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  1. Sir Sydney. I sat behind home plate one game and watched him absolutely DOMINATE the (admittedly bad) Minnesota Twins with rockets for fastballs and a curve that looked like it could orbit the Earth, and I thought that there was no way h wasn't a legit all-league #1 Star pitcher.

    Outside of the O's I beat the drum one offseason about how, if we just paid the FA bill, Alfonso Soriano with his 40 steals and 40 home runs was the answer to EVERY problem the O's had, and would lead us to the WS.

    And then he went right into the dumpster.

  2. I have an elliptical in my basement that I normally use on cold days and rainy days. I'm too cheap to buy a tv to put in front of it, so I put a radio on its handles. I like to go exercise when the O's are playing and I listen to the game on the radio (full disclosure, I prefer games on the radio than to ones on tv - I LOVE listening to baseball on the radio).

    Baseball makes the exercise go SO much faster and makes it so much more enjoyable.

    Just make sure you have the ability to change stations at a moments notice. I change to a different station for 30 seconds in disgust every time the O's fall behind, so I don't have to listen to someone cheer for the other team.

  3. What I noticed at the game yesterday watching the pitching signs is that Drake was throwing his fastball at 91 mph and throwing his changeup at 81 mph. A 10 mph difference. If he can do that with control, he should be able to have some success.

  4. If you bother to check UZR, Delmon's numbers are better than De Aza's

    And this is really one of the problems this team is facing. Neither DeAza nor Delmon are particularly good as outfielders right now.

    If the team wants to get better DeAza needs to go, even though it means eating a high salary he should never have been given. Delmon, who appears to be a singles hitter, needs to go back to being a very productive pinch hitter (a position where hitting a single is usually something the team is really grateful for at the time) and emergency outfielder, and one of our outfielders from Norfolk needs to come up.

    I understand this isn't a great solution as none of the three down in Norfolk seem to want to hit at all right now, but all 3 are hitting better than DeAza, and all three are showing minimally more power than Delmon, and for all of the complaining I remember reading about Reimold taking bad routes to balls I don't remember anyone talking about balls skipping past him, or him throwing with inaccuracy or to the wrong base.

    Bringing one of those guys up isn't a big improvement, but we can see people taking multiple bases off of Delmon in one game and that will stop, and what is that worth? Also, neither Urrutia nor Reimold are making big money. Bringing them up doesn't add significantly to our payroll on top of DeAza's salary.

  5. I went to the game today, and it was a really good example of what has been going on with the O's this season.

    Chen pitched okay, not good with all the hits given up. But he probably would have fared better except that he had no margin for error as the O's only scored 2 for him in the first 5. He wasn't all that good, nor was he all that bad, but he had given up 3 and that was too much.

    I watched Cabrera get in the way of Hardy potentially trying to get a guy out at first. Granted, it was extremely unlikely that Hardy gets the guy because he had had to really range to his left to get the ball, but he didn't even attempt the throw because Cabrera was in the way.

    I watched Delmon Young let a ball bounce off the right field wall and skip right past him. Yes, it probably didn't effect the game, but watching it in real time I thought that if Delmon had fielded the ball cleanly the timing was right for the runner to have worried about being thrown out at second and might have stopped at first, which wasn't an issue after the ball skipped past Delmon on the rebound.

    The O's are a decent enough team, not great, but good enough to make a run at a good record, but not if O's pitchers feel like that can't make any mistakes because there won't be a lot of runs, and not if opponents get to take extra bases.

    The oddest thing I saw today was caused by the shift. Cabrera was playing well into the hole and on the outfield grass and a fly ball was hit to right field. Cabrera ran all the way to about 10 feet from the warning track before Delmon called him off in order to catch the ball. I have never seen a second baseman range that far into right field.

  6. The Tribune company, which owns a bunch of newspapers including the Baltimore Sun, sells its old newspaper photos, or at least it used to. They're shutting down their operations in 3 days. Anyway, I once bought several photos of my Father from their site, so I know the product is pretty good.

    The point is, until this very moment I never thought to look for old sports photos. Sure enough, when I looked I found a whole bunch of old black and white Jim Palmer and Brooks Robinson photos one can buy there.


    Just thought someone might be interested.

