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  1. I'm wondering if this season's O's can get a record for futility. By my memory, which could be wrong, 4 times now this year we've used a non-pitcher as a relief pitcher in a game. And I'm not complaining about that. It was smart to do so every time it happened. But, suppose we don't even lose as many games as last year (that's a possibility, we are ahead of last year's win pace right now) so that we don't get close to being "the worst team ever". Is it still possible for us to get a major league record for most appearances by a position player as a pitcher? Is that a stat somewhere? Baseball reference keep stats on non-pitchers who have appeared in games as pitchers. So that stat is kept. But, that stat is hard stat to define well. Baseball reference mentions the flaw in how they define their non-pitchers pitching stat. They choose players to appear on the list who have at least 5 times as many games not pitching as pitching, and admit that by their own definition Babe Ruth makes the list even though he was definitely a pitcher at one point. Could we end up being able to see this team as "the worst" by having the most times in MLB history that a non-pitcher has come in to pitch? Is that a stat somewhere?
  2. I checked the Rule. In order to keep a Rule 5 guy you have to keep him on the team for 90 days/games. 90 has come and gone for this season. We can take Richie Martin and send him to AAA today if we wanted to. I assume they're not doing it because he is a good defender, the 3 guys at AAA Norfolk probably aren't better when defense and offense are combined, and none of the guys at Norfolk are on the 40 man. But you can't tell me that our 40 man is so stocked with talent that there's no one we could take off, and we could begin Richie Martin's AAA now instead of next year. It really doesn't look like he's getting better at all with the bat in the bigs, so if right now is really all about the future, his future isn't being helped up here and maybe it will be (who knows) with time at AAA. And, they would be able to look at a guy from AAA. If I had to guess I'd say they've already looked at those guys and come to the conclusion that they have to future in the bigs and that's one of the reasons they aren't making a move on Martin. But you never know for sure until you give a guy a chance. Hasn't Hyde said many times this year already that this team is going to give people chances? Send Martin down, bring up Reinheimer or Vincej. Yeah, you're probably hurting the defense, but you're probably helping the offense, and I don't see where losing 10 to 4 is really that much different than losing 8 to 3, and at least we will give another guy a chance, and maybe Martin is better for it by opening day instead of by next June.
  3. I went to the game today. I can assure you, without any fear of contradiction, that we're better than the Tigers. They're next to incompetent if you see them live. They're terrible. That's not to say a good pitching performance from a starter wouldn't hide a lot of that for them. I mean, any team looks good if it's starter is throwing a three hitter. But all things being equal, if we want to have a worse record in the end than the Tigers, we're going to have to trade people off. Especially if one or two young guys come up for us and play like real average MLBers, so instead of us having men on 2nd and 3rd with one out and we can't score because 2 guys hitting .207 come up in a row, 2 guys batting .245 come up instead. Or, instead of us giving up 3 runs in the 9th inning someone comes in and actually holds a lead. Suddenly we won't be going through 6 game losing streaks. Suddenly we might win back to back games two times a month, and we'll suddenly find ourselves with a better record than the Tigers. Even the guy sitting next to me at the stadium said out loud during the game, when we were talking about how the O's having the lead, something along the lines of "if we were playing any other team that was even competent, we'd be losing right now."
  4. On a radio interview on The Scott Garceau Show on 105.7 The Fan, Brandon Hyde said Means is feeling more confident and so starting to add his "get me over" breaking ball into his mix so that the batters couldn't just sit on either his fastball or changeup.
  5. I think the Orioles said everything that needs to be said. It is the bottom of the 9th, a hit is needed to win the game. Your switch hitting starting centerfielder is pulled for a pinch hitter who is a catcher who has a career batting average of .241 and a career .OBP of .277, and he is the 2nd catcher to be in the game, so no backups left if somehow they tie the game. They'd rather bring in a bad hitter, and have no backup catcher for the rest of a possible extra inning game, than let Cedric Mullins hit. That's what the O's just said about their faith in Cedric Mullins' ability to get a hit right now. I don't care that it's not even the end of April yet. He's not hitting, and they don't believe he can. Him struggling and failing shouldn't be happening at the major league level where the O's will be forced to make decisions like this right in front of his face. Send him down for our sake and his sake.
