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  1. Time to make it exciting.
  2. I am pretty surprised that the umpire got that right, hard call to make. VERY close.
  3. Not the prettiest outing, but one of his best in almost a month. Also, the bullpen is well rested from the last two games. Chen's out of the game too. Plenty of game left.
  4. Correct, that would have been a mistake.
  5. Sink or swim, Hammel. Go get him.
  6. The Orioles had 5 All-Stars, are on a 5 game winning streak, coming off sweeping the Rangers, down only two runs with almost half the game left to go. Some of you need a stiff drink.
  7. My gut feeling that amounts to nothing is Hammel bounces back from here, at least for this game. Just barely gets into the 7th.
  8. http://crashburnalley.com/2013/07/01/a-quick-thought-on-chris-davis/
  9. Flaherty strikes me as being very similar to Chris Davis. They're both roughly the same size (Davis seems to have about 20 lbs of muscle over Flaherty). They're currently using very similar batting stances and swings. Flaherty has a lot of natural power he hasn't harnessed yet. I'm not saying he's going to go 60 homeruns crazy like Davis, but he hasn't come close to reaching his full potential. He seems to be a late bloomer and I think it would be a mistake to take him out of the lineup at this point. And given his demonstrated ability to play infield and outfield with solid defense, he could be our own Ben Zobrist.
  10. I did not realize it until just tonight, but Sabathia has lost a LOT of weight. His clothes are normally baggy, but they look SUPER baggy on him tonight and he's constantly adjusting his pants. Good for him, I suppose.
  11. Jones WAS out of the basepath when he abandoned the field after he was called safe. The ump near 2nd never called him out, Jones just assumed he was, so there's no deception or confusion from a bad ump call. He left the basepath on his own volition. It was a dopey "in the heat of the moment" thing from Jones and not the umps' fault.
  12. He's playing in a downpour, so in a way, yes.
  13. Grand slams are awesome, Thorne's excited call was appropriate.
  14. Jake rules and I hope he keeps trolling angry O's fans on the internet.
  15. You are correct. That was a brain fart/typo on my part.
  16. I wasn't commenting on losing Reynolds, just pointing out that those stats were being used incorrectly.
  17. Don't worry about it. UZR/150 is called that because it's only useful after 150 innings of defensive play. Same thing for Defensive Runs Saved Per Year (DRS/yr). 1 month isn't enough time to weigh a player's merits based on those stats.
  18. That's what we call "a joke".
  19. Cliff Lee's a free agent next year; maybe he'll come to the Orioles so they quit destroying him.
  20. Nah, that's just a well placed bunt; bunts that go in that area usually do roll out, we've seen it a million times. Pitch to the situation; he's still up by four.
  21. ... ahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahaha
  22. Wonder if Rangers fans are complaining about Lee giving up the lead again. Haha, not really, they definitely are.
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