  7. Went to the game on light rail. The first train that came by was packed, with people standing in the stairwells. Conductor wouldn't even let us on. Another train came by just two minutes later. Good for the MTA!

    Got to the Yards around 2:00 P.M. I had no trouble going through the metal detectors, although the system for taking the items from your pockets and giving it back could be better - containers are too small to hold much, and the tables they sit them on are too small if there is a backup. There appeared to be metal detectors at every gate.

    Stuggy's is gone (fine with me). Gino's is gone (boo), Polack Johnny's is gone (BOO!). The generic burger joint in Gino's place seems to have the same back-up problems Gino's had - take the order quick, make people wait a while to get the product. I went to the Esskay Hot dog place where Stuggy's was. Their waffle fries with crab dip on it wasn't bad – not enough crab dip, but pretty good, especially after I sprinkled on some Old Bay. Their Chili cheese dog was a fine $5 chili cheese dog - too bad they're selling them for $9.00. I only found one place selling chorros, and that is in the single Ole Mole stand behind home plate. I did see a cart in the upper deck labeled Oreo Chorros, but it wasn't manned. Oreo Chorros sound good, however. Lots of people were walking around with pizza slices from Pizza Boli's. The slices cost $6each, but were rather large.

    I THINK (am not 100% sure) the tee shirt store on the lower concourse has been turned into a mid-sized regular Orioles store. They are still not carrying the very popular cap with the Maryland Flag as the cap with the cartoon bird on it. Instead they have the much less popular (according to the salesman) regular black cap with the Maryland Flag printed on the brim. They do have a new selection of Orioles ties, and small foam fists with the index finger up for #1 that fit on your finger like a finger puppet.

    When Jim Palmer received the giant check for $50,000.00 for Autism, it looked like he was going to cry. He looked great throwing out the first pitch from the mound, although he set up initially to throw it from in front of the mound.

    Having the little blonde girl run down the orange carpet from center field and yell "Play Ball" was blatant attempt to be touching and as cute as hell, and it worked. It was touching and as cute as hell.

    Just a great photo opportunity OF Adam Jones and J.J. Hardy holding their giant Gold glove awards. Well done – handled quickly with just a decent amount of chat by Jim Hunter to lead into it and talk about the importance of defense to the team.

    There were big sections of upper deck sections that never had anyone sit in them. Weather clearly played a part in

    people not showing up, and I don't blame them. Game time temp was 51 degrees, and so humid you could see your breath. The only thing that made it okay was that there was almost no wind.

    Bud Norris was terrible. I was on the flag court and people were trying to say he was getting unlucky, but the Jays were alternately hitting bloops and frozen ropes. He wasn't fooling anyone.

    I liked Buck putting in the Garcia kid for 2 innings. Give him the work early. It isn't like the run he gave up mattered for much, and he faced good major league hitting.

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  8. The problem is that MLB does not want, for public relations reasons, to have its success dependent upon the use of

    performance ENHANCING drugs. The just need instead to change to getting increased offence from performance

    DECREASING drugs.

    Every pitcher, before every game, should be required to consume copious amounts of alcohol, or marijuana, or some other

    substance that causes impairment of motor skills and judgment.

    Offensive numbers will increase, no one will get a benefit from artificially enhancing their physical abilities, and pitching

    stats will go down, leading to lower salaries for pitchers (whose salaries are getting out of control now anyway) thus leading

    to teams being more likely to afford to keep their rosters intact and below their self-defined salary caps.

    This is a win for everyone.

  9. I saw an article about the research/security group Leidos buying the rights to name

    the Single A Stadium in Aberdeen "Leidos Field at Ripken Stadium".

    I mentioned this to a friend of mine who works for Leidos. He responded that

    Leidos bought the naming rights from the Ironbirds because they had looked into

    the naming rights for the stadium for the Bowie Baysox, Prince George's Stadium,

    but the cost for that naming right was too steep for Leidos' liking.

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  10. Wow, we had completely different Fanfest experiences.

    I got in the door and downstairs at 11:15 A.M. I stood in line to get autographs, which took until 12:45 P.M. I strolled around the first floor area and got some snack food. I tried to listen to the coaching staff Q&A but there were so many people I couldn't get near enough to hear, so I went upstairs and stood in the giveaway line. Then I went back downstairs and stood with my Niece in the MASN claw machine line, then I got my picture taken with Zach Britton. By that time it was 4:00 P.M.! So, I went to the locker room tour, and after that it was 5:00 P.M. so we went to dinner at Dempsey's.

