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  1. He can reach out to his trade partner, Dennis Sarfate, who made a successful jump to NPB. He made a couple million a year over there and was wise to embrace the culture and build a business/brand around himself. Not a massive opportunity but better than AAA back here. You’re treated very well. Many players who go over don’t see this opportunity. (I lived in japan for a couple years and worked with many ex mlb guys)
  2. There were a lot of scouts at last nights game with Nippon Ham playing Seibu and Seibu making the post season if they won and Orix lost. Since Darvish was supposed to pitch and Nakajima was playing in same game. Nakajima is getting a lot of attention. Hopefully they were looking at the CF for the Fighters as well, not just Darvish. Check him out Yoshio Itoi.
  3. I think it could be for a few reasons, but it is more players in general not coming. Teams get a huge financial benefit from the posting, but they are also NBP with a huge and very loyal fan base. They can't decimate their leagues, which isn't specific to position players obviously. The NPB takes power hitters and pitchers from the US and typically guys who can throw heat. Most are corner infielders, some outfields or guys who can DH. They have several guys who are good defensive players, but not much pop and not super high averages. The strike zone is a lot bigger in the NPB, so maybe the sku's some of the statistics, but they can't always give up their best players who would come over and be average in the MLB. They need them here. A lot of the guys too wouldn't want to go if they're just a pretty good player here. They grew up following NPB, some MLB too, but NPB was their dream and they're Japanese and want to be in Japan. Not true for all of them and certainly not true for guys who kind of hit their ceiling in the NPB. Nippon Ham actually has a great CF's Itoi, number 7. I think he would be a great player in MLB. 5 tools, but he really has no clue he could ever make it there. Maybe no interest, I don't know, but he is a great player, would love to see what he could do in MLB in the right situation. This is all my opinion and I started writing this a long time ago, then went to a meeting, so if someone else already said similar, sorry.
  4. Link Not really new info, his current salary is about $6.5M (500M JPY) and the club is likely going to grant his wish and post him.
  5. The posting process is a little confusing, but I believe the team and player communicate around the bid. The team probably wouldn't accept the bid if they thought the player was unlikely to sign. The money would be huge for a Japanese club and I think they would do their best to make it work. Again, I don't know exactly how it works, so I might be wrong. I spoke to a scout about it and this is what I got out of it, but again, I definitely could be way off. SOrry if I am
  6. I'm guessing it just means known to have scouted. I'm not sure if tampering rules come into play, but they prob cannot speak to him or the club until after playoffs. just guessing
  7. My colleague told me that he read online, in Japanese, that Rangers, Orioles, Yankees, Angels and Blue Jays were interested. DOn't know if that means scouted or contacted or what. No idea.
  8. Went to the Seibu Dome tonight before the Nippon Ham vs Seibu Lions game. If Seibu wins and Orix Buffaloes lose, the Lions make the post season. I think Seibu was pretty happy about the Fighters sitting Darvish. Said hi to Darvish and finished with "Orioles... please, please, please." He laughed as one of the Americans yelled out "you don't want to go there." He was kidding of course, but sad.
  9. He is Japanese (and Iranian) so I don't think he would ever classify the competition as lame. I do believe he wants to compete at the MLB level. It's hard to describe, but Japanese look at things completely different than Americans, so it's hard to understand the way he would see things and his desires. He has been dominating over here, so I believe that what I think you mean is correct, which is that he's ready for a new challenge; MLB. That being said, again, he is Japanese and looks at things differently. He wants to make sure he is ready to compete and also has advisors (his Dad being the biggest I believe) who want not just for him to come to the US and have success, but to make Darvish a brand and for him to represent Japan and Iran in the MLB/USA. This is just my opinion and it is hard to convey, but I think he wants the timing to be right. What factors are involved in that exactly, I don't know. My opinion would be that he would come this year, perhaps he is 80% sure, I don't know, but a lot goes into the decision, beyond just the posting and players desire to pitch in MLB. I wish I knew more, but his English isn't real good, he's very superstitious on games he's going to pitch, so has been hard to talk to him (most, but not all, of the times I've spoken to him have been before a game he's going to pitch on the field or in the clubhouse) and lastly, my Japanese is in it's beginning stages, so surely a lot is lost in translation.
  10. I'd be speculating on who they're scouting. Some of the scouts will off the record tell you, but because of I believe tampering rules and also to still be welcome at the stadiums and by the teams, they are a bit hush hush on who exactly their looking at. You'll see plenty of scouts at a Nippon Ham game when Darvish is pitching. It's no secret who they're watching. Americans I know over here of the top of my head, Dennis Sarfate, Randy Messenger, Craig Brazell, Brian Barden, Brian Bullington, Josh Whitesell, Matt Murton, Jason Stanbridge, Darrell Rasner, Josh Fields, Bill Murphy... I haven't met all the Americans, but many of them. The ex-O's have told me lots about their experiences in B-more, but I don't want to put too much out there on this. They trust me and I need to be careful because of my job and my relationship with them. Some are buddies, not just work contacts.
  11. I've met Darvish a couple times and once briefly met his father who is the marketing mind behind Yu. From what I have discussed with our team out here, he is likely going to go to MLB, but he may wait one more year. He has pretty nasty stuff and all the American's I talk to playing in Japan think he can make it in MLB. People say he will make the transition better than Dice K, who was back in Japan for a couple nights earlier this week. I spent an evening with him, some colleagues and family of his. Nice guy, his arm is feeling good and he's throwing from 50ft on flat ground right now. Not sure anyone here cares, but fyi. I will be on the NPB circuit and will watch Darvish pitch again this year, I will be down on the field so will look for John S and go say hello if I see him. Talk some baseball with him and see if he has any interesting tidbits.
  12. As an O's fan living in Japan, it was sad to see our sole Japanese player go. I always name dropped him to explain where I was from. He's not the most loved Japanese player in the MLB, but I think each person I've spoken to and told how sad I was to see him go really appreciated the love for Koji that was out there. Despite being heckled for wearing a Japanese headband on opening day to support Koji (and to support Japan after the events on March 11), I hope fans realize how much international attention having Koji brought to the Orioles and to our city.
  13. http://www.masnsports.com/school_of_roch/2011/01/reliever-gregg-orioles-agree-on-two-year-deal.html
  14. What if we sign Bedard and he returns to top form. He's no CC or Roy H, but he can be pretty darn good. You have the potential number 1 in him, then your other number 1/2 Millwood is around for a year to help develop the young guys. And think to 11, not 10, Matusz or another young guy could be another great number 2 candidate. What if we could get a rotation full of what should be #2 guys? The only problem is the AL East when Teams like the yanks have 2 or 3 number 1's and the rest number 2 or 3's. Tough to compete with, but any way you look at it, we're in a much better place than we were the last couple years. Trust the leaders, they're smarter than we are when it comes to Baseball Ops (whether you admit it or not), let's see what happens.
  15. I do not consider it padding stats. Neither has played at the top minor league level and I believe learning is incremental in moving up the system. Mentally and Physically. I think a few months in AAA could be very beneficial to a long term career. It's about the psychology part, they're still young kids, and learning how to be a professional and slowly moving up through higher quality teammates and opponents. Just my opinion.
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