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  1. You're welcome. "The truth is an offense, but not a sin." - Bob Marley
  2. Nah. SOP on message boards for this scenario is that by stupidly sending him down after a good spring, we destroyed his confidence and discouraged him from thinking he could ever advance. Some people still say that about Pickering. Must have been extremely discouraging, considering his subsequent career.
  3. Eddie Murray played 54 games at Rochester (AAA) after starting the season at AA his last year in the minors.
  4. You might be right, though what happens when Hill is ready, especially considering Bergesen has an option?
  5. I don't think it's a given that Albers will be there, for reasons that we all know.
  6. Nothing wrong with debate, but as Hubert Humphrey once said, the right to free speech doesn't include the right to be taken seriously. Some people think it's annoying to read that a more qualified person is making the decisions. Perhaps it's annoying because in most cases, it's reasonable to assume that's the correct viewpoint and it effectively negates what they're saying. Other people might think it's annoying that some message board jockeys who've never run anything in their lives--and in some cases, never had a full time job--get all opinionated about minor league personnel decisions involving people they've never seen or met in a business they've never been associated with just because they read some stats on the Internet. There's not much point in debating people like that.
  7. Try these: 1. Putting a player in his first full year of professional baseball in a position to succeed immediately, and where he can relax. 2. Putting a very wealthy player out of college some think is destined for stardom on long late-night bus rides to play in small towns in front of a handful of people to gain an understanding of what some of his teammates, manager, and coaches went through to reach the bigs, and to gain an understanding of those who grind it out year after year in A ball for the love of the game, knowing they never will reach the bigs. He won't be there that long, and the experience will do him good.
  8. I had to look to make sure it wasn't JTrea who wrote this.
  9. Joe Rudi had some years with more than 20 home runs. I don't expect Reimold to be able to do much more than that.
  10. It's not going to be because of his slugging skills either; Trembley clearly says that NR is not going to be batting 4th or 5th in a major league lineup (and he could have said 3rd as well). I don't think his progression has been all that delayed. Let's not forget his injuries. He got to Frederick the year he was drafted, missed some time there the next year, missed a lot of time at Bowie the next year, and was sent there again for a full year, where he did quite well. So now he goes to AAA. While his numbers are good in the aggregate, I am uncomfortable with what seems like extreme streakiness. His bat just seems to disappear for long periods of time. I'd like it a lot better if there were some more consistency there. It was a different era, but I think they see him as a kind of Joe Rudi-type player. Didn't he bat sixth?
  11. That would be a problem, since none of them can play shortstop.
  12. This is the single-most insightful post on message board behavior, particularly baseball message board behavior, that I've ever read. The only thing it lacks is a reference to the age factor, in which younger posters of this type (in their 20s) tend to dislike players older than themselves.
  13. The first year Memorial Stadium opened, there were separate restroom facilities. And I don't mean for men and women. Thankfully, that ended after only one year.
  14. It don't pay to be too cocksure. It's not a stretch to think that Hill or Penn could regain their old form, or even that Bergeson could be effective. Meanwhile, some or all of the Big Three might not live up to their hype. In fact, chances are that at least one won't, for one reason or another.
  15. That's true, but it's not just us. You could say the same thing to a certain extent about Yankees fans, Bosox fans, Dodgers fans, and I'd guess without looking it up, Cardinals fans too. Not that they're clamoring for that level of play because they don't have it, it's just that those franchises are usually very good and the fans expect to see quality baseball. Nothing wrong with that.
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