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  1. It's there because he is Roy Freakin Firestone.
  2. Thought it would be interesting to look at what people are thinking now.
  3. All the hotdogging to get to a nice lead and then just let up and now play like crap,
  4. Does Gary Thorne seem excited calling the other teams homeruns?
  5. Maybe you want to bet Joe wins all 4 of those games, since you think he is so great?
  6. Not much of an upgrade for Denver (if any at all) for 4th rounder. Ravens did well!
  7. They were trading for what they believed was their franchise QB for the next 10-12 years. Totally different !
  8. You want a reply? Why, so you can just ignore it and post the same thing over repeatedly? -(You) Bad offensive line (My response) Joe stands in pocket and takes sacks (and gets beat up) rather than throw ball away, which would be a smart VETERAN move -(You) No #1 receiver (My response) Team has brought in veterans and draft picks, but has Joe elevated the talent around him? I'm not so sure -(You) If Joe was indeed the problem why such a heavy emphasis now to “surround Lamar with Talent” (My response) With a QB in a cheap rookie contract, team can afford to go out and get talent, but when that rookie scale contract is up, things change.
  9. All the stats and great things Joe did in the past are exactly that, IN THE PAST. His sub .500 record in the past 4 years and missing multiple games in 2 of 4 seasons show his decline. His high salary doesn't match his output. It's time Joe moves on and go in another direction and IF that is Lamar, so be it.
  10. Excuse after excuse for Flacco, Bottom line Flacco got an ELITE contract and hasn't played up to it. I'm willing to let Lamar learn and get better.
  11. The post was that nobody would sign to play with Lamar. Yet only players in decline wanted to play with Joe (according to you).
  12. Yet I believe you also said that Flacco never had a great receiver to throw too? Why is that? Maybe Flacco doesn't make the players around him better.
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