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  1. Crush has played 330 games for the Orioles, prorated over 160 games, it comes out to this:

    592 AB

    94 R

    165 H

    34 2B

    0 3B

    43 HR

    114 RBI

    3 SB

    56 BB

    197 SO

    .279 BA

    .346 OBP

    .554 SLG

    .900 OPS

    How much would that production be worth over the next 4-5 years?

    Assuming he could maintain those averages over that time. Possibly exceeding a time or two and possibly falling short a time or two.

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  2. I didn't expect him to be non-tendered, but I hope they keep the door open to possibly trading him.

    And if trading him is the plan, they wouldn't want to give that away.

    I'm not among those who believes in paying a lot for a closer, but I also don't believe there is an alternative on the roster right now. Gausman wasn't picked 4th in the draft to be a reliever and Hunter and O'Day both struggle with lefties, Hunter in particular.

    Closers need to be able to get out both righties and lefties effectively. Though it's always possible to go matchups until someone emerges as the guy.

  3. Fernandez is under team control for five more years and would be dirt cheap for the next two.

    Kershaw is headed for his third year of arbitration next season. He made $11 million this season, so he's going to get huge money starting next season. You'd have to extend him, too. Or risk watching him leave after next season.

    I believe that Kershaw is the better pitcher today. But cost-wise, this isn't close.

  4. Case in point I would go after Adam Dunn from the White Sox. He works the pitcher every AB when he's not hitting HRs, and will take a walk to be a baserunner for somebody else to drive in.










    Between now and the end of 2014, Dunn is due $20.6 million, and the White Sox have given no indication that they are willing to pickup any of it to help facilitate a deal. They sent $1 million to Texas only because trading Rios increased his salary by 500k each season.

    The likelihood that the Orioles take on that much salary is extremely low, and you know that, if you follow this team.

  5. This just illustrates how important the offense is when your pitching staff is a bunch of #3's and #4's. The Orioles have to score as much as they can when they can because they don't have the pitching to shutdown opposing teams.

    If a major league pitching staff can't win when given five runs by the offense, then that's the major problem of the team. Not the hitting.

  6. Trying to keep this on the subject - what we saw today was the example of the Orioles' hitting philosophy winning out, however the 8th inning was an example of how even in a 10 run game they missed an opportunity to score more.

    Teams like the Rays and Tigers will shut down that power, and the Orioles will have to figure out to win without it, something they have yet to show they can do as they've lost an overwhelming amount of games where they score less than 4 runs, and considering those teams stand in the way of the Orioles reaching the World Series, it is not trolling to say that this offense will not be able to beat those teams consistently with their current hitting philosophy.

    Record of AL Playoff contenders when scoring 3 runs or less:

    Red Sox: 9-36 (20%)

    Tigers: 7-32 (17.9%)

    Rangers: 12-41 (22.6%)

    A's: 13-40 (24.5%)

    Rays: 15-34 (30.6%)

    Orioles: 11-31 (26.2%)

    Indians: 12-39 (23.5%)

    Royals: 15-45 (25%)

    Yankees: 13-46 (22%)

    Totals: 107-344 (23.7%)

    They aren't alone in struggling when scoring three runs or less. Only one playoff contender is better in those games, and that's, unsurprisingly, Tampa Bay.

  7. To me, this topic is flat out trolling.

    Or are we allowed to troll about anything we feel like trolling about?

    It's immaterial that the OP is a nice guy and doesn't insult people. You can be a nice guy and still be a pain in the backside, which is what this is.

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  8. Brady has a much larger role with the organization now that is more important than broadcasting. I assume that's what weams was referring to.

    I knew that.

    I just thought maybe something happened between him and another one of the announcers?

  9. Ben was fantastic. Not sure if Ben was ever asked to go full time. We know what went on with Brady. I think Hunter lobbied for Bordick.

    What happened with Brady?

    Also, I agree with those who want Ben to comeback. I thought he was fantastic.

  10. In terms of the causal connection between bad pitching and losing, just a reminder that the O's are 1-62 when allowing 6 runs or more. Allowing 6 runs or more in 63 games is awful, and that's not the half of it:

    6 runs - 19 games

    7 runs - 7 games

    8 runs - 15 games

    9 runs - 7 games

    10 runs - 3 games

    11 runs - 2 games

    13 runs - 5 games

    15 runs - 2 games

    17 runs - 2 games

    18 runs - 1 game

    I just don't see how anyone could look at those numbers and not conclude that pitching is by far the biggest problem we have.

    So that means we've allowed 6+ runs in 40.9% of our games this year. And we've won 1.6% of those games.

