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  1. Thanks. Great to see everyone posting here. Hasn't changed much.
  2. I used to go here when I was 12, how the times have passed. Now a rising HS senior. I feel old.
  3. No way he leaves after this year. Slight chance after next year, but he still shouldn't leave early.
  4. Just thing of Vlad in OPACY. Similar hitters park to Texas. utter domination right there.
  5. Winner of the deal is the Orioles since we won't have to face Wells as much. Holy hell he killed us. Also, when was the last time the Blue Jays kept one of their star players? I know it's hard but all of them have left at some point.
  6. Baseball started to be number one but since then I have lost interest overall in the sport. Still watch every orioles game. I have started following college basketball and it's my favorite now. College football is fun too but it's a lot of reheated leftovers year after year. MLB NCAAB and NCAAF are the only sports I follow now.
  7. That ending to your post is so hilarious.
  8. the ravens should just lose so I can just end it today. WHY WHY WHY
  9. Really weak year in CBB. Duke with irviNg is top 5 but pretty meh. OSU has been in a few close games against mediocre teams and same with Kansas. Let's see what San Diego St can do lol.
  10. Just what we need, more 8 win seasons.
  11. Leach never left Texas Tech, and that was with an awful contract. Wherever he goes he will stay, but Im not sure he will ever get a major job with every school turning him down.
  12. Yeah I don't even know why I wanted him in the first place. It would be his dream job though.
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