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  1. .238/.269/.340/.609 Hanser Alberto's stat line versus RH PITCHING .241/.307/.414/.721 2019 Orioles stat line against RH PITCHING .255/.289/.361/.651 Hanser Alberto's stat line against RH STARTERS .246.309.418.727 2019 Orioles stat line against RH STARTERS Hanser Alberto did better than team average against RH STARTERS, If he were to improve his walk total by enough to get to .300 OBP only a few players remaining from 2019 would have a better OPS than him and they all bat LH.
  2. The higher your salary, the longer in the league usually. The longer tenured, the more responsible for the issue or for not stopping the issue. The higher salaried benefited more than those that were playing at league minimum, hence the heavier the fine. The other part would be if they were suspended for a year as the GM and Manager were, what would be that cost?? Altuve wants to be the face of the franchise, pay the price for the Franchises Indiscretions.
  3. The cheating was done to win which ended up being a monetary gain for the club and its players. Fines should be one third of their respective salaries for a two year period. This would also put them on a list that if they are caught again their contracts will be nullified and they could not seek employment in MLB for three years. Have the fines distributed equally to all the ball clubs that have played these teams. You then, as a player and as a ball club, would be paying other clubs to put a team on the field against you.
  4. Sorry Corn, Did not know you had already posted.
  5. It was already there if you had read the entire first three sentences.
  6. January 10, 2020 is the exchange of Salary Arbitration Figures. This is when players and teams figure out how far apart they are in salaries. The interest in this time period is that used to get those eligible for Arbitration under contract without going to a hearing. This also allows clubsto know what their budget may be able to take on as far as free gents or trades.
  7. The overall 9th pick in the draft has a 63% chance of making the MLB. He will garner an average WAR of 8.0. The overall 5th pick in the draft has a 61% chance of making the MLB. He will garner an average WAR of 12.0 WAR. The overall 2nd pick in the draft has a 85% chance of making MLB and will garner an average WAR of 15.2. So where a player is picked in the first round does seem to make a difference in both WAR and MLB chances.
  8. Thanks, The starting date varies from year to year also.
  9. I believe that Ben McDonald and Matt Wieters had both signed MLB Contracts and placed on the Forty Man Rosters out of college which changes the dynamics a bit.
  10. If he becomes a viable option and is retained through his Arbitration Years , the salary prior to Arbitration garners a larger raises when it is above League Average (Minimum).
  11. If ou look at the service time cut-off for Super Two Status since 2009, you would think that certain years the clock was used and other not so much. You also need to remeber that the debut date also does not calculate into the service time clock for Super Two until 2 and half years later . 2009 - 2.139 2010 - 2.122 2011 - 2.146 2012 - 2.140 2013 - 2.122 2014 - 2.133 2015 - 2.130 2016 - 2.131 2017 - 2.123 2018 - 2.134 2019 - 2.115 2019 is the shortest period of service time an would most likely be because of the later debuts in 2017.
  12. He was at Toledo which is AAA in the International League.
  13. The timeline of players to develop is different for each individual. To make BLANKET statements on player that have yet to see one day on a MLB Ball Club seems to be a bit premature IMO.
  14. .275/ .310/ .438 /.748 If his line against left handed pitchers was this would he be a keeper???
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