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  1. So here's a question:

    If MLB has prevented major league teams from signing LMB players, I assume (guessing here) that means the teams can't sign them to play for affiliated Minor League teams as well.

    But, given the law of supply and demand, the value of the LMB players must have gone waaay down because their biggest "buyer" just said it isn't buying anymore.

    So, is there anything preventing an Independent Minor League Team, like the York Revolution or the Lincoln Saltdogs, from ponying up $100,000.00 for a guy who might 6 months ago have required a $400,000.00 or $600,000.00 signing bonus, and getting a really good LMB player to help boost them in the standings and bring people to the stadium at a cost they could afford?

    And if that starts happening, does that damage MLB's ability to continue with their ban?

  2. 11 minutes ago, TonySoprano said:

    We can do this all day. 
    Yes, there are 20 teams with new ballparks since Baltimore.  The Rangers stadium was the first OPACY clone opening in 1994 (along with Cleveland).  It will be replaced by a new stadium in 2020.   Turner Field, the 4th post-Camden Yards park, was built in 1997, replaced in 2017.  

    "The House That Ruth Built" wasn't worth saving, but a warehouse is?  In fact, I'd think the city would reuse the valuable real estate for an arena if MLB went Irsay on us.  Memorial Stadium had plenty of history and now it's gone.

    Now, having said all that, I submit it is much more likely that MLB keeps a team in Camden Yards rather than leaving it as an empty tourist attraction. 

    Not to hijack the thread but:

    Memorial Stadium was eliminated because it didn't have skyboxes to sell. It wasn't a money maker.

    That said, along with a ton of history as a plus for keeping and a lack of money-making potential as the main reason for tearing down, I'm sure I'm not the only one who realized that Memorial Stadium was a mess, and they did every baseball fan a favor when they tore it down. And I'm sure that played a part in its removal as well.

    Do you remember that place? Terrible seating all over the bowl - those tiny blue aluminum seats were the good ones. Remember the brown wooden seats? Disasters. And the aluminum bench seats along the outfield foul lines? The worst sound system - a pile of giant speakers in left center? You could hardly understand the announcers. The poles blocking sight lines. And the ingress/egress ramps, Good Lord! If I leave a packed game at Camden Yards maybe it takes me 10 minutes from the time I stand up in the Upper Deck to the time I walk out a Gate. I remember once as a kid standing for over 30 minutes just on the jam packed, steaming hot ramp while the sea of people tried to jam through the inadequate Gates. Can you imagine what would have happened if there was a fire at that time? They'd still be talking about that tragedy. And don't even get me started on the lack of bathrooms, or the vast majority of parking being on the other side of the cars zooming along 33rd Street just waiting to run you over. They could have filmed Deathrace 2000 after some of those night games, or a good game of Frogger.  And talking about parking lots, do you remember getting stuck in the parking lot at Camden Yards for over half an hour? Nope. Happened all the time in the main lot at Memorial Stadium, unless you were slick enough to park all the way in the back and slip out that tiny little exit back there.

    I loved Memorial Stadium, and I loved seeing games there, but that wreck of an antique had to go for sooo many reasons.

    Camden Yards is a Treasure next to that, and unless there is something about the money-making potential of newer type skyboxes or the like about which I am ignorant of, even if the O's move they'll keep the stadium and any new team would love to move right in.

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  3. I was listening to 105.7 The Fan this morning to the Bruce Cunningham show. Bruce does Saturday morning radio for 105.7, is the Weekday sports anchor for Fox 45 news here in Baltimore, and is the stadium announcer for the Ravens.

    While talking to a caller about new young players in the O's system and Victor Victor Mesa in particular, Bruce said that he heard last night (didn't say who told him) that the Orioles have had discussions with Victor Victor Mesa and that once he has been given Free Agent status by MLB the O's are going to sign Victor Victor Mesa.

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  4. I was listening to the Scott Garceau Show on 105.7 FM today and they had Roch Kubatko on as a guest.

    Roch said that he has been told (he didn't say by whom) that the O's took the Dodger deal because Yusniel Diaz was the best player any team offered as part of a trade for Manny.

  5. I don't see the Orioles sending Davis to the Minors if things work the way I believe that they do.

    He has no options, so he would have to be designated for assignment and then released. Since his salary is guaranteed, they'd still have to pay him that. Then they would have to sign him to a minor league contract if they want him to face live competition. Assuming he ever does well enough to try him back up in Baltimore, they would have to resign him to a (I would think) minimum major league salary contract, which in 2018 is $545,000.00, prorated for games. 

