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  1. I'm just saying with a full season, his numbers COULD have slipped. Or maybe he suffers a major injury. He was easily #1 on my board based on what we know. And I agree, he was still a good bet to remain there with a full season. But crazy things can happen
  2. Tork's stock could've dropped, too. Lots of things could've changed if this virus hadn't hit. It's certainly gotta be one of the more difficult years for scouts.
  3. That was a fun watch. Thanks for posting! Man, I miss baseball 😔
  4. Lunacy seems a bit strong. I respect your opinion though. In my opinion, there's no Adley Rutschman-level talent this year. Martin certainly doesn't get my juices flowing. He could be a decent enough player, but doesn't strike me as a can't miss or impact guy. I preferred Lacy at 2. But I'm content with improving the 4th and 5th round selections by taking Kjerstad.
  5. Add in the SB ability and you're describing Ramon Laureano. I would be happy with that.
  6. https://elitesportsny.com/2020/06/06/new-york-mets-3-potential-outfield-prospects-the-team-could-target-during-the-2020-mlb-draft/ "During Haskin’s freshman campaign, he received 245 plate appearances and produced 19 doubles, four triples, 10 home runs, 52 RBI’s, a 10.6% walk rate, 11.8% strikeout rate along with a slashing line of .372/.459/.647/1.106. .... Along with these stellar results, the right-handed batter carried his performance into this spring and was on pace to record more walks than strikeouts. In total, the power-hitting righty earned 84 plate appearances and created six doubles, one triple, one home run, 14 RBI’s, a 16.7% walk rate, 11.9% strikeout rate, and a slashing line of .333/.452/.500/.952."
  7. Hunter Pence comp Really wanted a SP here. <sigh>
  8. I don't remember who it was, but they also mentioned Todd Helton. Perhaps that's based on the swing? Helton kept his hands high, but they both have that high leg kick.
  9. I'm sorta hoping for Carmen Mlodzinski to be the O's next pick only to continue the weird name trend.
  10. "I mean the guy can just flat out hit," MLB Network's Dan O'Dowd said. "I mean, these guys will tell you that. I wonder if the season wasn't interrupted if we were seeing kind of a JJ Bleday breakout year. He had six home runs in six in 16 games, his stat line was ridiculous. He led Team USA in hitting this summer, he started to cut down on strikeouts, which were a criticism a year ago and he's improved a tremendous amount defensively. So, he's a very very special bat. He gets his bat in position to swing on a consistent basis." https://247sports.com/college/arkansas/Article/Heston-Kjerstad-2020-MLB-Draft-Arkansas-Razorbacks-draft-projections-148008177/ (I'm going to keep reading positive articles about HK until I don't feel so depressed.)
  11. I gotta be honest. All day, I've been kinda wondering if I really wanted the O's to select Martin. Just not really wowed by a guy with a Dansby Swanson comp. I was more interested in Lacy today. Oh well. Kjerstad it is. I hope he's at least solid on defense.
  12. Oh, damn. I hope he's not a Hobgood. Where was Hobgood projected the year we took him? I feel like he wasn't even expected to be a 1st rounder.
  13. That's the only explanation for this pick. Don't hate the kid, and I'll root for him, but... Weird.
  14. Why didn't the O's just hire YOU to be the GM??
  15. Boy oh boy Lindor, Baez and Story will be expensive. But I certainly wouldn't be against trying to sign them.
  16. Oh wow. All this time I thought you just did some quick simulation and got some numbers. I thought you were just making up the recaps. You are a true warrior if you're sitting through all of these games!
  17. I wish we had a player with the last name McBoom.
  18. Sounds like a few of you have Lowther expectations.
  19. I hope he gets to wear an O's cap on his HOF bust, but you're probably right. It's more likely to be a Boston cap. Does the AL East have a logo? That'd be a perfect fit. 😄
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