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  1. I walk for exercise, so I was pretty much walking around the stadium. I Didn't stay in any one spot too long. A couple of security types saw me, and all they did was smile and nod, but I wasn't making a pest out of myself in any one spot. Five or six minutes at any sport was the longest I took. But that's mostly because all you could see was the little strip of field through the breezeways, and a lot of the time all you saw through the zoom lens was either one guy standing around, or nothing. That gets old fast. Five minutes, and it was time to try my luck looking through another breezeway.
  2. I went down to Camden Yards today and got a bunch of very disappointing zoom lens photos of Summer Camp. I posted them on the OH's Facebook page. It wasn't easy. They have guards on yellow vests walking around the stadium making sure you aren't up to no good, although the fellows weren't nasty or anything. Also, they've erected a bunch of temporary screens inside the stadium to block views of the diamond. You can hold your camera up and take random shots over the screen, or shoot zoom lens shots down breezeways from several gates. I did so. These are the pictures I posted, and why they are so limited and out of focus. But they are pictures. I haven't seen anyone else with any, so this is most likely an OH exclusive!
  3. Back in the late 1970s my Mother talked my Father (who was not a big sports fan but liked going to a game every now and then) into taking myself and my friend Jack to opening day. He got fairly good seats in the lower deck, but they were in shadow. A steady wind would always blow around the Memorial Stadium bowl whenever it was cold, and it was cold that day. After a while, it started to flurry. My Father couldn't take it after a while and said we had to move up to the upper deck. On the way up there he found a box and ripped off a piece to put it on his seat and shield his bad back from the wind. We got to the upper deck, and suddenly we were in the sunshine, the wind wasn't as bad up in the upper deck, and it became a Summertime game again. It was a lot of fun after we stopped trying to watch Winter baseball. A couple of years ago I went to the opening day game that had the rain delay. I had a lot of fun during the delay standing in the right field courtyard talking about the upcoming season with the rest of the fans. And I went to the game 2 years ago when Adam Jones won it in extra innings with a home run. Good times! Complaint: They never stock enough "Opening Day" pins. You have to arrive really early and run around to get one. They sell out fast.
  4. The Nationals just sent out an email saying that 106.7 The Fan radio in DC will be re-airing Nationals playoff games. I was wondering when that was going to start happening. I would guess that it is only a matter of time before the O's, and most/all baseball teams, will be re-airing old games. Wouldn't it be great if radio would air old games from the 50s, 60s and 70s. But I don't even knw if that can happen. I mean, the O's are on 105.7 FM now. Back then the games (as far as I know) were on 1090 WBAL AM. Who owns the rights to those old Broadcasts: The radio station? MLB? The Orioles? Also, I suppose they'll start replaying old televisedbaseball games. Again, who owns the rights to those? Would we only see the ones from MASN/HTS? Or could we see old games that were on WJZ 13?
  5. Until Sid Fernandez came up (excluding Sammy Sosa, whose O's contract will forever be the worst expenditure of money by a baseball team EVER because of its obvious 100% chance of failure when the contract was offered and so can never be part of any list because he will always "win") no one comes close to Todd Cruz Came in to play for the O's because our 3B defense was sooo bad, and in 81 games for a World Series winning team, he posted in his 5th full year as a 27 year old major leaguer a .208 batting average and a whopping -0.4 WAR. Everyone forgets how bad he was because we won the Series. Yes, he played another year of baseball for the O's, and actually improved to a robust 0.6 WAR in 84, but then his MLB career was over. He was bad, came here and was WORSE, and then was gone.
