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  1. Kevin Millar had two inside the park home-runs in his career. His first MLB home-run was an inside the park while playing for Marlins and it happened on 5/24/1999 in Chicago NL. His second was while with Boston on 8/26/2003 in Toronto.
  2. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2020/03/rosenthal-and-drellich-mlb-season-unlikely-to-begin-before-may.html
  3. Bottom line is that ITS NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.
  4. I would add a third reason: 3) During the season you need to have the ability (with players that have them remaining) to place players on optional assignment. Rule 5 players have no options.
  5. We did allow the Tigers to win the season series 3 wins to 4 losses. Even if we had allowed them to sweep us and everything else stayed the same they would have still had one more loss than the Orioles.
  6. By removing the two Rule 5 players, the Forty has two open spots for players in camp or Waiver Claims between now and the end of ST.
  7. That would be considered an understatement. Nunez does not have a good enough arm to play third base.
  8. So we need to forget about the past days of the CAVALRY IS COMING and trade possible assets. I would keep him until at least his fifth season or until a year before free agency. He will be affordable, possibly more dependable than your "plethora", and still maintain top end trade value.
  9. The Orioles will need a reliable Number three and Number four starter when they are ready to contend or they will not contend at all.
  10. Other than having an innings limit, I think Sixth Starter/Long reliever is in the cards for Cody. If we go to an opener, he would be my candidate as the guy out of the bullpen.
  11. Cody Carrol may be this years John Means. He is coming off an injury shortened campaign.
  12. I would keep him as the twenty-sixth man as a constant reminder as to WHY you NEVER give a thirty year old a multi-year contract. Visual reminder, statistical reminder, roster reminder and revenue reminder sitting at the end of the dugout.
  13. Mickey Rivers had the same issue but played in the MLB for fifteen years with three different clubs and made the All_Star team.
  14. Cashner 2017 version and the Cashner 2019 Oriole version had one common denominator. This is why I think having him on a contract under two million would be worth it.
  15. .238/.269/.340/.609 Hanser Alberto's stat line versus RH PITCHING .241/.307/.414/.721 2019 Orioles stat line against RH PITCHING .255/.289/.361/.651 Hanser Alberto's stat line against RH STARTERS .246.309.418.727 2019 Orioles stat line against RH STARTERS Hanser Alberto did better than team average against RH STARTERS, If he were to improve his walk total by enough to get to .300 OBP only a few players remaining from 2019 would have a better OPS than him and they all bat LH.
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