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  1. I went to Winter Warmup and they had a sales booth set up. I went in, and it was ticket plans they were selling. For those who don't know (as I didn't) the O's are presenting 2 plans as "Holiday Packs" - A 5 Game plan, listed as $99, which includes a ticket for Opening Day March 6, Wed Apr 29, Mon May 25, Sun June 28 and Wed Aug 19. - A 3 Game plan listed as starting at $45, Sat Aug 8 or Sun Aug 9, Sat Apr 25 and June 19. If you buy into the Holiday pack you also get a free knit holiday beanie. Imagine, getting an Opening Day ticket for a 5 game plan. I know they're go
  2. Bowie recently had an auction for game worn uniforms. As no one had bid on it, I placed a minimum bid on Hunter Harvey's game-worn road gray uniform jersey and won. It arrived at my house, and I noticed that the lettering and symbols on it were not sewn-on patches as with the major league uniforms. The letter which came with the uniform from Phil Wry, Assistant General Manager of the Baysox, describes the jersey as "the size 48 jersey is an official Rawlings manufactured jersey. All the lettering, numbering, club marks and patches are fully sublimated into the fabric of the jersey. There
  3. Not a single mention about dropping Fanfest after 30 years. I wrote Roch on Twitter and asked him to ask, and then listened to the radio. Nada. I know that there was only 1 hour of time, and they had a lot to talk about with coaches and players. But Fanfest is a recent event, and people are talking about it. I listen to 105.7 The Fan every day, and some callers and some of the Announcers are talking about it. People are interested. 30 seconds talking about it wouldn't have been out of order.
  4. Well, in my opinion we can probably forget any thoughts about Chris Davis choosing retirement any time soon. I just saw on the Baltimore Sun's Twitter feed that Chris and Jill Davis just promised $3 million to charity. I'm willing to bet that no one gives $3 million to a good cause unless they believe that they are in a pretty secure position of being able to replace that money. I would guess that rules out the idea that in May Chris will up and retire from baseball for lack of productivity.
  5. Anyone else notice the Nats Centerfielder diving for a ball in the outfield, flopping, and then having the ball hit him instead of the ground? Sure, it didn't hit him in the head like with DJ Stewart, but then he actually flopped so hard his glove popped off of his hand. At least DJ kept his glove on. Remember people saying it showed how bad DJ is as a fielder? Anyone saying that about Victor Robles? I'm not saying that DJ is as good a fielder as Victor Robles, but it does show the error of looking at one play, even an embarrassing one, and using it as a reason to point at someone an
  6. I bet, if our pitching coaches are smart enough to do it, we could move him over one inch on the rubber, and suddenly his entire career will turn around, and he'll get a bunch of wins. If only our pitching coaches were smart enough to figure this out...
  7. I'm wondering if this season's O's can get a record for futility. By my memory, which could be wrong, 4 times now this year we've used a non-pitcher as a relief pitcher in a game. And I'm not complaining about that. It was smart to do so every time it happened. But, suppose we don't even lose as many games as last year (that's a possibility, we are ahead of last year's win pace right now) so that we don't get close to being "the worst team ever". Is it still possible for us to get a major league record for most appearances by a position player as a pitcher? Is that a stat somewhere?
  8. I checked the Rule. In order to keep a Rule 5 guy you have to keep him on the team for 90 days/games. 90 has come and gone for this season. We can take Richie Martin and send him to AAA today if we wanted to. I assume they're not doing it because he is a good defender, the 3 guys at AAA Norfolk probably aren't better when defense and offense are combined, and none of the guys at Norfolk are on the 40 man. But you can't tell me that our 40 man is so stocked with talent that there's no one we could take off, and we could begin Richie Martin's AAA now instead of next year. It really doe
  9. I went to the game today. I can assure you, without any fear of contradiction, that we're better than the Tigers. They're next to incompetent if you see them live. They're terrible. That's not to say a good pitching performance from a starter wouldn't hide a lot of that for them. I mean, any team looks good if it's starter is throwing a three hitter. But all things being equal, if we want to have a worse record in the end than the Tigers, we're going to have to trade people off. Especially if one or two young guys come up for us and play like real average MLBers, so instead of us having m
  10. On a radio interview on The Scott Garceau Show on 105.7 The Fan, Brandon Hyde said Means is feeling more confident and so starting to add his "get me over" breaking ball into his mix so that the batters couldn't just sit on either his fastball or changeup.
  11. I think the Orioles said everything that needs to be said. It is the bottom of the 9th, a hit is needed to win the game. Your switch hitting starting centerfielder is pulled for a pinch hitter who is a catcher who has a career batting average of .241 and a career .OBP of .277, and he is the 2nd catcher to be in the game, so no backups left if somehow they tie the game. They'd rather bring in a bad hitter, and have no backup catcher for the rest of a possible extra inning game, than let Cedric Mullins hit. That's what the O's just said about their faith in Cedric Mullins' ability to g
  12. I watched the game on tv. Mike Wright was not good. In any way. He fell behind to batters, and he missed his spots by a lot. Multiple times I watched Sucre set up low and outside with his glove and Wright's pitch ended up high and in. That means he was missing his spot by feet. Like, measure how much he missed his spot with a yardstick. That's not good. The bloop that Luke Voigt hit was one of those. Sucre set up low and outside, and Voigt had to collapse his arms on his swing and hit it chest high to bloop it in.
