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  1. The tests are inaccurate because they test for all viruses in the Corona family, including the common cold.
  2. I really don't care if anyone agrees or disagrees. Do your own research. Come to your own conclusion.
  3. My point is that the flu has never shut the Country down like this.
  4. Funny, I get 8 down votes and Legend of Joey gets two up votes. My view on this is based entirely in science. The family of coronaviruses. including the common cold, have been around for a very long time. If you spend the time to do your own research you may or may not come to the same conclusion. Sort of amazing all these stat guys can't see the info in front of them. Objective thought requires that you think..........Objectively.
  5. Making what you can is fine. I find as I get older you don't regret what you have done, you regret what you didn't do. Like playing while you can.
  6. These are definitely blue crabs. I have no way of doing dna testing. They just don't taste the same. Could be diet, habitat, or something I am not considering.
  7. Could be the difference between a Bay and being close to the Ocean. Just a guess.
  8. We have blue crabs here in the intercoastal waterway and the inlets. Maybe it's me or the water but they don't taste the same. They are bland.
  9. Every time I hear Crab cakes I think about Koco's Pub. Really miss those.
  10. Bashing the guy that runs the site? Wow. way to win friends and influence people. Btw, I agree with him so use a few more downvotes. Like I care.
  11. Satyr3206

    The Farm

    I would make that trade in a heartbeat and throw in free veggies. And a few plants to be named later.
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