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  1. Gonzalez wouldn't cost big bucks until 2012, unless we rip up his current contract. He's signed for $4.75 million next year and $5.5 million in 2011. If he plays out those two years before starting on the extension he gets, then we won't have to worry about it until then. By then, hopefully we're winning enough and drawing enough attendance that we can support a larger payroll. If not, we'd probably have to pull a Detroit and start trading away high-salaried players for prospects.
  2. I agree that Reimold is better than Scott. But he'd also net a better pitcher in return than Scott would. And we'd have a pretty damn formidable lineup if we added Holliday and traded for A-Gon. So pitching would be more of a concern at that point than hitting.
  3. This will never happen, but I'd **** a brick if it did. Sign Holliday. Then, as much as I hate to do it, trade a package involving Adam Jones to the Padres for Adrian Gonzalez and sign him to an extension. I love Jonesy, but he's a San Diego native, so they could market him well there and they would probably want him to be a part of the deal. Plus we do at least have a reasonable replacement. Not to mention, putting Jones in the deal would likely lower the amount and quality of prospects we'd have to put in the deal. As he'd immediately become their CF. Then move Reimold/Scott for pitching
  4. I hope to hell it's not Rick Dempsey that replaces Buck. I can't stand Dempsey and his cheerleading. He talks like we're a world beater right now. There's being positive and then there's being ridiculous. And many of Dempsey's statements are ridiculous. I wish Jim Palmer would just work full time as the color man.
  5. Boston was in on Teixeira last winter and tried to get AGon from SD this summer. So you'd have to believe that they'd have interest in Cabrera, if Detroit puts him on the market. And the Sox have a deeper pool of prospects from which to deal from than we do. He certainly would give us that big bat from the right side that we desperately need, but I really don't think we could get him without giving up too much of our young talent.
  6. MacPhail was running the Cubs when they traded for Aramis Ramirez and Kenny Lofton in 03. They got within five outs of the World Series that year. He then traded for Derrek Lee that offseason and extended both Ramirez and Lee. Those two just happen to be their #3 and #4 hitters when they are both in the lineup. Andy gave Ramirez 4/42 prior to the 05 season. Ramirez opted out after 06 and is now midway through a 5/75 contract. Lee got 3/22.5 following the trade and is currently working through a 5/65 deal that MacPhail signed him to. Following MacPhail's departure, the new management gave
  7. It seems like the only player getting a lot of talk in the upcoming draft is Stephen Strasburg, and we already know that he's going to Washington. I was just wondering who we're looking at with our pick?
  8. Does Abreu count as them losing a Type A free agent since they didn't offer him arbitration? Or doesn't that matter? Because they won't get any compensation picks when he signs with somebody else.
  9. Any new news regarding Tex? What's the feeling here on the board about our chances to get him?
  10. Are we closer, farther away or still in the same spot as last night? How are the insiders feeling?
  11. Anything new since this afternoon? I had to step out for about five hours. Thanks for the update!
  12. The O's were 67-95 in their last season at Memorial Stadium in 91. But then from 92-96, they had winning records every year except 95, when they went 71-73. So I have no idea where you got that the O's were a loser up until 97? Record and Placing from 92-96: 92: 89-73, 3rd in East, 7 GB 93: 85-77, 3rd in East, 10 GB 94: 63-49, 2nd in East, 6.5 GB 95: 71-73, 3rd in East, 15 GB 96: 88-74, 2nd in East, 4 GB - Won Wild Card Not to mention, we had Cal then. He helped us draw well right up until his retirement in 01. Even then, our attendance didn't take a big hit until 06. We were between
  13. Sneaking in the backdoor wouldn't be the Yankees' style at all. Unless I'm mistaken, the Yanks usually make it known rather quickly and loudly if they are interested in signing/trading for a player. In the case of Teixeira, I don't think they've ever publicly expressed any kind of interest in him. They just shelled out $243.5 million for Sabathia and Burnett and they traded for Nick Swisher last month to fill their 1B hole. Swisher is no Teixeira, but he also only makes 1/4 of what Tex will.