    Does anyone here think that the O's will sign a 2nd contract with Davis to pay him an additional $545,000.00 on top of what he's getting in hopes that he has actually regained his ability to hit? I don't.

  6. Interesting bit:

    I was listening to Tom Davis and Dave Johnson do their hour-long postgame show on 105.7 The Fan (I listen all the time) and Tom Davis brought up that the line-up was very late coming out today, and that on the pregame show on tv Gary Thorne said that Davis was originally in the line-up for today but that Davis asked to be taken out of the line-up. Then Roch Kubatko during the post-game Manager's presser specifically asked Buck if Davis had been taken out of the line-up because Davis requested it, and Buck replied that Davis had been taken out, but it had been "a Manager's decision."

    Tom Davis wondered which was right, and Dave Johnson reminded him that both could be right. That even if Davis had asked to be taken out of the line-up, removing him or not was a Manager's decision.

    So, who knows? Maybe this is the start of something brewing.

  7. What makes the season bad isn't just the stats, although they kind of speak for themselves.

    What makes it really bad is his apparent lack of effort in trying to turn things around.

    Clearly, I don't know what he's doing behind the scenes. But I do know just from being human, and being on teams, and working with other people, and working with paying clients, that you have to show people that you're trying. It isn't enough to silently anguish over your position. Everyone does that. But, when you're on the bottom, you have to show you're trying to improve: work late, talk with others about how you can turn things around, etc. If you don't it effects everyone around you. Teammates struggle psychologically with having to work with an anchor that doesn't seem to care enough to change. Managers struggle to work around your deficiencies and putting you in a corner somewhere where your lack of effort hurts the least. Clients don't want to work with you.

    Three or four off-season phone calls with the pitching coach about a change in your philosophy of hitting by trying to swing earlier and not take as many pitches, doesn't hack it.

    It took Jim Palmer publicly calling him out and then BAM, within a week 2 visible changes: we saw him change how he holds the bat, and try wearing a face guard at batting practice. Where was that 4, 5 weeks ago?

    Doing poorly is bad. Doing poorly and showing nothing to the folks around you that you are trying tangible things to improve makes it worse.

    Sure he's probably taking extra BP and the teammates see that. But Felix Pie changed his entire batting stance and approach to hitting in order to try to turn things around. Extra BP isn't going to cut it.

    His stats are bad. His visible and open lack of effort to change things to help support the psyche of the team, the fans and management, make it worse.

    And please don't tell me they're professionals and don't need that. Everyone I've ever worked with was paid to do their job. No one was a volunteer. And still, there were lazy malcontents that dragged down the office. It happens even in paid professional environments. I'm not saying Chris Davis is lazy. I have no way of knowing that. I'm saying his apparent lack of urgency until humiliated in public makes a bad situation worse.

  8. I'm not a big one to comment about individual at-bats and the like, but Davis just looks completely lost. He's shaking his head like strikes down the middle aren't strikes. I don't think he's turning this around here. He needs to go to the minors, like AA, where guys can't throw like they can in the majors, and get acquainted with getting his bat on the ball again.


    It is "injury" time if he'll accept it.

  9. 52 minutes ago, LocoChris said:

    I too noticed the MVR thing and had to look it up. Do these mound visits include catcher visits?

    Don't take this as absolute truth, but I think I remember hearing on a sports talk radio show that yes, catcher visits count as mound visits. That anyone visiting the mound not the pitcher counts as a mound visit unless it is for injury or something like that.


    That lead to the talk show hosts to muse about what would be considered a mound visit, and they made good points. For instance, if the whole infield goes to the mound to talk strategy about one batter, that's a mound visit. But what if the second baseman calls time out, meets with all the infielders, and just shouts at the pitcher while standing at second base. Mound visit? No mound visit? That sort of thing.

  10. 8 minutes ago, LocoChris said:

    Good stuff. I take it you meant Cobb here and not Cashner?

    Yep. I meant Cobb. Good pick up.


    BTW, there's a new column on the scoreboard now to the right of LOB, MVR, which I assume means Mound Visits Remaining.


    Also, below the Jumbotron there's always been a strip where they display Ks for the number of strikeouts the O's pitchers have garnered. Now, it also displays text, including at the end of the game they interviewed Adam Jones and text was scrolling (my eyes are bad and I couldn't read it) which I assume was his words being displayed as text.