  6. I watched the game on tv. Mike Wright was not good. In any way. He fell behind to batters, and he missed his spots by a lot. Multiple times I watched Sucre set up low and outside with his glove and Wright's pitch ended up high and in. That means he was missing his spot by feet. Like, measure how much he missed his spot with a yardstick. That's not good. The bloop that Luke Voigt hit was one of those. Sucre set up low and outside, and Voigt had to collapse his arms on his swing and hit it chest high to bloop it in.
  7. Is that a gas can I saw Mike Wright bringing out to the mound with him? Well, starting off with a walk. I guess it was a gas can.
  8. Well, I was wrong. I had in my head that, with Cashner pitching, we would be losing 2 to nothing at the end of 2. Instead, we're losing 3 to nothing after 4 batters.
  9. I actually remember Rod Carew doing that any number of times, although he always seemed completely in control when he did it. He would anticipate some sort of breaking ball, and take a couple of steps forward in the batters box during the windup, so that he could hit the ball before it broke down out of the strike zone. Of course, that's why he was Rod Carew. I don't imagine very many hitters could do that.
  10. Joe Angel showed up on Roch Kubatko's and Jim Hunter's Hot Stove Show on 105.7 and made it official that he is retiring. With no mention of doing any games at all this year. He said he has been talking to the O's about retiring for several months, so apparently this was not a surprise to anyone. Jim Hunter started to cry on the air - so I guess Joe angel is a helluva guy. Joe did say that if he ever ends up in Cooperstown in the Broadcaster wing that he would have sure that his plaque had an Orioles hat.
  11. The Orioles in 2013, 4 years from now: "Wow, who'd have thought Chris Davis would win the Silver Slugger Award" 3 years in a row." "Re-signing Manny Machado to a seven year deal was the best thing the Orioles ever did." "Did you hear, Hunter Harvey dislocated his shoulder ducking away from a foul ball that was hit while he was playing 'MLB The Show 22?'" "The Orioles today sign pitcher Chris Tillman to a one year deal. According to Manager Brandon Hyde 'The ball looked really good coming out of his hand as he delivered it to the front office while making his usual UPS delivery to us.'" "I really think the O's should give Mike Yastrzemski a shot in the outfield this year. Sure, his numbers haven't been great in the minors, but what do we have to lose?" "I'll bet no one saw Matt Hobgood making that comeback and being named the World Series MVP for the Orioles."
  12. First, just want to say, for those who couldn't attend I've posted a photo album on my Facebook page, Carl Lamy (I'm the Carl Lamy with the avatar of a guy at Camden Yards wearing an O's jersey) open for public viewing. Sorry in advance for some blurry photos. For the second year in a row, they announced at the stadium that because of Major League Baseball rules there is no photography allowed in the Offices and Locker Room, and I sneaked a few blurry photos. My experience at Camden Yards: They let the 11:00 A.M. people in at 10:45 A.M. Nice. Usually they don't let people in early unless it is really cold, and it wasn't that cold. The line to get in was really pretty long. Since the overall attendance was down but the initial line was still long, I'm betting this says that the average fan was put off by last season, but the die hards are still in. Social Media room, a new addition this year, had a long line all day, so I never went in. Does anyone know what it was, other than getting your picture take with Sara Perlman? All of last year's shorter vinyl street banners were sold, bought by the 10 A.M. people. Perk of getting in early. Only the really long ones were left. People were clustered around the Brooks Robinson autograph table, waiting in hopes that after he signed for the people with vouchers that he would sign as he walked out. He is a popular man in this town. DJ Stewart is wide, man. Wide with muscle. I was surprised. I saw him at Aberdeen a couple of years back. He looks much bigger than he did then. He and Dave Johnson gave a talk to Little Leaguers about hitting, and man, it was VERY informative. All about balance and such. DJ Stewart says he likes having his weight back on his back leg, but not specifically for springing forward on the swing. He says springing forward causes you to become imbalanced as a hitter. He also said he keeps a fairly wide stance in order to keep his stride short and compact. Dave Johnson added that that keeps the head still and in one position, and keeps it from moving towards the pitcher, which since ball time to the plate is measures in 10ths of a second, keeps the head as far away from the pitcher as possible, instead of moving it towards the pitcher and making the 95 mile an hour fastball seem even faster. Dj said he stands right on top of the plate because he likes the ball pitched inside, and if he stands on top