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  1. I’m retiring from the OH after 12 years. I am not pleased with the site owner’s temper tantrums, toothless boycotts, inherently racist ideals, and apology messages that miss the mark. Have some conviction in your life, Tony: stop being an O’s fan if giving black people equal treatment under the law is that offensive to you. Birdland is better off without your support. -ET

  2. Well heck, I've been saying Akin is not a nugget for a long time.
  3. Probably. You kids and your trophies.
  4. I said it was fifth best last night and this morning it’s sixth.
  5. They don’t give out awards to “hypothetically better“ teams.
  6. Fifth best according to fangraphs EDIT: overnight it changed to sixth best
  7. That's like ignoring your A1C numbers because why complicate eating a Twinkie?
  8. Wieters 2.0 Severino .6 Walker .6 Nunez .6 Schoop 6.1 Alberto 1.7 Turner 20.0 Ruiz .6 Machado 32.0 Valaika .6 Yaz .6 Mountcastle .6 Nick 2.0 Mullins .6 Villar 8.2 Santander .6 Cruz 12.0 Sisco .6 If we're just looking at lineup salary, there's 13x advantage there. Could be why we didn't keep all those guys.
  9. It would appear that Zach Plesac has worn out his welcome in Cleveland. It is my understanding that Clevinger has been remorseful and sincere with his apology, but Plesac “doesn’t get it”. Plesac filmed his half-apology for social media while driving a car, explaining that he does care about the safety others. Adam Plutko and Olly Perez have been outspoken as club leaders that they would opt out of the season if action was not taken against Plesac and Clevinger for going out on the town during a series against the White Sox. Cleveland took disciplinary action by optioning both pitch
  10. I definitely didn’t need the green text for this one.
  11. Again, we aren't talking about bringing back prospects.
  12. We are talking about trading Santander and Oriole prospects for Mike Clevinger.
  13. Why not just keep Santander and the prospects then?
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