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  1. I wish we had a Yimi. Dude's a beast.
  2. No kidding. I like Clutch. Didn't realize they were local.
  3. If Baltimore had a Sound Machine, what would it sound like?
  4. Freddy has looked like a different player of late. I attribute all of his recent success to the public "constructive criticism" given by @Tony-OH
  5. Ask your phone if it knows when the O's are going to score a run.
  6. You've heard the term "home field disadvantage" before, yes?
  7. Live look at @scOtton the golf course...
  8. Sure, but we also have a pretty terrible rotation.
  9. I blame Bruce's parents for not giving him Flintstones vitamins as a child.
  10. That inning was painful. Like shotgunning an alcoholic slushy.
  11. Nothing wrong wrong with a cold slushy. Now a Cole Sulser on the other hand...
  12. If I'm playing LF, I'm hustling to 3B. SP should be there though.
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