    They went back to the Hot Dog Race (which everyone at the stadium always seem to take more seriously than they should, imo) taking place entirely inside the stadium being run around the bases, instead of being run to Fort McHenry. Relish won, and I actually heard someone complain that "Relish and Mustard always win."

  11. 2 hours ago, spiritof66 said:

    But every version I can recall hearings has another long-retired ballplayer other than Cobb  (sometimes a Hall of Famer at some gathering in Cooperstown) making the joke. I'm pretty sure I've seen it attributed to Charlie Gehringer, and here is a 1985 Sports Illustrated article citing Lefty O'Doul (who's in the Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame, but not the one in upstate New York). 

    The important thing about Lefty O'Doul is that Lefty O'Doul's in San Francisco makes a pretty good sandwich.

    Frankly, if I had never walked in there just on the spur of the moment, I never would have never even heard of Lefty O'Doul. Neat baseball memorabilia in there, too, as I recall (it has been a while).


    Any other decent restaurants around named after baseball players? I mean, other than Dempsey's at the stadium, which is a reasonably decent place. His food could use a little "oomph" to it, but not bad, all in all.

  12. 14 minutes ago, Rene88 said:

    Mark Reynolds T 3B is worse than El Gordo at 3B. Reynolds is the worst 3B I have ever seen.

    Then you, my friend, don't remember watching Floyd Rayford play 3rd base for the O's. I, however, remember that.


    Boy, just think about that. A team so good that somebody actually said "Man, we need Floyd Rayford's bat in this lineup to make it better. Let's play him at 3rd."

  13. My Fanfest experience:


    Got there around 10:45 A.M. Line was extremely long, one of the longest I've ever seen and I've been going every year for over a decade. That said, some years they actually had 2 lines to enter, one that stretched left away from the front door and one that stretched right, so if those years there had been only one line those lines might have been longer.


    Went in and it was a mob scene. As many people there was there was last year, and as many as the year before. I was expecting far fewer people. Only real difference is the old Rag Time band they usually have had playing when you first get in wasn't there (although I saw a tuba leaning against a wall).


    Started by going upstairs and went to the Orioles Store. Really interesting: apparently they remodeled a bunch of the luxury suites this off-season, so they took a bunch of framed pictures that had been in the suites down and were selling them for $50. Prints from the News American front page with WE WIN! as a headline from when we won in 1983,  photos of players, drawings of players (a drawing of Roberto Alomar in a Blue Jays uniform was interesting), that kind of stuff. I have no room, so I didn't get anything. I go for the outside banners. They had 25th Anniversary banners, but at $75 I said no. The guy said come back later, the price would drop. I did, and I got a banner with Manny on one side, Tillman on the other and the 25th Anniversary logo for $40.


    Went to the freebie line. It was looooonnnnngggg. I was in line 40 minutes. I got a free red, white and blue Orioles logo shirt, a Maryland flag brim adjustable O's ball cap and the wine bottle stopper set. I didn't try going through again - too long. Later on in the day I saw people walking around with give away wiffle ball and bat sets.


    Went downstairs. Big crowd playing Bingo. MTA Orioles bus was there. Lots of people in line for autographs. Davey Johnson was giving a pitching seminar with two guys I didn't recognize and who he clearly didn't know (I heard him ask them what pitches they throw - I guaranty he wouldn't have to ask Bundy or Gausman that). I had my picture taken with Michael Kelly (who?) for $5 to charity. He is tall and thin with huge hands.If he can't throw a curve, shame on him with the grip he must have.


    Watched Orioles Family Feud, where O's players led by Joey Rickard played Family Feud against a family of fans. They asked "Name a song you would hear played at Camden Yards." Answers were National Anthem, Orioles Magic, Thank God I'm a Country Boy, Take Me Out To The Ballgame. The last one, Seven Nation Army no one was getting, so they asked Joey Rickard for an answer and he said "Sweet Caroline." I immediately started booing REALLY loudly, and a bunch of people joined in on the boo chorus. Rickard just started laughing.


    Went over to the Clubhouse and dugout tour. For the second year in a row they allowed no picture taking in the clubhouse (I took some anyway). There is a new room, the Team Prep Room, set up like a small 20 seat stadium seating movie theater where guys can go before the game and watch film of that night's opposing pitcher. There were no lines at all at the Stadium. Usually there is a line to get in, to get on the elevator, to get into the clubhouse, etc. Not this year. I just strolled on in, strolled on through.


    My take (for what it is worth): There were as many or even more people who showed up at the start, at 10 or 11, but far fewer showed up as walk-ins later on in the day.


