all the dime-a-dozen players we had. I was just pointing out that just because the Giants kept him doesn't mean he's going to be great, because they kept a pitcher last year and released him a week into the season.
  9. You're claiming that Johnson has to be good because an organization such as the Giants, who are great at developing pitchers, drafted him. Yet they drafted a pitcher last year too who was released a week into the season. So why did Luis Perdomo not make it, but Steve Johnson is destined for greatness?
  10. You say this as if every rule 5 draft pick that a good team wanted badly was successful. Do you remember Luis Perdomo? I'm sure you don't. He was the pitcher the giants scouted heavily last year, selected in the 2008 rule 5 draft, and was the designated for assignment 6 days into the season. He was claimed by the Padres. So please explain how Steve Johnson isn't another Luis Perdomo.
  11. Oh I'm almost positive he'll be in the top 10 prospects come ranking time, I just found his drop in velocity interesting, especially for an organization that's so "great" at developing stud pitching prospects. Bumgarner is my favorite non O's prospect and I'd love to have him on our team.
  12. All three of those were first rd draft picks. Just because they have drafted a few really good pitchers doesn't mean they're a great organization at developing stud pitchers. Also, Bumgarner's stock is dropping. He lost some velocity this season and some scouts don't have him anywhere near as high as they used to.
  13. Butler put up a 1.055 OPS at A+ at the age of 19 with 25 HRs in 379 ABs. He had an OPS+ of 123 last year, the only player 25 or younger who had higher was Longoria. He may not be great defensively but he has definitely shown some power. Edit: But I agree, there is no way they trade him right now
  14. I would still do this deal. Pie is good and I really don't see a reason to trade him, but this is one instance I would. I also think Snyder is highly underrated, but again this is one of the few instances I think we would be getting a good value for him. FTR Butler had a higher OPS than Wieters at A+ and Butler was 3 years younger. It was in the California league so take it for what it's worth, but that is still impressive. I still doubt KC would do that deal though.
  15. People here seem to vastly underrate Butler. He put up an .849 OPS at the age of 23. He hit 51 doubles and 21 Hrs while batting .300.... at the age of 23! Pie and Johnson almost certainly wouldn't get it done but I would take that deal in a heartbeat.
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