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  1. Given LeBlanc’s recent history as the innings eater behind an opener, it might make sense to see LeBlanc throw down innings behind Rucker or Bailey.
  2. Luke Siler left the board for this
  3. I dunno what “disastrous” means to you but I didn’t think it was kind.
  4. I didn’t say it was overly critical. It’s objectively critical. Several snippets in there about his defense: “But there’s no way around it: Tatis is bad at fielding in a way that errors explain perfectly.” ”If Tatis committed throwing errors at a league average rate, he would have made between five and six last year. That’s eight or nine extra outs, which would make him an unremarkable shortstop instead of a disastrous one.” ”He’s not turning remote chances into errors, in other words; he’s taking essentially league average plays and chucking them into the stands.” There are many other quotes in here that are critical of his defense. I stated that he’s like Lamar Jackson; the kind of player who will silence his critics by working hard in the offseason and become MVP.
  5. You know what I mean, and if you don’t, read the article.
  6. I think Tatis is the kinda guy who makes a Lamar Jackson type turn around next year. First year gets gutted by critics and second year becomes MVP because he worked hard in the off season. Exciting player. Anxious to see the work he does.
  7. Was thinking that they didn't give invites to Jannis, Mora, Valdez, or Mattson. Ortiz must have really fallen out of favor.
  8. Former SMDBC alum you MAY recognize: Kyle Simon LJ Hoes Patrick Palmeiro Jesse Beal Steve HOFbardozzi Brian Burres Jon Leicester Joe van Meter Brandon Snyder Paco Figueroa Justin Christian John Halama Dane de la Rosa Not related but: Pat Mahomes in 2008
  9. More than a few. When you make the Baltimore area your home and wash out of affiliated ball, Southern Maryland Blue Crabs is a nice landing spot.
  10. https://conlasbasesllenas.com/oficial-pedro-araujo-es-nuevo-jugador-de-diablos-rojos-del-mexico/ Pedro Araujo signed with the Diablos in the Mexican League
  11. Good ol Joe Gunkel signed with Hanshin. Not mobbed at airport though.
  12. Wow, I can’t believe we signed Mickey Jannis. That’s really cool. I’d wager that he gets his first call up this year.
  13. It would be more akin to the NFL if in the NFC the quarterback had to be the player to kick the PAT but the AFC allows the place kicker to do it.
  14. https://www.mlb.com/news/adam-jones-gets-mobbed-by-crowd-in-japan more on that
  15. I would think, and perhaps ignorantly, that a guy like LeBron wouldn't be fleet footed enough to be a great goalkeeper. Seems like a different set of skills than a basketball player. But he is a terrific athlete so maybe I don't give him enough credit.
  16. Best I can do for you. The Orioles have stated that players from Venezuela do not have their $$$ reported because it puts their families at risk.
  17. Two of the biggest problems in bold. Same reason the USA does not have many international soccer stars. Kids just don't play soccer as much in this country. It's hard to throw 95, and people don't just naturally throw that hard, and Europe is not making it a point to have their children learn to do it.
  18. Based on all these tweets, they signed these guys back in July.
  19. My parents talk about Hutzlers occasionally, but only the one that used to stand on Howard Street. I hope they revive Howard Street along with the Lexington Market rebuild. It would make the area around Camden Yards such a nice place to be.
  20. Aw man. Stanhouse. I got Fullpack and Stanhouse all spoonerised in my brain
  21. I have Larry Bigbie, Don Stackhouse, Adam Loewen, and The Bird’s autographs. They aren’t worth a nickel but I have them!
  22. On the other side of that coin, if you're any good you're guaranteed playing time.
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