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  1. And he didn't have one pitch that could be considered an out pitch. Located when he had to.
  2. Remember, defense wins Championships. I thought Ravens fans would understand.
  3. And Schilling is being kept out not because of his career or poor behavior. Because of his beliefs.
  4. No roid guys or electronic cheaters. I'm sure others will disagree. Greenies are speed pills. They do not help with performance. Trust me.
  5. Anyone that used should not be in. Just like the recent cheaters.
  6. And I thought this was a full service website.
  7. With all the supposed Analytics why can't there be a system based on College or HS draftee, what round they were drafted in, and the projected time to ML arrival? It would end all this Rosterbation. You know why this will never happen? Money.
  8. I see the comments here and one question comes to mind. Is Adley the most talented Catcher the Orioles have? That should be the starting point, then go from there.
  9. I took the 49er's and Chiefs. It's at the end of the week 2 thread.
  10. The Super Bowl is going to be hard to pick. Need a few days.
  11. From the last few games I have seen the Refs have had a lot to do with it. Not a big fan of the Post either.
  12. I usually don't disagree with you. Here I do. So you think being a cheating organization is less important than Fanfest and a few players showing up? I don't. If I was an Astros fan, which I'm not, I wouldn't let my kids anywhere near the cheaters. Fanfest or not.
  13. If I pitched he might as well lay down in the box. Arrogant little prick.
  14. Seriously doubt it. They haven't been mentioned in any story, post. instagram, I have seen.
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