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  1. Best I can do for you. The Orioles have stated that players from Venezuela do not have their $$$ reported because it puts their families at risk.
  2. Two of the biggest problems in bold. Same reason the USA does not have many international soccer stars. Kids just don't play soccer as much in this country. It's hard to throw 95, and people don't just naturally throw that hard, and Europe is not making it a point to have their children learn to do it.
  3. Based on all these tweets, they signed these guys back in July.
  4. My parents talk about Hutzlers occasionally, but only the one that used to stand on Howard Street. I hope they revive Howard Street along with the Lexington Market rebuild. It would make the area around Camden Yards such a nice place to be.
  5. Aw man. Stanhouse. I got Fullpack and Stanhouse all spoonerised in my brain
  6. I have Larry Bigbie, Don Stackhouse, Adam Loewen, and The Bird’s autographs. They aren’t worth a nickel but I have them!
  7. On the other side of that coin, if you're any good you're guaranteed playing time.
  8. I'd go because I can walk there, but alas... not a Birdland member.
  9. To fix his arm or to sign him to a contract?
  10. This is what I've been tracking recently in terms of free agent signings. This is what's left. These are fWAR numbers, btw.
  11. Agreed completely. Punishment can only be dealt for objectively measured infractions. You can't PROVE players knew anything. "It is literally impossible that nobody on the 25 man roster knew what was going on." But you literally don't know who did what. Do you just fine the batters? How much? For what? Is Justin Verlander guilty for not saying anything? What do you fine him? What do you fine Carlos Beltran? What if he doesn't pay? The MLB has no power over him. What did he do? Show me the evidence. Carlos Beltran is guilty of an 81 OPS+, and little else. He'd probably say "I wasn't cheating, look at my stats". "Oh well you just know he knew something" is not good enough, but that's all you have. The MLB knows this.
  12. Maybe when the time comes, an “I’m going tonight” thread will pop up, and this can be more organic.
  13. Because there are like, maybe 7 players on the forty man roster that can start a game. He’s one of them
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