  13. Is that a gas can I saw Mike Wright bringing out to the mound with him? Well, starting off with a walk. I guess it was a gas can.
  14. Well, I was wrong. I had in my head that, with Cashner pitching, we would be losing 2 to nothing at the end of 2. Instead, we're losing 3 to nothing after 4 batters.
  15. I actually remember Rod Carew doing that any number of times, although he always seemed completely in control when he did it. He would anticipate some sort of breaking ball, and take a couple of steps forward in the batters box during the windup, so that he could hit the ball before it broke down out of the strike zone. Of course, that's why he was Rod Carew. I don't imagine very many hitters could do that.
  16. Joe Angel showed up on Roch Kubatko's and Jim Hunter's Hot Stove Show on 105.7 and made it official that he is retiring. With no mention of doing any games at all this year. He said he has been talking to the O's about retiring for several months, so apparently this was not a surprise to anyone. Jim Hunter started to cry on the air - so I guess Joe angel is a helluva guy. Joe did say that if he ever ends up in Cooperstown in the Broadcaster wing that he would have sure that his plaque had an Orioles hat.
  17. The Orioles in 2013, 4 years from now: "Wow, who'd have thought Chris Davis would win the Silver Slugger Award" 3 years in a row." "Re-signing Manny Machado to a seven year deal was the best thing the Orioles ever did." "Did you hear, Hunter Harvey dislocated his shoulder ducking away from a foul ball that was hit while he was playing 'MLB The Show 22?'" "The Orioles today sign pitcher Chris Tillman to a one year deal. According to Manager Brandon Hyde 'The ball looked really good coming out of his hand as he delivered it to the front office while making his usual UP
  18. First, just want to say, for those who couldn't attend I've posted a photo album on my Facebook page, Carl Lamy (I'm the Carl Lamy with the avatar of a guy at Camden Yards wearing an O's jersey) open for public viewing. Sorry in advance for some blurry photos. For the second year in a row, they announced at the stadium that because of Major League Baseball rules there is no photography allowed in the Offices and Locker Room, and I sneaked a few blurry photos. My experience at Camden Yards: They let the 11:00 A.M. people in at 10:45 A.M. Nice. Usually they don't let people in early un
  19. Supposedly I and 2 friends are going to Fanfest, but the site would only sell me 2 tickets to the Eddie Murray autograph session.. I tried logging back on and buy another as a single, but by then it was 2:03 and the tickets were sold out.
  20. I'm watching Game 4 now. Just a few things I've noticed while watching the 6th, 7th and 8th innings: Lee May was noticeably thinner as a Red as he was as an Oriole Jim Palmer pitched quickly. I mean really quickly. He'd pitch, get the ball back, shake his arm, look in to get the sign and go right into his motion, in just a few seconds. When Boog came up in the 8th with the O's trailing 6-5 Curt Gowdy mentioned how the Reds had gone into the shift against Powell. Powell promptly slapped an outside pitch down the opposite field line. He was out on a great play by the third basema
  21. For all you out-of-towners, and folks in the Baltimore area that don't listen to the radio, tomorrow Th, Nov. 29th, WBAL 1090 AM radio will have from 6-7 P.M. the first of this year's Hot Stove Baseball show with Jim Hunter and Roch Kubatko and their guest will be Mike Elias. So listen to it streaming on the internet, and you can hear in person if he's as good at avoiding giving real answers as DD was.
  22. First off, I'll say that I love Fanfest. I have gone every year for well over a decade, probably more like 2 decades. It really is something you have to love going to just because of what it is. I mean, the only 2 times I remember hearing about anything important at Fanfest was when they announced that we had signed Miguel Tejada (I still remember hearing everybody cheer) and when they announced Earl Weaver had died. I've gotten some cool stuff from the giveaways, and bought some street banners I hang up now and then, and I've gotten autographs from Koji Uehara, Jim Palmer, Adam Jone
  23. Did anyone see Paul Mancano's report for MASN today? He had a clip from the World Series last night. The camera was panning across the players during the Anthem, and it got to Manny just at the right time. He was standing quietly at attention, and just at the right time during the Anthem you could see him mouth "O". You can take the guy out of the Orioles , but you can't take the Orioles out of the guy.
  24. Trey Mancini had an autograph session today at Point Breeze Credit Union in Bel Air (which is nowhere near my house - I had to drive a really long way to get there). Seeing as I didn't make up my mind to actually go until 10 P.M. last night, all I had for him to sign was one of those gimmicky plastic "Reserved Parking For Orioles Fans Only" signs, but that meant he could put a really large signature on it, so it's actually kind of nice. Anyway, the point of this post is, when I got up to get his autograph I congratulated him on getting two home runs last night and then I asked Are you a g
  25. Never fear. We will have the worst record in the Major Leagues at the end of this season. And will have earned it. That is all.
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