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  1. That was kind of my point with the Pirates. They were expected to be bad and are bad. Certainly the Orioles situation is worth more than that.
  2. https://www.sfchronicle.com/giants/article/First-Giants-cuts-Chris-Shaw-Jandel-Gustave-15-15111149.php
  3. He was not invited to Summer Camp and was not on the Giants 60-man.
  4. I’m surprised that John Means went from Dead Arm to two ticks higher on his fastball within in two weeks.
  5. This is where you defend that the 2-7 Pirates are better than the Orioles.
  6. I'm hopeful that this is a short enough sprint into a really wide playoff net that the marathon of a normal baseball season won't be able to pick out the flukes quickly enough. After that point, you just need to be hot at the right time.
  7. It’s not 15% of the way through the season, I know that much. I don’t think there’s a magic number but I do think that they are playing above their head right now. I also don’t think Lil Yaz is the best player in baseball.
  8. I mean, he’s been in their system for five years and he’s not in their top 40 prospects that FanGraphs threw together. Dunno about this one.
  9. Didn’t have another thread to post this in and didn’t want to start one... BUT I’m surprised that the Astros are promoting this guy Humberto Castellanos directly to the Major Leagues, sight unseen. Was not previously in their Summer Camp working out, has never pitched in the majors, 22 years old out of Mexico. I just find that very interesting.
  10. I hadn’t watched many of the games so far, and hadn’t looked at any stats either. I was surprised to see how poorly Hays is doing. I wouldn’t have guessed that was the case at all based on the commentary on this board alone.
  11. A little bit late, but I've tallied the votes and the results are in! We had 22 entrants and we were all surprisingly close! Everyone even got FOUR EXTRA PLAYERS to count towards the pool, since Opening Days had a thirty-man expanded roster. Keep in mind; guys on the 10 and 45 day injury lists didn't count! Let's see how we did: 21 correct: @Aristotelian @SteveA 20 correct: @luismatos4prez @tntoriole @Chuck A @ChipTait @Eric-OH @weams @Number5 @Tony-OH 19 correct: @TommyPickles @sportsfan8703 @wildcard @Enjoy Terror @AnythingO's @eddie83 @RZNJ @section18 @Yardball85 18 correct: @interloper @ScGO's 17 correct (consolation prize): @Philip Great job everyone! No prize this year, but I'll take donations toward a friendly pool next year...
  12. The offense so far this year is 15th overall by WAR. Middling at best. 10th in wRC+, which is cool. It's early. K% is surprisingly low; fourth best in the league. 16th best for BB%. On the bright side, the bullpen is actually fourth, if you can believe it. The bullpen ERA is extremely inflated, though, I think it will normalize. BUT, early returns have been okay. Top five in K/9, which is great. The starting pitching is bottom five. Too many homeruns. That's really the telling story about this club. Without starting pitching you have nothing. No shot in the playoffs, if you can get there at all. This team is probably better than I'd imagined, but I'd be impressed if they had a .500 season.
  13. Elias doesn’t strike me as the kind of guy who lacks sense. He saw someone he liked. It may not pan out at the end but I doubt this was done without a bit of research. It’s certainly not financially motivated.
  14. I’m sure Hyde will say something about how hopping mad he is about it in the presser.
  15. Is that the argument for every extra inning now?
  16. I don’t understand why MLB teams chose to stack their taxi squads with players who have no chance of playing for the big league team this year. Maybe I’m missing the big picture but it would seem the taxi squad concept was implemented to avoid the problems the Marlins are having right now. Like, why does Max Meyer need a taxi squad spot? If you want to give him reps at the Alternate training site, just get all of your minor leaguers together and scrimmage them in some unofficial capacity. It’s probably me who is missing the point, because I’m the one in the armchair.
  17. I noticed this with the Indians the other day. Bradley Zimmer is the only whitebread guy on the starting 9. C Leon 1B C. Santana 2B Hernandez 3B Ramirez SS Lindor CF Mercado RF D. Santana DH Reyes
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