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  1. I've heard this moving stuff since I was young. When the great teams didn't draw a crowd. When the Colts moved out of town. When Jacob's went bankrupt. The O's are still in Baltimore. I'm not saying they won't move but I wouldn't bet on it. Like throwing your money away.
  2. My son Edward just made it through the Crucible and is a Marine now. We'll be going to the Graduation in a week or so. 40 years after I was there. Going to be a blast to wander around Parris Island with my Son.
  3. How did a thread about the O's contending in the future turn into a MacPhail/Buck soap opera?
  4. I don't care if they try it, anything is worth a shot. I just have serious doubts about it. Think about all the junk golfers use to try to get better.
  5. So true. Your swing might need to be altered for many reasons. The pitcher on the mound, game situation, going to the opposite field and many others. I guess the tech might help but I remain skeptical.
  6. I guess it depends on how you define post season success. It's going to depend on the young pitching in the Minors. I'd say Weams is pretty close with his prediction.
  7. If you watched him pitch you wouldn't be surprised. The stats never tell the whole story.
  8. He could always turn it up a notch in big games.
  9. So will I. But this Team has some serious issues and is damned hard to watch.
  10. Ugly game. Ugly win.
  11. This is just a bad team. Is it Basketball season yet?
  12. The Steelers 2nd and 3rd string QB's are having a better game than the Ravens #1.
  13. I was thinking the same thing.
  14. Hopefully it gets Harbaugh and the entire Coaching staff fired.
  15. Here comes a Pitt score and another loss. I have no faith in the Ravens offense right now. The defense either for that matter.
  16. Amazing the Ravens still have a chance to win this game.
  17. I refuse to vote. The Ravens have been very disappointing. God, I hope Tony is wrong.
  18. Trading Linemen is a recipe for disaster. Offensive or Defensive. They need to find more, not get rid of the ones they have.
  19. The problems are here. Let's see if DeCosta can solve them. Ozzie was old school and tended to draft for the O and D line. So far it seems like DeCosta leans toward skill positions. I have a good idea which one works.
  20. Now I can channel my inner Rogers Hornsby and stare out the window until next season.
  21. What D? Ray and Ed could do a better job.
  22. Another offensive Coordinator overthinking things. He didn't want to keep doing it because it didn't fit his idea of his game plan.
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