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  1. The more I think about Ubaldo the more he reminds me of Daniel Cabrera.
  2. TD is a player that is completely expendable and if the roster space is needed could be moved without a second thought. But I think he has more value than a bullpen catcher.
  3. This has always been my biggest sticking point with Mountcastle. Everyone else disagrees with me every time I bring up my reservations about RM, so I concede that I am wrong. But I'm having trouble getting over this. Prove me wrong, Ryan.
  4. Pittsburgh is the only other team I can see that has taken the same tack as the O's and not had any prospects added to the roster.
  5. Whats with the Orioles playing dumb with all this "we have ghost outfielders because we don't have enough players"? Like... you filled your roster 3/4 of the way, why don't you fix this?
  6. If you check the MLB transactions page, they are not distinguishing it from the 10-day IL. I'm not claiming to be an expert though.
  7. Didn't that already happen when the owners decided to leave a bunch of free agents on the market and the players complained about going to strike if they weren't signed?
  8. If you look at active players, 2003 is the lone exception where more players from an earlier draft are still in the game than 2003. Generally speaking 2003 was a horrific draft, probably the worst in the last 30 years in terms of player making the show and performing.
  9. I feel like we always talk about signing value contracts to trade later for prospects and taking on bad contracts plus prospects, but I’m struggling to think of instances where the Orioles have done this in the last 20 years. If anything, the trade that pissed everyone off— Jonathan Villar— was exactly this and everyone hated it. People always want to trade the underperforming players and hang onto the good ones; funny thing about that.
  10. https://www.sugarlandskeeters.com/news/constellation-energy-league-announces-preliminary-player-pool Sugarland Skeeters are starting their own one-stadium, four-team independent league. They've announced the player pool. Former Oriole farm hands Jordan Kipper, Taylor Grover, and Tucker Nathans are representing. "Lightning Sloths" is an exciting name. Interested to see the jerseys on those guys.
  11. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Callinectes_sapidus https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portunus_armatus beginning to doubt whether I could tell the difference
  12. The 2018 and 2019 Orioles own spots in the bottom five worst run differentials over the last 20 years. And this year wont have Bundy, Villar, or Mancini. EDIT: for all 30 teams, as in... 600 seasons of baseball
  13. https://tasteandsee.com/tuna-cakes/ Here are those tuna cakes; easy for a weeknight meal.
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