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  1. When it comes to Hunter Harvey, I think he one thing people need to remember is that I expected him to be a really big deal, so I spent $100 to buy his game used jersey from the Bowie Baysox, figuring the O's would have him do an autograph session one day and I could get him to sign it. We have to keep him around and give him as many chances as possible so that I can get some value out of my jersey purchase.
  2. He has to do something about his long backswing. He keeps smacking catchers in the helmet with his backswing. I've seen him do it at least three times this year, and it is only June. And I listen to most games on the radio. Since I've SEEN him hit catchers in the head three times already, how many times have I missed by listening to the games instead of watching?
  3. I am old enough to have seen Manny Machado, and Brooks Robinson, and Doug DeCinces and Todd Cruz play third for the O's. They were great. I also have seen Leo Gomez, and Melvin Mora and they were fine. But if memory serves I've also seen Floyd Rayford, and Wayne Gross and Ray Knight on the hot corner for the O's. And, even Chris Davis once or twice. So if the O's want Maikel Franco over there instead of Ray Knight, I'm fine with that.
  4. If I'm thinking of the store you mean, then yes, the Authentic Store is open. I got a slice of pizza from the 7219 Pizza Vendor, third base side. The people in front of me got out of line after waiting, as the registers kept shutting down. A manager type walked by and started showing them the completely non-obvious combination of buttons they had to push to make them work. Registers at the Team Store worked fine. The pizza was actually pretty good. The problem is, it was served in a pretty big wedge-shaped box, but when I opened it, there was a tiny slice in it. I was like "What the...?"
  5. I went to the first game of the double header yesterday - I couldn't stay for the second. I've posted photos on the OH Facebook site for those who would like to see them. Apologies up front. I posted them in chronological order, from when I got there to when I left, but Facebook seems to have scrambled them up upon posting, so their order doesn't always make sense. There weren't the usual outside vendors, either when I got there, or when I left. I bought a ticket at a walk up window. They're using the Will Call windows as well as the usual ones so they can spread out, so that no two
  6. I was downtown, so I ran past the stadium (didn't have a ticket for the game) and took some photos from outside the stadum. I've posted them on the OH Facebook page. Nothing exciting, other than it was a surprise that they were handing out facemasks to anyone in line who didn't have one.
  7. I thought it would be interesting to look at the 2020 and possible 2021 opening day rosters, just to compare: 2020 2021 C: Severino, Sisco 😄 Severino, Sisco 1B: C. Davis 1B: Mancini 2b: Hanser Alberto 2B: Jamai Jones, Yolmer Sanchez 3B: Rio Ruiz 3B: Ruiz, Franco SS: Jose Iglesias SS: Galvis, Martin Utility: Velazquez, Valaika Utility: Valaika, Urias DH: Renato Nunez
  8. I just started a thread with the O's response to an inquiry I sent them pertaining to this issue.
  9. I had the same question as in the "The Orioles No Longer Want Me" thread. I could have put this response in that thread, but I thought it might reach more people if I started a new one. I sent an inquiry to the Orioles on line, and this is the response that I just received: Hi Carl, Thank you for reaching out to the Orioles. We completely understand your concern and want to ensure you there will be ways to welcome you to Oriole Park this season! We did receive more information on the ticketing options for when you arrive at the ballpark. While the Orioles will m
  10. So much to respond to: Part 1: Game 1 - King Felix. But he will only throw 16 pitches before he gets pulled from the game, so in order to save arms Game 2 - King Felix. This game he'll throw 35 pitches before he gets pulled Game 3 - Means Game 4 - Kraemer Game 5 - Akins Part 2: Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that when they were playing Vaudeville, Shemp was one of the original Stooges. He is, after all, Shemp Howard, relative of Moe Howard. So Curly is the Laughs Above Replacement player brought in when they started filming shorts. Pa
  11. Well, I personally can't think of Sammy Sosa in anything other than an O's uniform, because that whole Sammy Sosa as an O's player had a profound psychological impact on me.
  12. Were getting the Felix Hernandez! We're gonna get KING FELIX!!! Over on OH Facebook I've been saying that it's probably a good bet that the D Train is available. Let's get Dontrelle Willis, too! Who else has a great nickname? If only Mark "The Bird" Fidrych hadn't passed away. We coulda had a trifecta!
  13. I decided to go downtown last night and check out the stadium with a game going on. I took some photos, random shots I could get, and I would share them on the OH Facebook page, but I can't seem to be able to. It used to be that I'd create an album on Facebook, hit the "share" button, OH would appear as an option, I'd hit that and my pics would show up on the OH Facebook news feed. Now, it doesn't do that. OH doesn't appear as an option. If someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong, I'll post them over there. Until then, you can find them on my Facebook page, Carl Lamy. The barri
  14. Forgive me if this has been posted elsewhere and I just haven't seen it, but on Twitter yesterday (July 26) the O's posted a tweet labeled "Adding 8 more to the future" and the tweet read: Undrafted Free Agents TT Bowens 1B Central Connecticut State University Shane Davis RHP North Carolina Central University Thomas Girard RHP Duke University (NC) Dylan Harris CF University of North Carolina Isaiah Kerns RHP University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown (PA) J.D. Mundy 1B Radford University (VA) Ryan Watson RHP Auburn University (AL) Brandon Young RHP Unive
  15. I walk for exercise, so I was pretty much walking around the stadium. I Didn't stay in any one spot too long. A couple of security types saw me, and all they did was smile and nod, but I wasn't making a pest out of myself in any one spot. Five or six minutes at any sport was the longest I took. But that's mostly because all you could see was the little strip of field through the breezeways, and a lot of the time all you saw through the zoom lens was either one guy standing around, or nothing. That gets old fast. Five minutes, and it was time to try my luck looking through another breezeway.
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