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  1. Also, Rich Dubroff was first with the Dilson Herrera signing.
  2. A third coming must be even better, right?
  3. Yakult Inoua, whose number is “25” Throwing a ball On the 5th, Yakult announced the acquisition of Gabriel Inouah (26) = 188 cm, 93 km, right-handed and right-handed = who climbed 36 games in the US major league, Orioles. An annual salary of 600,000 dollars (about 65.4 million yen) plus a one-year contract for volume payments, and the spine number was set to “25”. The right arm from the Dominican Republic commented, “I want to thank Yakult Swallows for giving me a wonderful opportunity. I look forward to playing in Japan as a new life experience and contributing to the victory of the team.” Throwing a ball that strikes a ball with a sinker and slider on a straight ball of more than 150 kilos. This season, he started 36 games such as starting 13 games, 1 win and 10 losses, and his defense rate was 5.61. Okumura's organization manager in charge of the international team was expected to be a good pitcher.
  4. There will be more cuts coming, and when there isn't room teams can keep players in Extended Spring Training to get them into playing shape. Lots of ways to keep players around if they want them. There are a lot of players that won't sniff the majors and are basically expendable.
  5. I promise that this says that Gabriel Ynoa has signed with the Yakult Swallows.
  6. I’m pretty sure it’s the guy with the puppets.
  7. So a couple things: Bundy’s trade value was not trending up. We can talk about his career resurrection in LA when we get to that mountain but like Jake Arrieta, we all have to sit here and look at the Bundy we have right now and speculate whether he will be better. I would not personally put my own money in Bundy being better than he is right now ever again in his career. Then there is the return; is it any good? I don’t think anyone knows. Not enough data. What does Elias know? Nothing beyond college statistics, that’s all that exists. I don’t think these guys are any more or less important than the college arms that came out of our own draft this year. I’m disappointed that Bundy was not able to leave a better legacy in Baltimore. Injuries destroyed the promising career that never was.
  8. He is not the right fit to be an ambassador for this game. Plenty of players that go about their business the correct way without making terrible mistakes, that hurt other people. Not hitting your spouse and children is one step below the bare minimum for being a normal person. The game would be better if the MLB took a harder stance on this sort of stuff. It should be a privilege to play baseball at the highest level. It's a pantheon of people that are looked up to as larger than life, as heroes to many-- there isn't room for this kind of chicanery among them. There are plenty of decent people knocking on that door. His next best step is to address his behavior and stop being an abuser. He should be allowed to address those issues, make amends, take counseling, do volunteer work, and I think he should do it all in a setting that is no where near a professional baseball diamond. There are plenty of careers that are not public facing where you can earn a decent living. He should go do one of those jobs and try to live his best life. I would respect that more than a press conference attempting to save a multi-million dollar paycheck, sincere or not.
  9. I'm thinking Bundy's gaff during the 9/12 game last year didn't do him any favors with the O's brass.
  10. The Rule 5 draft protection deadline has already come and gone, I'm pretty sure.
  11. That seals the deal. I am no longer an Orioles fan. I’ve been a fan since 1982 and a season ticket holder since 1996. I officially will not be renewing my plan next season nor will I watch on tv ever again. Elias is officially the worst gm in history.
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