    I took pictures. I will post them on my Facebook page for public viewing later tonight. On Facebook I am Carl Lamy, and I'm the only Carl Lamy with an avatar of me wearing Orioles gear.

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  14. I believe  Frobby and Weams to be correct. I was listening to the Hot Stove show on The Fan 105.7 last Thursday and the people on there specifically said that once the O's tendered Britton a contract they were on the hook for the full amount, even if they cut him. So, cutting his would not benefit the O's economically. 

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  15. You know how it is. Soooo subjective.


    I think Joe Angel is great. But, I went to a game a couple of months ago, and talked to a guy while watching the game from the flag court in right field at OPACY. He said he doesn't listen to O's games on the radio because of how terrible Joe Angel is. That Joe doesn't talk about the game enough and always rambles off topic about all sorts of stuff.


    You never know. I don't agree with the guy, but he has a right to his opinion (even if it is terribly misguided).

  16. And there you have it:

    • Status: Traded
    • Full Name: Brallan Andres Perez
    • Age: 21 (January 27, 1996)
    • Birthplace: Cartagena, Colombia
    • Bats/Throws: R/R Ht: 5' 10" Wt: 165

    The man is from Cartegena, Colombia, and was acquired with International Bonus Slot money. So, we can all just stop saying that the O's won't acquire International players with International Bonus Slot money.


    They will. They will just use an MLB intermediary to do so. 

  17. My thoughts and notions about Opening Day:

    Got there at 1:30. I'm a big lapel pin guy. Last year I got there at 2:00 and all the Opening Day lapel pins were sold out. This year at 1:30 the lower level stores were sold out. I went to the upper deck and got one (very nice), but 15 minutes later I was talking to a vendor and she said they had just been told that all Team Stores were sold out of Opening Day lapel pins. Apparently they go fast.

    Big crowd. The right field flag court was packed the whole game. Viewing was 4 people deep starting in the 1st inning. I met two guys wearing Toronto jerseys. They said they had driven down from Canada last night. How much do they like Jose Bautista there? One of them, instead of a name on the back of his jersey, had the words "Bat Flip" sewn on. They told me Toronto's season depends on 2 things: their 2nd baseman remaining healthy (apparently that is a possible issue) and their starting rotation staying healthy. They said they have no starting pitchers in the minors who could come up and help.

    Kevin Gausman was out of the zone the whole game. When he was at 90 pitches he had like 42 or 43 balls, something like that. Almost 50/50 balls and strikes. Still, at 90+ pitches in the bottom of the 5th he was throwing gas at 97 and 98 mph.

    They have a new special effect at the stadium. Now that the lights are LED and so light up immediately, they are blinking the lights in the light stanchions. It was a cool effect during a between-inning thing they did. It was really annoying when Trumbo hit the game winner. You wanted to cheer and watch him round the bases. Instead, you were noticing how much darker the stadium suddenly was when half the lights blinked out. Not a good effect at that time.

    Joey Bautista looked bad. I know, 1 game, short sample. I can't say I noticed from my left field seats that his bat was slow or anything, but he didn't hit the ball particularly hard. I think we're going to be particularly glad that DD said Baltimore doesn't like him.

    I went to try the new Chicken Tenders with crab dip sandwich at Bud and Burgers in the 3rd inning. They were sold out - IN THE THIRD INNING! Unacceptable (caveat, I know the gates opened up at Noon, so by the 3rd they had already been open 4 hours, but still, to sell out of a new product at your "premium" food vendor? Not good).

    I didn't see Seth Smith take a bad swing. I think he'll be as advertised with the bat: a patient hitter who swings at pitches he wants to swing at.

    When Hyun-Soo Kim was introduced, most people cheered, although some nitwits booed, my guess was to be funny. Joey Bautista was booed loudly and often, whenever he was mentioned. When he was booed in the intros they showed a close-up of the Toronto team line. They were all laughing. I guess it was expected. Hard to tell who got the most cheers, Adam Jones or Manny Machado. Several times when Adam Jones came to bat a LOT of people chanted "U.S.A, U.S.A." Steve Pearce got a nice reception with applause. As did Jim Palmer up in the tv booth.

    Nice listening to a large portion of the crowd sing along with "God Bless America" during the very lengthy 7th inning stretch.

    Nice to see the Maryland Air National Guard fly their A-10s over the stadium during the pre-game ceremonies.

    In the 10th inning there had to be over 30,000 people still in the stadium. It really cleared out between the 10th and 11th, however.


