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  1. There's absolutely no reason that purses should be disallowed. This is not a surface-contact virus. It's aerosolized. It doesn't make any sense. That's the definition of safety theater.
  2. I'm all about waiting for a few rotation turns to begin conclusions. That said: Starting pitching is 17 and change pitched for 5 runs thus far. That's respectable. Harvey had some things not go his way, but his stuff has looked better than it has in seasons. Means is great. Bruce's stuff passed the eye test, and only one walk issued was good. I'm not looking for the O's to compete this year, but strong steps in the right direction would be fantastic.
  3. @Tony-OH should slam this thread shut. It's drivel, and is getting deep into politics/conspiracy stuff. And reading @now's "analysis" is actually making me dumber.
  4. Interested to see what they eventually land on as far as capacity goes. If Baltimore keeps capacity lower than the state guidance (say...25%), my guess is that they would only open the lower bowl for opening day. It's a lot of extra labour and support needed for the entire stadium. It would be really cool if they could get an exemption to go over the capacity limit for vaccinated front-line medical workers in the club level. Even cooler if the club distributed blocks of those tickets to local hospitals. Those folks have earned a day at the ballpark.
  5. The 1989-1997 orno cap is damn good, as is the cartoon bird. The O's cap is...fine? The more realistic orno birds from 1998-2011 were the less good designs.
  6. The good: He's been working out in Sarasota all winter. The O's have a good handle of how he looks, how his health is based on that. He's also another season removed from the injury in 2016 (this all started then. His performance since coming off the DL that year was forgettable) He has the stuff, has consistently pitched well in his time here, sans part of 2016 and 2017. If he's healthy, he should at least be serviceable. At the price-point, what is there to lose?
  7. The CC Sabathia deal worked well, even with a few hiccup years.
  8. At any rate, good relievers on crappy teams should be targeted. Sooner, rather than later. This pen needs reinforcement.
  9. They lack the talent to go on some decent winning streaks to get back in the hunt. Stick a fork in 'em, and look to their roster for trade fodder.
  10. DD should make a trade for a decent pitcher on a crappy team, ala Bud Norris in 2013. For negligible prospects, he managed to get us a pretty solid pitcher for 2013-2015. Our farm system is not stacked enough to get a leet starter, so I think looking at the 'decent' crop would be the right focus. Anyone have some candidates? Keep in mind: the focus should be on 2017. Future cost, control, and long-term outlook are less important in this exercise.
  11. Book it here. Bet in Vegas. Series is already over.
  12. That's a massive cost to engineer and implement and would benefit them less than using MLB's already established infrastructure.
  13. Moar "throwback" pricing for sections, ala 2012
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