  6. I went to the Orioles Caravan in Frederick Maryland in Carroll Creek Park today. If you are interested in seeing pictures, I posted them on the Orioles Hangout Page on Facebook. Just like yesterday it was a few giveaways, and autographs only. The signers were Sig Mejdal, Austin Hayes, Grayson Rodriguez and Ryan Mountcastle. Mountcastle is a big guy. So is Rodriguez, and for that matter, Sig Mejdal. Austin Hayes is small. He is short, and not all that thick. They were giving away O's crab caps, which are great, by the way. They also were selling a six game ticket plan I hadn't heard about. You get Opening Day and 5 other games you get to pick, unlike the 5 game plan, which is Opening Day and 4 other fixed dates. The place where we stood in line was an outdoor park (good thing it was sunny with no wind) that was terraced with short brick walls. You actually had to climb up them and jump down from them while the line moved. I saw one older lady fall and roll on the grass. Also there was a lack of information available. I asked 2 guys holding "End of the Line" signs who was coming and which line was for whom, and they said "We're with the Frederick Keys. We don't know anything". I asked Austin Hayes if the old adage about the second deck in baseball stadiums making the transition from the minors to the majors difficult was true, and he said yes. That in the minors all balls hit in the air to the outfield are seen against the sky, but in the majors all line drives hit to the outfield are hidden in the seats of the second deck. I asked Sig Mejdal why it is that all new administrations, when they come to a major league club, say that they are going to implement teaching the same things at all levels, and that the prior administrations taught differing ways to do things at different levels. How could that happen every time. He said that over time, with the difficulties of running a whole organization, it is easy to let teaching the same things the same ways at all levels slide, and that it gets away from administrations. I asked Grayson Rodriguez if, as a player, he notices it when the organization teaches different ways to do the same thing at different levels. He said yes, and that when everyone is teaching the same thing at all levels it is better.
  7. I went to the O's Caravan at Turf Valley Resort today at 11:00 A.M. First, for anyone who might want to see pictures, I've posted some on the Orioles Hangout Facebook page. Turns out the O's caravan was just about autographs. There was no Q&A session or speeches. They were doing a few giveaways and ticket selling as well. Today it was Mike Elias and Hanser Alberto. Brian Roberts was also supposed to be there, but he couldn't make it. I met a couple of friends there who got there 20 mins early and who told me at that time the line was out the door and into the parking lot. I got there just at 11:00 A.M. You were handed an autograph voucher and told that, to be assured of an autograph you needed a voucher, but that you could always just stand in line and hope. I only got one voucher, but the lines moved so quickly that I got both autographs. I got to Elias and said "I know baseball organizations are really large. But they all can't have everything. Is there one thing the O's organization doesn't have that you would like to have?" I thought that he would say some kind of physical training equipment, or some techie video device. He said "A good shortstop prospect." I might go to the one in Frederick tomorrow. I haven't decided yet.
  8. Chris Davis did a phone-in interview today on the Hot Stove radio show on 105.7 The Fan here in Baltimore. Jim Hunter and Steve Melewski straight out asked Davis about hitting, and what he was doing to improve his hitting in this offseason. Nothing Davis said supplied hope. He flat out said he wasn't going to drastically alter his swing because he is now in his 30s, and because he has had sustained success in the past with his swing. He said he talked a lot with the O's staff (didn't he say that last year?) and the O's mentioned that he was successful when he was stronger, and since he has purposefully done less work with the weights the last few years, he was going to try to get stronger this offseason. He also said he would try to be more aggressive in order to not take so many called third strikes, and to let the ball travel, so as to not try to hit it out in front of the plate so much. He also said some stuff about his mind being in a better place, etcetera. Which would be nice if he was hitting baseballs with his mind instead of a bat. So, he basically said he was doing nothing special this offseason to improve his hitting, he is just going to take a better approach into the upcoming year.
  9. 1b: Jay Gibbons. Strangely, didn't look athletic, but oddly large arms. Fan favorite. 2b: Billy Smith. Everyone thought this guy was our future second baseman 3b: Aurelio Rodriguez, because nothing sounded cooler than Chuck Thompson saying "Aurelio Rodriguez" on the radio SS: Kiko Garcia. Who didn't love chanting "Ki-ko, Ki-ko, Ki-ko" C: Floyd Rayford. Man, this guy was round. LF: Pat Kelly. Loved watching a ball bounce off his glove and over the wall for a home run CF: Lee Lacy. Got to love a guy who brings his drug scandal with him to the team RF: Pete Incaviglia. No discernable athletic ability DH: Sam Horn. He was a home run waiting to happen. Waiting after a bunch of strikeouts P: Ken Dixon. What's more endearing than a guy who was a 2 pitch pitcher proclaiming to the media that he didn't need to learn a third pitch. Relief: Tom Niedenfurer. I remember a woman telling me that she couldn't believe someone with that big a gut could be a professional athlete Closer: Kevin Hickey, because absolutely everyone loved Kevin Hickey
  10. My Brother gave me the 2018 Game of Thrones Orioles Bird bobblehead. I gave my Brother the O's sherpa blanket I got for going to Winter Warmup, I gave my Nephew an O's bottle opener he asked for, I gave my friend Stephanie a pair of O's sweatpants she asked for.