    I don't know how you managed to go to so many Q&A sessions. Did you try to do anything else but those? I usually try to go to at least 1, but the only one I even had time to try to go to was too crowded. I'm impressed that you made it to so many.

  11. Yes, the grab bags were there, at the end of the Silent Auction table nearest the cash register. What I didn't see was any of the outdoor vinyl street posters that they usually sell that I like buying, but I didn't get to the store until around 2:00 P.M., so I just assumed that they had sold out of them.

  12. First, as always, I post Fanfest pictures for public view on my Carl Lamy Facebook account if you are interested. I'm the Carl Lamy whose avatar is the profile of a white guy sitting in the bleachers at OPACY in an orange Orioles jersey.

    The event seemed far more crowded this year than in years past. This might be because they changed venues. In the past the event was held in the westernmost (newer) Convention Center building, and this year it was in the easternment (older) building. There were two lines to get in, both of which wrapped around the block.

    There were long lines, but they actually moved pretty quickly. And it wasn't just for player autographs and pictures. There were long lines for Chik-fil-a, and Utz Potato Chips, the MASN claw machine, and the Orioles 60 year book. The line for the free giveaways ran from one side of the building straight through to past the other side of the building onto a bridge between the building. But it only took 15 minutes to get into the giveaway room. There was a long line for the Oriole Bird autograph.

    I was in line for autographs when Dan Duquette walked right past me. I yelled "Hey" and he turned around and waved at me, but I had my camera turned off and in a bag - Arrrggghhh!

    I got an autograph from Dylan Bundy. I asked him which minor league park was his favorite in which to pitch. He said either Winston-Salem, PA. or Akron, Ohio. I told him Akron seemed a surprise to me, not because I knew anything about Akron but because I have never heard anyone say there was anything notable about it. He said the park was not in a good part of town, but that the park itself is very nice.

    I got an autograph from Adam Jones. I told him that this was the second time that I have gotten his autograph, and that the first time was 3 or 4 years ago at a Burger King. He said "Burger King?" I replied that he had stayed late there and that I had thanked him for staying late because that is what had given me the opportunity to get his autograph. He pointed at me and said "Wendy's!" and he was right, it wasn't at a Burger King, it was at a Wendy's. He has a good memory.

    A number of players have grown bears. Chris Tillman, who I have stood next to at previous Fanfests at picture sessions was almost unrecognizable in his beard. Zach Britton also had one. Those are two off the top of my head, but others had them as well. I guess Nick's spirit is still with the team.

    I got my picture take with Zach Britton, He was very nice. He shook my hand (he shook everyone's hand) and thanked me for showing up.

    MASN had a nice event: their claw machine. If you showed them you had a Twitter account (I don't but my Niece who went with me does) and followed MASN you could try to grab a stuffed ball out of the claw machine. If successful you would win whatever prize was written on the ball, everything from can koozies to seats for a game in the MASN suite. The man behind be won a bat autographed by Adam Jones. MASN would not give it to him there. They told him that it was too dangerous, as the bat could be used as a weapon, and that they would mail it to him. He and his son, who had driven up together from Salisbury, were very excited.

    The giveaways were not as good this year. In past years I had gotten things that had been left over from giveaway games, such as toy trucks, tee shirts, jerseys, bobbleheads and player statuettes. This year I got 2 We Won't Stop towels, a We Won't Stop teeshirt, a copy of Orioles Magazine and a scorecard. Kids under 14 could get a cool stuffed Oriole Bird wristlet-thingie. The guy in front of me in line said that he had gone through the line several times and that they had given away the same things every time. My uninformed opinion is that these days the games are well-attended enough for there not to be alot of excess things not given away at games anymore.

    The Orioles Store had some decent things for sale. For $80 I got a black jersey with RUIZ on the back (Jett Ruiz out bullpen catcher), a Tom Clancey patch on the shoulder and a Postseason14 patch on it as well.

    I asked one of the attendants at OPACY if they knew how many people made the walk over from Fanfest to take the locker room/field tour. He said they had someone at the door keeping count, and that last year over 5,000 people had taken the tour. Last year over 15,000 people attended Fanfest, so that would be roughly 1/3.

