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  1. Yes, it’s reasonable to assume that restaurants, movie theaters, and all of the state parks will remain closed forever.
  2. Im the opposite. Home all day means unfettered grazing and beer drinking. Instead of the Freshman 15 I’m just calling it the Covid 19.
  3. I'd be shocked if Josue Herrera moved to Bowie for any reason other than some internal paper shuffling. That said, good catch on the roster movement, I would've missed it. I'm kinda checked out tbh.
  4. Torres owns the Orioles, no exception for today
  5. Oh! I didn’t know it was different. Maybe I need to upgrade on my PC
  6. That video really humanizes the players a bit, and gives me an idea of what they look like, who they hang out with, etc.
  7. I think it’s interesting to simply see how thinks shake out if no one plays baseball for a season. You get another full draft class I guess, but where do they go? Who do you cut to make room? The ramifications of a missed season, and not just a strike shortened one that only affects the majors, but one that cancels every baseball season in the nation, are unprecedented. Truly scary, fascinating, so many adjectives.
  8. Williams won’t hit enough to lead off, but having him hit from the 9-spot would really benefit the 9-1-2 section of the lineup.
  9. My father thinks that stock market panic is a cover for Biden having a huge Super Tuesday rather than coronavirus.
  10. It’s like wearing nothing at all! Nothing at all!
  11. I can’t tell you how quickly I’ve gone to being uninterested in baseball now that it’s just on pause indefinitely. No spring battles to assess and nothing to look forward to.
  12. This whole thing, however hyped or whatever it may be, is so surreal. Monday it still wasn’t real for me. But Tuesday, my company activated its “business continuity planning”, which I am the planner for my division. This has always been a ceremonial job where I just keep the plan up to date. Rubber stamp. Move on. But Tuesday I’m activated. I’ve spent the last three days planning and talking and discussing COVID-19. Meanwhile my whole world is turning upside down. My business travel is cancelled. My beer club is cancelled. Trivia night is cancelled. Baseball and every sport, cancelled. My IRA has less in it than I’ve put in for the first time ever. Runs on grocery store essentials. Tom Hanks has it and so does that basketball player that touched everyone’s stuff as a joke. I’ve also picked up a cough in the last 24 hours. My St. Patrick’s day plans with my mother are cancelled. I’m probably not going into work tomorrow. Tons of stuff is already cancelled all for Monday and through the week so it’s worse before it gets better. Think about workers in service industries who will not get paid or laid off. Think about people drawing on their dwindling retirement accounts. This is going to be bad for a little bit.
  13. They also took some reasonable measures of containment that won't happen here.
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