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  18. Felix Pie. Opening Day outfielder for the Baltimore Orioles, 2010.


    Other Opening Day starters of note during the Camden Yards era:

    Tony Tarasco, 1996

    Delino DeShields, 2000

    Deivi Cruz, 2003

    Paul Bako, 2007

    Corey Patterson, 2007

    BTW, Cesar Izturis started 2 years in a row, 2008 and 2009

    David Segui started as a 1B in 2001, and as DH in 2002

  19. I went to baseball reference for the opening day lineups.

    You are correct. Garrett Atkins started at 1B for us in 2010. I must have blotted that out of my mind. He immediately takes place as my worst Camden Yards era opening day first basemen, easily displacing Kevin Millar.

    Bud Norris, according to Baseball Reference, was not an opening day starter (maybe he started opening day at Camden Yards some year we started on the road? I don't know). According to them, the opening day starters for the O's since 1992 have been:

    Sutcliff, Sutcliff, Mussina, Mussina, Mussina, Jimmy Key, Mussina, Mussina, Mussina, Pat Hentgen, Scott Erickson, Rodrigo Lopez, Ponson, Lopez, Lopez, Bedard, Guthrie, Guthrie, Millwood, Guthrie, Arrietta, Hammel, Tillman, Tillman, and Tillman.

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  20. As Monday starts the Camden Yards 25th Anniversary, I thought it would be a hoot to look through the Opening Day lineups and put together a Camden Yards Opening Day all-bad team. While it is possible to do (see below) the one thing that jumped out at me was that, during their tenure at Camden Yards, the O's really haven't fielded (at least in terms of Opening Day starters) a lot of truly bad players/lineups. There have been some, but I compared lineups with some from before Camden Yards, and was surprised.

    It isn't that these teams were bad, per se, at least in my opinion. The problem was, many were just really, really mediocre. I picked one at random, the 1999 team. The Opening Day Lineup was:

    Charles Johnson - C, Will Clark -1B, Jeff Reboulet - 2B, Cal Ripken - 3B, Mike Bordick - SS, B.J. Surhoff, Brady Anderson and Albert Belle - OF, an ageing Jeff Conine - DH and Mike Mussina  - P.

    Really, when you look at that team, there aren't really any awful players (I assume Jeff Reboulet was in for injury, like Ryan Flaherty in 2014 and 2015 starting lineups? I don't remember). And, there are some good players. But it just wasn't a team that was ever going to be good. Nor was it gong to be awful. It was always going to be mediocre unless several guys played at the absolute top of their games. Which didn't happen. They won 78 games. Which should have been, and really was, predictable. And while this team, as a random example of the teams that have started in Camden Yards wasn't good, compared to some of the lineups at looked at pre-Camden Yards (see 1988) it wasn't really embarrassingly bad.

    My point is, Camden Yards has marked sort of a long-term resurgence for the Orioles. The teams have gone from plain bad pre-Camden Yards, to no worse than mediocre and actually good during the Camden Yards years.  And that was a surprise to me. I had it in my head that some of the Camden Yards teams were just awful. There's no doubt that some were simply not good, but I don't think any were actually bad. That said, my all-bad Camden Yards Opening Day lineup:

    C - Gernimo Gil (It would have been Brook Fordyce, but I think he stated because of injury? just like Gregg Zaun, so I'm ruling him out)

    1B - Kevin Millar

    2B - It's a tie: Bret Barberie and Mark McLemore

    3B - Chris Sabo

    SS - Cesar Izturis

    OF - Felix Pie, Andy Van Slyke, Sammy Sosa

    DH - Joe Carter

    P - Pat Hentgan *********** We have a winner. In my book, the most embarrassingly bad Opening Day player in Camden Yards history

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  21. I heard an interview on the radio 105.7 the Fan in Baltimore, with Rich Dubroff who writes for Pressbox (formerly with CSN Mid Atlantic) who said that Wieters has had several offers so far this year, but they've all been for one year, so he hasn't accepted any of them.

    So, there's you answer. He is looking for a multi-year deal.

  22. By the way, I went to the Orioles store in the Convention Center, and they were selling stuff like used jerseys and used hats. I saw some awesome signed green O's hats, and there was one my size for $40, with a scribbled, unreadable signature on the brim in black and the number 15 below the signature. I bought it.

    I looked and found out the O's auctioned these hats off in 2015 to benefit the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Florida, so I looked at a 2015 Spring Training roster, and discovered that I am now the proud owner of a game used, signed J.P. Arencibia green O's hat.

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