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  1. Asks the question: where’s the line between too good to run on, and bad enough to be run on enough to throw out 44 runners? At some point I’m sure someone says “he has a good arm; don’t run on him”, but that evidently didn’t happen here. But why?
  2. Let’s get one thing straight buddy— I didn’t say anything about drafting a pitcher at #1 either. What in the world are you on about?
  3. I don’t think that’s as lopsided as you think it is.
  4. Seems stupid to value a pick that might be a #3-#5 starter over a pick you’ve already developed into a #3-#5 starter.
  5. I don’t think there’s a better way to resolve 25 years of neglect and malpractice than to clean house, strip the sheets, and start over. It’s been a long time coming. Maybe I haven’t fully explained why I don’t think this is a tank job: the Orioles appear to have a long term plan to win a championship. I look at the Marlins and see nothing of the sort. I mentioned malpractice before— trading Zac Gallen was evidence enough (to me) that the Marlins are just wandering around with their hands in their pockets or even something more sinister.
  6. I suppose I meant more from a front office perspective; Elias could control how well this team does by not hiring players, not hiring good players, not promoting certain players, thereby affecting how many wins this team has. Can anyone truly tell if this team is bad because we’re going about a serious rebuild or are the Orioles designed to chase the #1 draft pick? Some people would argue you should attempt to win a World Series every year and to do anything to the contrary is to lose on purpose (aka “tank”). Others would say an organized approach to winning a future World Series isn’t “tanking”, just “rebuilding”. I’m not convinced the Orioles are chasing the #1 draft pick.
  7. Can anyone really tell the difference between a team that is purposefully losing games and losing games because they aren’t good?
  8. You have to wonder if it wasn’t obvious to both clubs that Gausman just wasn’t very good.
  9. They’re sort of “doing away” with September callups next year, so it may not be necessary.
  10. I wasn’t aware of this rule change.
  11. do not taunt happy fun ball
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