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  1. thezeroes


    It simply lays groundwork for Owners to spend less on contracts. Also allows owners to lessen Union Demands in the New Collect Bargaining Agreement. IMO
  2. Where he was DFA'd and cleared previously, he becomes a free agent. The Orioles could offer a one year deal at a rock bottom price (1 million) and resign him while saving $$$. Núñez is projected for a salary in the $2.1MM – $3.9MM range this offseason by MLBTR. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/11/orioles-designate-renato-nunez-for-assignment.html
  3. Technically he is on the Forty Man Roster. Before you can waive him he needs to be returned to the Forty, then placed on waivers prior to being sent out.
  4. A TOR to me is one of the top 60 pitchers in baseball. Some teams may have more than two of these while some have none. An ACE would be the top twenty of those 60 pitchers IMO.
  5. This is the part of all the things posted that I and probably several totally agree with. I would like to thank you and the Mods for keeping things civil, even through these tumultuous times. I will look at this season with many asterisks ******* along side of it. Again thanks Tony for keeping the site. Also of note, there is always the "Ignore" feature that is a GREAT thing for those you do not want to read posts from.
  6. Today, most baseball players have only played one sport since eight/nine years old. here is a simple list of thos three mentioned above and what they played. It has been noted by several publications that this is the reason there is more injuries to pitchers in baseball as they exclusively use the same muscle groups at a constant level and length of time without toning those other groups used in other sports. Today, most baseball players have only played one sport since eight/nine years old. Here is a simple list of those three mentioned above and what they played other than Basebal
  7. I have already replaced the following sports with other things because of "political Correctness" that has run wild through the ranks. NBA - Sucking up to China NASCAR - Dixie Flag Ban NFL - Between Kaepernick and now the Redskin name change. I do think that MLB will be next.
  8. IMO this dispute is a precursor for the upcoming Labor Negotiations. I will be so over anything Baseball Related with another strike.
  9. Those players that go undrafted are free agents and can sign with any team. Here is an article that rates the top ten organizations that have signed these types of players over the years. https://www.baseballamerica.com/stories/top-10-mlb-organizations-at-identifying-undrafted-free-agents/
  10. Some of the fuel for thought that this OP gives me is: With the talk of contraction in the Minors what types of players do teams keep (age/skill set)?? With such a short upcoming season (If Any) How do teams in 2021 look at innings allowed to pitch?? With no High School/College baseball how will the draft look IF players are given another year of eligibility in college?? If players reject any move to open will contracts (Hence Free agency) be carried over or deemed Null/Void??? Will TV contracts and rights be discounted hence less revenue for ball clubs??? How ma
  11. This is why I wonder why you would bother with opening MLB Stadiums at a sunk cost when you will already have ST Sites open and running. No fans in the seats would lose revenues if these stadiums were opened.
  12. Kevin Millar had two inside the park home-runs in his career. His first MLB home-run was an inside the park while playing for Marlins and it happened on 5/24/1999 in Chicago NL. His second was while with Boston on 8/26/2003 in Toronto.
  13. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/03/rosenthal-and-drellich-mlb-season-unlikely-to-begin-before-may.html
  14. Bottom line is that ITS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.
  15. I would add a third reason: 3) During the season you need to have the ability (with players that have them remaining) to place players on optional assignment. Rule 5 players have no options.
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