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  1. Old Man's War by John Scalzi Monster by A. Lee Martinez Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore
  2. No he's not but the character issues were there. Other coaches have had them too. There isn't any evidence that it would keep him from luring good recruits to UMD
  3. There is no real evidence that that would happen. Bobby Knight had similar issues but still managed to get good recruits at IU and TT. Other coaches have had character issues and managed to recruit. I'm not saying it wouldn't cause a couple parents to pull their kids but we aren't even getting looks from quality recruits and there is no reason to believe that Edsall will change that.
  4. You chimed in to say I was all over the place with my message. Which was about his win/loss against top teams and other football related topics. But not long after you put on there about someone who made my point, but took the time to google the numbers. I wasn't poo-pooing anything. I was stating that the Big East was down! It was! I was stating that if some of the good coaches who left the Big East stayed, Edsall wouldn't have done as well in the W/L as he did. He wouldn't have. Bobby Petrino and Rich Rodriguez were better recruiters and coaches. Both had their teams in the BCS title picture, not just a bowl, but the Title picture. I was also stating that I didn't see the "great" recruiter that others were. I only said to re-read what I posted BEFORE saying it wasn't valid, and then saying a person who said the same thing, but google the numbers was.
  5. I said to re-read what I posted because you said my points weren't valid. The points being that he is not a good recruiter, and doesn't have quality wins. Than you post that someone who posted numbers on his W/L record against top teams was valid. Where does it say "you need reading comprehension lessons?"
  6. And yes my responses were vitriol AFTER the insinuation that I'm not smart was thrown out there. I tried to put why It's a bad hire, IMO, but than told I'm uneducated, because I compared UConn to OTHER FOOTBALL teams that we have to challenge to be a GREAT Team!
  7. First: You go on to say I'm wrong to point out that he can't beat great teams, but that someone else who posted numbers backing up my argument was making a valid point. Then because I post a successful 1-AA to 1-A team but did not meet you're complete parameters, I'm not good at reading, fine. Next "you don't know what to say to me" because I make a comparison in recruiting. Dude, don't say crap to me again. It solves the problem.
  8. I think you need to re-read yourself, otherwise don't talk to me dude. You want to debate the hire, fine, but you want to insinuate other people are less intelligent than you, then don't say anything to me. I've tried to debate why this is a horrible hire, in my opinion, and you've thrown out personal attacks, you and SG, you can both get bent, together, imo.
  9. The fact is: Edsall isn't a GREAT Coach. We can't bring up GREAT teams who he can't beat, because we're too stupid to know the difference. The difference is: They're great teams and UConn isn't. And when you're making a choice between hiring Leach and Edsall, I think it's perfectly fine to debate their record, their conference and all, but apparantly, I'm too stupid to know that's not what should be debated.
  10. So I'm the one who started the insulting? Sports Guy and J.D. throw out insults but I'm the one who started it because I'm saying the guy isn't a good recruiter and can't win against the GREAT teams, which is the comment that the A.D. made when firing the Fridge. I don't like this hire. It's garbage. We are at disadvantages when it comes to recruiting too. I'm sorry if I'm agitated, but I don't like people who can't debate things fairly. They only keep saying "you're not smart enough to know the difference between point A and point B."
  11. You really need some help. You and Sports Guy call me stupid and then say I'm name calling. Get bent!
  12. So we have to settle for the same recruits? Because he couldn't get the big names at UConn much like The Fridge wasn't able to lure the big names to Maryland, we just assume that he's going to come in and start making strides? He's going to lose the good Maryland and VA recruits to Virginia, VA Tech and WVU, much like The Fridge did. It's hard for us to compete in our own backyard. Yet because this guy had a tough time selling kids on UConn, it's going to be better here. I don't find your logic.
  13. I'm sorry, I guess I'm as bad at reading comprehension as you are. I will just change my name to J.D. Jr. The WAC isn't a major conference, but it is a tougher conference, at the top, than the Big East is at the moment. The Big East did not deserve a BCS title game and UConn got lucky because the league is trash.
  14. We get the two and three star recruits now. Edsall has never had a top 50 recruiting class and yet people are going on about how he is a good recruiter. We will get the same type of players at least. Two and three star recruits from NE, SC, NC and Georgia, as we have done under The Fridge. You don't get the good recruits from Florida and Texas without being a great team.
  15. I love how you guys argue. Me: He's not a better recruiter. He doesn't have many quality wins. He won't beat the great teams. Sports Guy: You're stupid, football doesn't matter, personality does. J.D.: You don't have valid points. Talk about him not being a great recruiter, or that he doesn't have quality wins. I mean those are valid.
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