  14. Tex would sell tickets, something that can't be said for any other free agent out there on the market that we could possibly sign. The only other way to sell tickets is to put a winner on the field and I don't think even by adding him that we become a playoff contender next year. So really the only way to up our attendance this year is by adding him. We drew 1,950,075 (24,376 per game) last year, the lowest attendance since 1988 when we drew 1,660,738. But if you subtract Opening Day and the games against Boston and New York our average attendance was 19,824. And that includes six home game
  15. They couldn't or it would've been tampering. He was employed by another organization. The first chance they'd have had to talk it up at all would've been in mid-November when he hit the open market.
  16. I'm trying to figure out why they are meeting in Texas, seeing as Boras' office is in Cali. Anyway, we set that money aside for Tex and Tex alone, just like the Brewers did with C.C. They aren't going to spend the money on other players since C.C. chose to leave and I'd be surprised if we spend the kind of money that we had set aside for Tex. We'll end up signing a couple of retread pitchers and overpay them. That's how we do things. I'd much rather us sign the two Japanese pitchers than overpay the likes of Byrd and Garland.
  17. Tex would be the highest paid player on any one of the four teams that he might go to. So if he can't handle that, then maybe he shouldn't be paid as much as he's going to get. I'm sorry but if he wants less pressure then Boston isn't the place to go. Their local media is tough on players if they don't produce. They aren't as bad the NY media, but they are tough. The LA is a little easier to deal with and the Baltimore/DC media is a lot easier to deal with.
  18. If Tex's wife wants to make some trips to Atlanta during the season with him, then he should sign with the Nationals. They play three series a year there, which is more than the one series a year that Boston plays there. If we have to, maybe we should include "x" amount of first class plane tickets to Atlanta so that she can go there to visit. Teams have included stuff like that before for a player's family.
  19. I'm going to be preparing an economy-sized plate of crow to be shipped to ESPN offices when Tex signs with us. Anybody know how Gammons and Olney like their crow prepared? On a side note, I've lost so much respect for Peter Gammons throughout this whole ordeal. He acts as if the Orioles don't exist for the longest time. Then he basically calls his colleague Karl Ravech a liar by saying that Angelos is disinclined to make Tex the face of our franchise.
  20. ESPN's Keith Law just said on the Hot List that he expects Tex to go to LAA or Boston. He said LAA needs Tex and that Boston can easily afford him. He said that the O's have said all along that they don't intend to be the high bidder, which I haven't heard anywhere. He thinks Washington could be the high bidder, but that Tex would go to LAA or Boston before going to Washington.
  21. This was like 15 years ago and I was with my dad going to an O's/A's game. We were walking down to the Harbor to eat before the game and Dennis Eckersley walked by me going toward the stadium. I didn't recognize him until he was past me.
  22. The only guy at ESPN that I've even heard mention us as having a chance to sign him is Jayson Stark, and he said that back in early-to-mid November. He said if one team was going to come out with a huge offer and possibly overpay for him, that it would be us. It's just ridiculous how guys like Peter Gammons (who I do respect), all but roots for the Red Sox openly. Same deal with Karl Ravech, he's a huge Sox fan. Scott Van Pelt is the man though, he's an O's fan.
  23. So we're at 7/140-150 and the Nats are at 8/160? We should go to 8/165-170, maybe even 9/185 and see what happens. Whatever Andy does, he needs to make sure that Boras comes to us anytime a team offers more than we have and allows us to beat it if we choose. I really think Angelos is willing to pay whatever it takes to get Tex. Although I have to say, I was skeptical at first that we would make a legit run at him. But we have, and if it comes up short, I can at least know that we did made a genuine try and not a token offer.
  24. What gets me is that you know that half of them, if not more, are bandwagoners and really aren't Red Sox fans. I was at an O's/Red Sox game earlier this year and there was four people sitting behind me, two guys and two girls, all wearing Red Sox hats. They couldn't pronounce some of the player's names and didn't know who some of the players are. Now I'm not saying that you have to know everything about a player to justify being a fan of a team. But if you're a fan of a team, you should know all of the players and how to pronounce their names. I know a couple of "good" Red Sox fans, that I
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