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  13. I know that I've seen booths selling memorabilia (like pictures ) that you could have signed, and baseballs inside the autograph plastic display boxes, and hats. I don't remember seeing anything else aside from game worn bats and jerseys that tend to sell out fast.

    I know in my situation, the doors open at 11:00 A.M., it usually takes 5 to 10 min for everyone to get in and to drop of your clothes with the coat check people, and then the first round of autographs starts at 11:20 A.M., giving the concerned autograph seeker 10 whole minutes to find his line and get in it.

    That is not a lot of time for shopping. Also, there are times players have other commitments, and so that can't make it though the who hour session. So, if you're near the last bit of the hour, you may see your guy get up and leave before you get to him

  14. I am going to Fanfest next week. I purchased a Dyland Bundy/Larry Bigbie/Adam Jones autograph voucher.

    I enjoy autograph collecting but am not an avid collector. In the past I have mostly just taken balls and gotten them signed, but each and every one I've gotten in the past, including Adam Jones and Matt Wieters, have bled out and gotten fuzzy. The memory is still enjoyable when I look at them (which is the primary concern) but still, it is a little sad when you look at a ball with a blotchy, barely readable autograph on it.

    Last year I bought a Jim Palmer autograph voucher and got him to sign a big poster of him that his ex-wife had designed many years ago (I found it in a consignment store in Ellicott City). It is cool, but it is poster sized and now I have a giant Jim Palmer head hanging on my wall. I honestly don't want a giant Dylan Bundy head on my wall.

    Aside from a ball, and another giant poster, what is a cool thing to take to an autograph session? All have been able to think of are bats, which I might do, or baseball cards, and I don't even know where I would get a Dylan Bundy baseball card.

    Any advice on something cool and smaller-than-poster sized to take?

  15. The contract length is irrelevant -- the contract gets torn up. If the issue is Baltimore having to replace a GM this close to the season starting then I guess that would depend on how much of that is on Baltimore dragging out the process (if they have in fact been uncooperative on some basic fronts). The remaining years don't matter from Baltimore's standpoint, either. To make that argument Baltimore would have to basically say they have such an amazing deal with Duquette that they are giving up massive value. Based on how much MLB values GMs (by salary) I'd toss that in the "nearly impossible argument to make" bin.

    When Boston let Theo go he was a more highly valued asset, based on compensation. Duquette's compensation package is right around the average MLB salary for the position; Theo was paid above market prices.

    I'm not saying this to be difficult; it's just tough for me to see an argument whereby the market should value Duquette today more than it valued Theo after his last year in Boston.

    The market should value Duquette highly for precisely the reasons you have given. Duquette just won the award for being Baseball's best GM, so he is performing at a high level , as proven by the fact that some other team wants to hire him away from us.But, he is being paid an average salary. That is what is known in business as a bargain. We are being asked to forego this bargain and replace it with the unsure thing of a new GM. That should require compensation.

    For this reason, and the many others provided by others in this thread, there is no way the O's should not receive considerable compensation for Duquette, and if the organization doesn't get it, then shame on them for being poor business people and not receiving the proper compensation for a commodity which Toronto's OWN ACTIONS are showing is one of high value.

  16. I heard Buck Showalter on a radio interview today on 105.7 the Fan.

    When asked about who will be the right fielder for the O's Buck responded that Steve Pierce could play there, and that Dariel Alvarez is someone who could put himself in the picture to play there, or that it could be someone that the Orioles haven't TRADED FOR (emphasis put on these words by me) yet.

    All I could think was AHA! he didn't say it was a possible free agent that we could sign, a la Colby Rasmus, but specifically said "traded" for.

    I'm going to take this opportunity to overreact and say that Buck let it slip, that the O's are working on a trade about which prospects they feel good, and that before the season starts we will be happy for the right fielder that the O's TRADED for!

  17. I heard that Peter Angelos uses most of his money to buy great big jars of olives that he doesn't even eat! He just leaves them around the kitchen as decorations!

    I hear he uses all of his money to buy mannequins, which he then decapitates, and then puts they severed fake heads in jars. He then places the jars on shelves and sits staring at them while requiring everyone to call him "The Governor".

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