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  1. I'll be in New Orleans for the game. Haven't gotten tickets yet, but I'm gonna try when I get down there. I'll be at the BMore Around Town Pep Ralley with Jamal Lewis and Duane Starks Saturday night too.
  2. Arrieta, Delmonico, & a prospect is too much for Headley. Those are the pieces I'd start with for Josh Johnson.
  3. Josh Johnson for Arrieta, Schoop, and Klein. Soriano and Garza for Reynolds, Matusz, Avery, and Schrader.
  4. Sign him longterm? I've heard the Patriots as a possible landing spot for him. Would you let him walk for the 31st pick?
  5. I feel ya. We need that money for a lot of other guys. We need to extend Rice & Flacco. There are a ton of WR's out there to get. We will get one at a great deal IMO. We also need a pass rusher like Mathis or Osi. Plus that O-Line needs a lot of attention too. Wallace is not a top priority.
  6. I would definately give up the 29th pick for him. Wallace is a WEAPON. Makes us better and Pittsburg worse. No brainer.
  7. I think Britton could start in AAA.
  8. 1. Guthrie 2. Jackson 3. Chen 4. Arrieta 5. Hunter
  9. Absolutely. I would trade Wieters straight up for alot of players like: SP- Kershaw SP- Felix SP- Verlander SP- Lincecum SP- Shields SP- Price 1B- Votto 1B- Fielder 1B- Cabrera 1B- Adrian 2B- Cano 3B- Longoria SS- Hanley SS- Tulowitzki OF- Stanton OF- Braun OF- Kemp OF- Bautista OF- Ellsbury I'm sure I could think of more.
  10. Maybe so. I'd like to have another prospect, but I'd be estatic getting JJ, Minor, and Pomeranz though.
  11. I still like: ATL gets: Adam Jones, Andino, Seth Smith COL gets: Prado, Reynolds, Carlos Perez BAL gets: Jurrjens, Minor, Pomeranz
  12. No way we would get all that back. Don't really want Bourn. He's a FA after this season and a Boras client.
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