    We've allowed 5 or less in 91 games and are 63-28 when doing so.

    Contrast that to Tampa Bay, who has six less runs scored than we do. But has only allowed 6+ runs in 36 games. Or 23.5% of its games. They're 21.5 games in front of us in the standings.

  11. He will if he doesn't like Baltimore and I'm not sure that he does...

    That isn't good enough.

    You've got to know for sure that he'll turn it down. Because if he takes it, then we'll be stuck with him for next year.

    He had trouble drawing interest this past offseason, coming off of a good year, albeit down in the second half. This year, he's hit like he did last year in the second half. If he doesn't pick it up, he'll be lucky to draw any interest, at all.

  12. Nick has definitely picked things up, and not just since the start of June.

    After the game on May 13, he was at 224/284/306.

    In the 33 games since then, he's at 307/359/379.

    So he's been going in the right direction for over a month now. He isn't there yet. But at least he's picked it up over the past five weeks.

  13. The Orioles will make a run for Fielder, but I see no reason why he would sign here considering the other clubs that may be interested in him.

    1.) Giants

    2.) Angels

    3.) Cubs

    4.) Padres?

    5.) Blue Jays?

    6.) Tampa Bay?

    7.) Indians?

    8.) Mariners?

    I could see the Giants, Angels, and Cubs as being real problems for us. I just do not think this guy comes here if he wants to play on the west coast and if he wants to play on the east coast then I think he signed with the Cubs or Rays.

    Giants have Brandon Belt as their 1B of the future, and will likely want to keep Lincecum and Cain, long term. So they'll have to spend big money to keep those two pitchers.

    Pending on Morales' health, the Angels already have their 1B.

    If the Padres didn't have the money to keep Adrian Gonzalez, where will they find it to sign Prince?

    Where are the Rays and Indians going to get the money to sign him?

    The Mariners have Justin Smoak at 1B.

    The Cubs and Blue Jays are viable spots to land him. As are the Rangers. The Cardinals could be in the mix, too, if they lose Pujols.

  14. I've been saying this for awhile, I fully expect the O's to bid on Fielder. They offered Tex 7yrs $145M. I do not think they will offer Fielder that 7th year, but I do think they will over him $20.7M per year over 5 or 6 years.

    I will not be surprised if the O's also bid on Darvish.

    I don't think they'll go to a seventh year with Fielder, either.

    But 5/105 or 6/125 wouldn't really surprise me.

    Prince turned 27 in May, so we'd have him from 28-32 or 28-33, depending on the length of the deal.

  15. A lot of pitchers can be when hit with degrading questions like that. Or sometimes just because. Like that classic line from Gibson to McCarver, during a mound visit, something like "get back behind the plate, the only thing you know about pitching is you can't hit it."

    That reminds me of the story that Bob Uecker told about the time he went out to talk to Bob Gibson and Gibson asked him why he was there.

    Uecker said he was on his way to centerfield to talk to Curt Flood.

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  16. http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/news;_ylt=As19Zw1PSFJIJv7p1nVjBBsRvLYF?slug=jp-passan_baseball_draft_bundy_bauer_long_toss_debate_051911

    Prep right-hander Dylan Bundy, perhaps the top talent in one of the most loaded Major League Baseball drafts in years, has informed several teams not to select him because of fears they’ll try to change his throwing program, a source close to Bundy told Yahoo! Sports.

    And he’s not the only one.

    UCLA starter Trevor Bauer, also a potential top-5 pick, shares Bundy’s concern about teams’ reticence to allow long-toss sessions in which pitchers throw the ball on an arc up to 300 feet in order to build up arm strength, according to another source. About half the teams in baseball stick with a strict program that limits pitchers to straight-line throws at 120 feet, which Bauer and Bundy fear would affect their arm strength.

    Bundy told the Pittsburgh Pirates, who own the No. 1 pick, and the Kansas City Royals, who pick fifth, that he’d prefer they not use their pick on him, according to the source. Seattle (picking second), Arizona (third and seventh) and Washington (sixth) all advocate long toss. Bundy’s older brother Bobby plays for Baltimore, which chooses fourth.

    The Owasso, Okla., native surged to the head of the high school class this year thanks to a fastball that reached 100 mph this season, a beyond-his-years cutter and the sort of mature approach scouts believe can land him in the major leagues by 2013. Bundy’s ascent toward the end of the spring sent him to the top of at least one American League team’s draft board, according to a scouting director, and Baseball Prospectus’ Kevin Goldstein called him the top talent available.

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