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  1. Quality versus Quantity The quality of his at bats does not garner giving him a greater quantity. IMO
  2. The last time the orioles swept the Yankees in the final series was 2015. The sweep was needed to get to .500 Ball Since 2008 to present the Orioles have only ended the Regular Season playing the Yankees in 2016 and 2015.
  3. So lets say that can find Bonds or such with various mature dates that would follow out until the end of the deferment, could they not purchase these and have it over with with one lump sum??? Take a one year hit and be done.
  4. One would wonder if the club makes a one time payment into an interest bearing account and let the deferred payments come out of it.
  5. In what way "Better" than Mancini, Stewart, Smith. Offensive or Defensive. Defensive, in center, he is better than those mentioned. Offensive it is too small a sample size. As a corner outfielder I have not seen enough to allow for an informed decision. At the corners he would need to outplay Santander/Mancini offensively to get a nod. Better than Mullins when he is 3 years older. Hays play in center at age 23 changes things a bit as far as who is to be a keeper out of this list. Mason Williams age 27 Trey Mancini age 27 Dwight Smith age 26 D J Stewart age 25 Anthony Santander age 24 Cedric Mullins age 24 Austin Hays age 23 Wilkerson is super utility, not in the outfield mix in my opinion.
  6. He was non-decision in his last game' Armstrong picked up the win in relief.
  7. Just a thought in reality, the L A Dodgers have scored 7 or more runs in 52 games. Is that to say that there have been 52 other in game pitchers that are tanking??
  8. If one Gruden can't get him to plat and shut-up, what make you think another Gruden could???
  9. In 2016 the management team that is gone again did not draft any catchers in the June Draft. 114 catchers were drafted.
  10. In 2014 the Orioles took ZERO Catchers in the June Draft. Talk about lack of increasing depth. 116 catchers were taken in that draft.
  11. That was my thought. The Orioles also took Maverick Handley out of Standford in the sixth round this year. Jordan Cannon, Catcher/Relief pitcher was taken in the 10th round out of Sam Houston
  12. With all this Sisco being Toast talk I do believe that a reminder is needed for some. Currently the Orioles number one catcher by default is Pedro Severino. He was a member of the Washington Nationals right up until March 23, 2019 when Management claimed him off waivers. Catchers and backup players without options or that are part of a roster crunch always are waived at the end of Spring Training. If our front office does it Due Diligence then Sisco's replacement on the Twenty-Five may become available again next spring. Chance has one option remaining so there is time for him to "Get it right" another year in Spring Training or Norfolk. This entire thread seems to be populated with more opinions than facts with little thought to a broader picture of things. Thankfully this board is not running the Orioles.
  13. Thank Goodness. I had wanted to get the Homerun allowed record far enough out that no one could reach it. With Hess that might just happen.
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