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  1. The play-in game has been the best thing MLB has implemented in a long time.
  2. Didn't let the rat percolate enough.
  3. Elias is fine for now, however: he can't just sit on his hands every offseason. The rebuild is not at the point of yielding positive MLB results yet, but adding some players a year or two earlier than the projected window can't hurt. Not all of the talent for a contending team can come from the farm alone.
  4. If I don't start seeing more prospects on the ML roster this time next year, I'll be stressed. For now, the stress is like water on a duck.
  5. I really want the Rays to win it all this year.
  6. I'd love Hip Hop Fish and Chicken Field if we're going with fast food. (I SINCERELY doubt that HHFC has pockets deep enough to do this).
  7. I can't think of any reason for a team in a small-mid market NOT to sell stadium naming rights. It's basically free money. The stadium name doesn't matter to me. The on-field product is 100% all I care about.
  8. I don't know what the point of a Hyde resignation would be. Casey Stengel couldn't win with this roster.
  9. Agreed. But, there's always the off chance that something was missed, not addressed in their org. This would be a cheap pickup, might turn into something.
  10. They can throw him out every 5th day for the rest of the year. Nothing that happens this year matters. Hopefully he's not with the team in 2022.
  11. BB rate and HR rate were not terrific at Durham. Good K9. WHIP isn't great. Depends on whether there are major issues in these places or things that can be fixed via coaching.
  12. Great point. He's not in the poll, but what about Mussina instead of Palmer?
  13. Hard one. I went with Palmer because of need. Frank would have been a great addition, even if current day Orioles also got him at age 30. He was somewhere between dominant and very very good almost all of the 7 seasons he spent here. Also, a natural leader and someone who knew how to win.
  14. That would be fantastic. I am very high on Stowers, and any chance for him to get more ABs on his way up would be good.
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