  11. I went to Winter Warmup. If you would like to see photos, I have put them on my Facebook timeline, just look for Carl Lamy with the avatar of the guy wearing the O's gear. I have also shared the album on the Orioles Hangout page on Facebook, so you can see them on either page. I got there about 5 mins after the gates opened. Usually there is that long line around the building for Fanfest. For Winter Warmup, there was a giant, empty gate area. To be fair, it was raining. I'm sure a bunch of people didn't come because of that. Also, the wind started to pick up, so I left at 12:30. I have no idea how many people showed up after I left. As far as totals, well, when I showed up there were boxes of sherpa blankets to be given out (I got one). Remember, they said the first 1,000 people would get one. When I left 1.5 hours later, there were still sherpa blanket boxes at the gate. But, there were also a few people at the ticket booths buying tickets, so they might have gotten to a thousand people. Vendors were okay. I bought a preloaded E-Z Pass for my car. There weren't many. There were food trucks, but not a lot of them, either. Boog's was open. The whole event went from Gate A near Lot A, down Eutaw Street, and into the Statue area. I got my picture take with Santa Bird. All the statues wore Santa hats. A quartet played Christmas tunes. Sig Mejdel, Brandon Hyde and Mike Elias were game sitting under a small tent in the rain and taking questions from the really small crowd that was there, but they had speakers pointed at us, and the speakers on the warehouse behind us also carried them, so there was this echo that made them almost impossible to understand.
  12. I went to Winter Warmup and they had a sales booth set up. I went in, and it was ticket plans they were selling. For those who don't know (as I didn't) the O's are presenting 2 plans as "Holiday Packs" - A 5 Game plan, listed as $99, which includes a ticket for Opening Day March 6, Wed Apr 29, Mon May 25, Sun June 28 and Wed Aug 19. - A 3 Game plan listed as starting at $45, Sat Aug 8 or Sun Aug 9, Sat Apr 25 and June 19. If you buy into the Holiday pack you also get a free knit holiday beanie. Imagine, getting an Opening Day ticket for a 5 game plan. I know they're gong to be bad, but still, that's surprising.
  13. Bowie recently had an auction for game worn uniforms. As no one had bid on it, I placed a minimum bid on Hunter Harvey's game-worn road gray uniform jersey and won. It arrived at my house, and I noticed that the lettering and symbols on it were not sewn-on patches as with the major league uniforms. The letter which came with the uniform from Phil Wry, Assistant General Manager of the Baysox, describes the jersey as "the size 48 jersey is an official Rawlings manufactured jersey. All the lettering, numbering, club marks and patches are fully sublimated into the fabric of the jersey. There is no player name on this jersey." I'm going to assume that everything is printed on the jersey, because it all doesn't even feel like the pictures you get pressed onto tee shirts down at ocean city. I've never seen a jersey like it before. Also, it smells vaguely like men's cologne, so I'm not sure the jersey was laundered after it was game-worn and before it was shipped to me. Now, if only the O's actually do something in place of Fan Fest, I can get Hunter Harvey to autograph it. I think it would be cool have a game-worn jersey autographed by the player who wore it.
  14. Not a single mention about dropping Fanfest after 30 years. I wrote Roch on Twitter and asked him to ask, and then listened to the radio. Nada. I know that there was only 1 hour of time, and they had a lot to talk about with coaches and players. But Fanfest is a recent event, and people are talking about it. I listen to 105.7 The Fan every day, and some callers and some of the Announcers are talking about it. People are interested. 30 seconds talking about it wouldn't have been out of order.
  15. Well, in my opinion we can probably forget any thoughts about Chris Davis choosing retirement any time soon. I just saw on the Baltimore Sun's Twitter feed that Chris and Jill Davis just promised $3 million to charity. I'm willing to bet that no one gives $3 million to a good cause unless they believe that they are in a pretty secure position of being able to replace that money. I would guess that rules out the idea that in May Chris will up and retire from baseball for lack of productivity.
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