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  1. That's pathetic. Guess they tried to offer him a one year contract worth a few million with a club option second year worth around 8 million. I don't like to be pessimistic about the team but when I hear/see things like this, when it shows the team isn't willing to spend the kind of money necessary to compete, it validates my decision to not go to games and line Angelos' pockets.
  2. Interesting little nugget from St. Louis Post Dispatch: So, we have the money they're looking for? Just not willing to give it up I guess
  3. Again, with a payroll below $60 million, it's very dissapointing to see them "check out" of negotiotions because a guy wants more han $75 million. I feel like every off-season we're told: "Not this off-season, but soon we'll be ready to spend." If you're not willing to spend that on Holliday, does anyone realistically see them ever spending top-dollar for a free agent?
  4. Well, Olney is saying we are pretty much dormant now and Tim Brown says Holliday has a legit offer from another east coast team(Mets?) so I'm confident in writing us off for this. Just doesn't make sense that we offer Teixera $140 million and now act like they can't afford Holliday, he's way out of their price range.
  5. Couldn't agree more, had he signed with the Cardinals already I would have been fine. Now, when he probably does, I'll be a little depressed.
  6. http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/story/121609-rosenthal-morosi-on-orioles-holliday
  7. He also said if Koji can't go on Thursday, another Norfolk starter(Hernandez?) will come up.
  8. "At this point, he's still stretching out. We need him built up in his pitches and the percentage of quality pitches. He's making great progress," Stockstill said. "There is no rule that said if we needed him, that he couldn't be in the big leagues his next start, that's always a possibility. There are no plans now to send him to Triple-A." Still isn't going deep enough into games. They already knew he was going to pitch well in Double-A, he did so before he got hurt.
  9. So we won't know the roster move till tomorrow I guess.
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