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  1. And it looked like all three strikes called on Franco were balls. One inside and two outside. Then again, at least we don’t have these guys.
  2. The grey Baltimore jersey is only Sun-Thur. Saturday “orange” jersey is Orioles. Same thing with the black jersey on Fridays. Seems like it wouldn’t be too much trouble to get an orange and a black w/ Baltimore script.
  3. MLB bans the sticky stiff and all of a sudden Harvey is the Black Knight! He’s up to 17 scoreless innings. Unbelievable.
  4. Tavera would have only been 14 when he ran a 6.47 60 yard dash in October 2019. That’s legitimate top-end speed. The average 60 yard dash time for 14 year olds is about 8.0. For comparison, the link below has the top 60 yard dash times from 2019 Baseball Factory, where he would have been tied for 11th (see Bobby Witt Jr. at 6.60 - tied for 43rd). Also, the write-up appears to be lazy at best. Especially the statement “while he might slow down as he fills out.” That’s a comment that is often made about prospects in their late teens/early 20s. Not 14 year olds. At 16 he should be sig
  5. Urias has been serviceable at shortstop since Galvis went down. A pleasant surprise.
  6. Ball was smoked. Right fielder had a leaping chance but it hit off the fingers of his glove. The type of play you want your fielder to make, but not a given.
  7. Well, I really question some of the pitch calling. The curve thrown for a wild pitch was begging to be an elevated fastball. Then, they follow up with another curve that was luckily only hit for a sac fly b/c it was a hanger in the middle of the plate. In the end, it’s up to Lopez to decide what pitch to throw (and execute the pitch selected) but I wonder if the inning would have turned out differently if Wynns was behind the plate tonight.
  8. I went to 45 games in 1989, by far my most ever, before or since. But not that one. Watched that one at Hooters in the Inner Harbor. And the next night they pulled out another win in the 9th on a ball down the first base line that probably would have been overturned on replay if the game was played in 2021. That season was a lot of fun!
  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oH5UPcgMWTw So, this game happened 32 years and a day ago. It was a wee bit more exciting than this game.
  10. Akin - 3 walks and 2 strikeouts. The O’s would not have targeted him in this year’s draft. They only wanted pitchers with more strikeouts than walks.
  11. Well, I hope that’s not the case. I am sure that they have more data than I do, but I’ve always thought of spin-rate (at least on the fb) as less important than velocity, location, and movement. To be successful most pitchers need at least 2 out of the 3. And then, spin rate plays-up the pitch.
  12. Agreed! I really think Akin has benefited from the left-hander bias that I have never quite understood. That is, there seems to be a belief that lefties can get by with less “stuff” than righties despite the fact that there are more right-handed batters in MLB. I guess that makes sense for the old fashioned lefty specialist whose job was to face one or two batters, but not for a starter.
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