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  1. jdwilde1

    Coby Mayo

    They really could. Sometimes the reports/grades are just off. The mlb.com report has Mayo’s speed graded as a 40. I have no clue what that’s based on. That’s slow and definitely doesn’t match up with a 6.81 60 yard dash (which grades out as about a 60 on the 20/80 chart) or 11/11 in steals. For comparison, Chance Sisco was graded as a 50 in running and he was as slow as any young player I can remember. (Likewise, I have no clue what led anyone to assign a 50 to Sisco’s running, but this grade was clearly inaccurate). I remember reading a report on Markakis shortly after he was draft
  2. I think with Trey’s limited defense and base running, he really needs to be more like .850+ to have some real trade value. In 2019 he was .899 with over 75 extra-base hits.
  3. Almost 5,000 at bats in 1375 minor league games over 17 years. Saw action on parts of 6 MLB seasons.
  4. Autocorrect. Snacks = Dbacks Was just going to post. Still hope for 1-1.
  5. MASN showed the side view and the ball crossed the plate at Cedric’s neck. That’s an unacceptablely bad call. The type of call you’d complain about if it was at a little league game with volunteer umpires.
  6. Mullins not starting for a second game in a row.
  7. jdwilde1

    Coby Mayo

    Just came across Mayo’s Baseball Factory numbers from 2020. His 60 yard dash was 6.81, which grades out as a 60 and is considered outstanding. I had no idea he had that kind of speed. Also, he threw 97 mph. He measured in at 6’5” and 215 lbs. The guy is a gifted athlete. It’s one thing to have these kind of physical skills, but he’s performing on the field too. Great looking swing with big numbers backing it up. Here’s to hoping he keeps it up as he progresses through the system. http://members.baseballfactory.com/player/coby/mayo/d4274b0aab114c1e950a6f7938f0c9e5
  8. McKenna with two hits to start off the night.
  9. jdwilde1

    Coby Mayo

    Maybe I have missed it, but I was not tracking Mayo’s base running. He was 11/11 in stolen bases. What an interesting talent. And if I recall, his arm received a higher grade on the 20-80 scale than any other player tool in the O’s system.
  10. All time combined WAR for 1-1 is 1104.4 with 85% making it to the majors. For 1-2 its 724.6 and 84%. For 1-3 623.9 and 80%. In addition, there is a bigger bonus pool for the higher pick. With that said there are plenty of 1-1 busts.
  11. Obviously, controlling the running game is pretty low in determining the outcome of a game when your getting blown out night after night. With that said, it’s still an important aspect of the game (just like having players who are smart on the base paths). Taking an extra base, not running into an extra out, etc. Those types of things help a team over the course of 162. Also, it’s especially good to know about Akin if he ends up in the bullpen, since he shutting down the running game is significantly more important in high leverage late inning situations (e.g. close game/pinch runner).
  12. But it's ok when teams that have clenched playoff spots do it. What's wrong with a terrible team like the O's resting their players. Because in the first situation you are not “resting” your players; rather, you are benching your players to increase the team’s chances of losing. In the second situation you are resting your players in hopes of improving the team’s chances of winning the World Series. In the second situation, the team still wants to win. That is, from an ethical perspective, the reason why matters.
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