of the plate pitchers feel that they can tie him up inside and end up throwing it where he likes it. They then discussed the relative merits of a slightly open stance (which DJ uses, but not as open as he used to have in College), which allows both eyes to better focus on the pitcher but means younger kid hitters, who have a tendency to step in the bucket on their swing anyway, are more likely to stride down the line and expose their body and head to a poorly thrown pitch that can hit them, and a more closed stance, which protects by exposing mostly just the back to a badly thrown ball. Cedric Mullins is short. I mean, shorter than you think. He was shorter than the women who were taking pictures with him. Hunter Harvey is tall, and lanky. As is Trey Mancini. Both are pretty darn tall. I'm 5' 10" and they both towered over me. People asked a bunch of questions to Brandon Hyde about Chris Davis and hitting, even if they didn't mention the name Chris Davis (stuff like "how hard is it for a left handed hitter to..."). I thought the most interesting thing he said, after the third or fourth question in a row about Davis, was that they were going to play "our best 25 players." I know all coaches say that, but I thought, given the context, that he was making it plain that if Chris continues to bat .170 and not be one of their best players, that he won't play. Line for the free Utz potato chips was really long. It always is. And no, no Esskay this year. I've been grabbing their $1.00 off bacon coupon for years - no more... Bingo was as popular as ever. Listening to Anthony Santander, with his thick Latin-American accent, call Binger was a hoot. Adam Jones took the Champagne bottle out of his locker, but still has shoes in there. Maybe he is keeping a presence... (not really, he left behind some bright orange shoes, ones he's not likely to need anywhere else) The ping pong table has been moved to a bathroom, and the really nice shuffle board table is missing from the locker room. Maybe they are planning to do some work in there. Brad Brach still has some kind of enormous trophy in his locker. There are boxes labelled Von Paris Movers piled in a hallway, ready to ship things to Florida, like the box marked "Coaches pants" in black marker. The guy on the field told me the black box behind home plate that used to hold the speed gun is empty now. Now during games a guy sits right behind home plate (right next to the old speed gun box, actually) with a hand held speed gun and takes readings. He also said Umps don't watch video replay on challenges any more (they used to - there used to be a video room set up for Umps marked Reply at Camden Yards - that sign is gone), they just listen to what New York tells them. When guys take batting practice or pitching practice in the batting cage room under the seats they use game used balls. So that's what they do with all those balls they won't use during the game after they hit the dirt.
  13. Supposedly I and 2 friends are going to Fanfest, but the site would only sell me 2 tickets to the Eddie Murray autograph session.. I tried logging back on and buy another as a single, but by then it was 2:03 and the tickets were sold out.
  14. I'm watching Game 4 now. Just a few things I've noticed while watching the 6th, 7th and 8th innings: Lee May was noticeably thinner as a Red as he was as an Oriole Jim Palmer pitched quickly. I mean really quickly. He'd pitch, get the ball back, shake his arm, look in to get the sign and go right into his motion, in just a few seconds. When Boog came up in the 8th with the O's trailing 6-5 Curt Gowdy mentioned how the Reds had gone into the shift against Powell. Powell promptly slapped an outside pitch down the opposite field line. He was out on a great play by the third baseman, but there was no nonsense by a man who was essentially a pull homerun hitter about trying to do "what he gets paid for." He was trying to get a hit where the ball was pitched. There was a dispute about whether or not a ball was fouled off Pete Rose's foot or not. The Home Plate Umpire called for the ball, looked to see if there was any shoe polish on it (apparently that had happened earlier that season and another Ump was able to see that a ball had come off of someone's foot that way), then walked up the 3rd base line and asked the 3rd base Ump if he had seen it come off of Rose's foot. So professional. He didn't stare at anyone. He didn't scream at Rose, who was complaining. He tried to make the right call and then went about moving the game forward. Refreshing.
  15. For all you out-of-towners, and folks in the Baltimore area that don't listen to the radio, tomorrow Th, Nov. 29th, WBAL 1090 AM radio will have from 6-7 P.M. the first of this year's Hot Stove Baseball show with Jim Hunter and Roch Kubatko and their guest will be Mike Elias. So listen to it streaming on the internet, and you can hear in person if he's as good at avoiding giving real answers as DD was.
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