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  1. Based on Fronby’s numbers and Elias’ moves concerning the MLB roster, it is clear the team could care less about season ticket holders. I heard that message loud and clear.
  2. Mark Mclemore-I didn’t realize he played 18 years in the league.
  3. With a juiced ball, anything is possible as Yaz has shown
  4. How long is Santander under control? He has blossomed this season and I contend it’s way more important to lock him up long term as opposed to Mancini:
  5. His swing and stance remind me of a modified version of Eddie Murray. Santander has put up monster numbers when projected over 162 especially at 24 years old.
  6. much respect on a well written, analyzed, and argued article Luke.
  7. I get that Harris Yett is old for the GCL, but the guy is having quite the year: .340/.429/.520, 17 BB to 8 SO. Catcher looks like the deepest position in the minors so he may have a tough time moving up next year, but it’s obvious that he is having no trouble hitting GCL pitching.
  8. I don’t need to look at the rankings to know they are stupid clickbait.
  9. I’m going with Norfolk especially if Hays, Mountcastle, and Diaz are there. The rotation, pen, etc should be stacked.
  10. To paraphrase Jack Nicholson’s joker: this town needs an enema!
  11. This statement isn’t remotely close to the truth in the case of Baltimore. The city continues to hemorrhage people, the housing market is declining. I’m all for keeping the O’s here, but there are facts and then there is this statement. I’ve lived here for 43 years. I own two houses, one of which I spent 6 months trying to sell unsuccessfully because the rental market is strong. The market for home sales keeps showing home values decreasing while home values in the rest of the country increases. Sure millennials are renting but they are putting roots down in the community. As for the article, I think it’s mainly clickbait. Camden Yards is a crown jewel in the pantheon of ballparks. The Baltimore media market is a top 30 market in the US and that doesn’t factor in the greater viewing area reaching from Harrisburg/York extending down to Charlotte. Remove Baltimore from MLB and you risk a huge potential boycott of the game which certainly would impact the bottom line as these fans allegiances certainly would not transfer geographically if at all. I believe expansion is a greater possibility at this point for Nashville, Vegas, or San Antonio as I believe MLB would look more to add to its base than risk potentially turning off one of the biggest media markets in the country.
  12. Without seeing the game-the line is better than “pretty good.” WHiP under 1, more than a k/inning, give up only 2 earned over 7.
  13. I’m in the Dave Johnson camp as far as relievers are concerned: the more you use, the more chance one of them will have an off day.
  14. He also does a real good job at clearing his hips through, head stays steady, swing is compact, straight to the ball, and gets good extension...also real quiet takes, the first one looked like a ball as he shot a quick look at the ump.
  15. I don’t see the fascination with this guy. Perhaps he can field but can’t hit worth a lick. Seems like an organizational guy to me that’s getting promoted and hyped bc of his draft status. I thought Adam Hall deserved the bump to Frederick before Cadyn. I’ve never seen him play but I’m extremely skeptical of his upside.
  16. I don’t disagree that he has an opportunity to prove me wrong. My opinion is what I stated above, doesn’t make me right or wrong right now. I don’t see the upside besides the ability take a few walks but you are right, time will tell. Either way, I wouldn’t let him dictate whether he is in the O’s future plans.
  17. Because he shouldn’t be-the guy is a AAAA player/5th outfielder. He is fine as the 24th-27th man but isn’t a difference maker. The O’s are a long way away from needing 24th-27th guys.
  18. It’s like a living document (oh boy I dated myself)
  19. One could argue Peralta and Fenter’s stuff has more upside then someone like Knight.
  20. Yeah I liked watching him play. He reminded me of a few guys I played with. I’m sorry to see him go. Seemed like a real good organizational guy.
  21. And I got the other 1/2...btw JMU, Shelton Perkins is off to a nice start!
  22. average has slipped to .417 with an OPS of .911-I went to his player page and it is showing him as an Aberdeen Ironbird which makes me wonder if he has been promoted?
  23. I believe Ortiz was 34 in the overall 100 at some point. That guy’s star has really faded. I’m most disappointed in Encarnacion, thought he had upside. Carmona too, but wasn’t overly surprised when he was held back on extended spring training. I still have faith Pop can be a nugget but I guess we will wait and see if he can find his sinker again or if he is like Britton when he came back from injury.
  24. I wonder how many people who have opinions set in stone on a 22 year old have seen the guy play in person? How many have watched a game of his start to finish? How many have watched him play in the field? How many have drawn their conclusion based on what they’ve read and stats? My point is I reserve judgement until I’ve seen him play and I reserve ultimate judgement until i see him in person. The guy has some flaws to his game and there are others who are pushing him to start tomorrow against the Sox. I think if he played short for so many years, he could play a respectable left. I think if he rakes, he will learn to walk here and there when he matures a little. I don’t know if he will be a good, great, or average player but I’m not willing to make that call until I see him with my own two eyes. I suspect that rule doesn’t apply to a lot of people who have posted in this thread, and think they know what type of player Mountcastle is.
  25. Based in no small part to the different ways the radar now measures mph versus how it did 10-15 years ago. The gun is 3 mph faster today even though today’s gun is supposedly a more accurate measurement.
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