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  1. 23 teams passed on him since seven teams had a full roster and not able to participate. Since the Orioles picked second in the second round you could say that he was the twenty-fifth player selected except that some other teams never made selection even though eligible. Some teams are considered "Play-Off contenders and only had one roster spot to make a pick. Since they would be participating in the Free Agency Market, why pick a guy to only have to release a player on the forty when you sign a Free Agent. He was actually the Eleventh Pick in the rule Five Draft.
  2. It was an option but I agree that they would have kept and tried to trade.
  3. Is this when a decision on MiLB contraction will be discussed??
  4. Used to have one umpire. then two, now five in house plus a staff in New York.
  5. I think that it would be more prudent to have a list of the top ten teams, the middle ten teams, and the bottom feeders in ones thought process when discussing trades. The top ten teams usually are set over the winter months as far as roster acquisition and if not they just BUY the needed players. These teams are usually the trade partners in July when BUYING is not available. The bottom ten teams tend to be the sellers of assets. These teams can be trade partners IF they are looking to augment rosters to flip them for the July trading period. The middle ten teams are the targets of the bottom ten. If theses ten teams had the $$$ they would BUY their needs but they usually try to acquire them through deals. Propagate this list, check on their needs and see what they have available.
  6. This is a Bundy thread, I do not think we need to re-hash the 69 pages that were already used for that purpose of the Villar Non-tender, cut , release , trade, whatever.
  7. World Series winner but along the way I would like: To have a player brought up that is in contention for Rookie Of the Year, Every Year. To have a Farm System that is in the top 5 every year. To not have a single player signed to a contract that extends beyond their 30th birthday that is more than one year in length. To not keep players beyond their serviceability. Get rid of them before they start to fail/falter. Have all trades be to our advantage. Do not trade Prospects for Rentals. Unload to reload when players get too expensive.
  8. If they mandate a floor in spending, players/agents would hold out for more $$$ if a team is below said floor with only one or two roster spots available. IMO
  9. He had only 4 appearances that he faced One Batter. In each of those occasions he ended an inning facing the single batter. One ended with a double play.
  10. He will be used for the 3 batter limit thing this year instead of a LOOGY.
  11. https://www.thecubreporter.com/book/export/html/3525 This was the newest of all the Waiver Rules that I could find. they were update in November 2019.
  12. Precludes them Outrighting Him but puts the ball in his court.
  13. Another thing that needs to be noted is that Jonathan Villar has never been Outrighted/Waived before which changes the standard a little. If he had been previously Outrighted/Waived he would have immediately been a Free Agent at the conclusion of the waiver period. He now has the right to refuse his Outright Assignment and then the other options become relevant.
  14. Sighting the article above, several things can happen to which a alluded to in my post. Villar would not be withdrawn, just that the Outright Waivers reach their conclusion.
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