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  1. <p><p><p>Hey did you know these messages must be at least 6 characters long?</p></p></p>

  2. He threw his first in what is now a string of 3 solid outings on July 31st 2010. Who thinks we should just delete those 364 days from history?
  3. I think hes starting to throw a non-sinker that has more velocity. I vaguely remember them talking about that in his last start. He mixes it in with the sinker to try and miss more bats.
  4. Was that pitch too bad for Brob to swing at? I would imagine Bell would only go on a hit and run, but who knows.
  5. Hahahaha keep doing this, please!
  6. Yep, just saw the same thing. I wonder if they'd want to play him at SS. That seems to be a more worrisome position for them. Of course, that doesn't seem to make him a great target for them, but you never know.
  7. I was wondering when they'd put a bid in. The Mariners want a stud catching prospect and they have one of (if not the) best.
  8. We are...terrible. Here's a blurb from Rotoworld to add to your depression:
  9. Wow, Palmer just went off on Jones there. I wonder if this disgust is reflected in the clubhouse as well...
  10. What do you mean by this? I think most players will be optimistic rather than pessimistic, so he wouldn't make excuses.
  11. Touche. Here comes Hernandez. It made sense to keep the lefty/lefty thing going I guess. I'll eat my words now that Dunn K'd.
  12. The Nats color guy just made a great point. Why bring in Ohman here when Berken has been so studly?
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