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  1. NY Free Agents Didi Gregorious CC Sabathia Dellin Betances Austin Romine Cameron Maybin Cory Gearrin Players that may not have their option picked up Edwin Encarnation Trevor Rosenthal Jacoby Ellsbury could be cut and salary ate (1 year plus buyout = $26 Million) Non Tender of Greg Bird That make ten removed from forty Andujar, Holder and Barrett return to forty off the 60 day DL 7 spots open on the forty for the N Y Yankees.
  2. It would seem that Peoples and Rea would have at least one option remaining. That is where the interest would be. Peoples has never been DFA'd so he could be out-righted if the need arises.
  3. Are we splitting hairs as to the platooning at a defensive position or the platooning as a batter.
  4. I guess I should have researched Jose Iglesias agent a bit more. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/05/jose-iglesias-reds-agency-change-mvp-sports-group.html It seams he has switched from Boras to Magnus and now is with MVP Sports Group. He also is rumored to want to stay with the Reds. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2019/08/jose-iglesias-interested-in-re-signing-with-reds.html
  5. I was thinking of the club, not the players. Giving the fact that Boras holds out his clients to the last moment and plays clubs against themselves, I would pass on Jose unless he was offered a MiLB contract with a Spring Training invite.
  6. Jose Iglesias agent is Scott Boras. Scott Boras and the Orioles never have good contract negotiations (Chris Davis, Jake Arrietta, Matt Wieters etc...) and decent outcomes.
  7. Little Yaz was never protected in the Rule 5 Draft and never drafted by another team. He was not protected in the MiLB phase of the draft and not selected by another team, he was not coveted by any of the other 29 teams or their Minor League teams. He was not a commodity worth a whole lot to the Orioles or any of the other twenty-nine teams.
  8. A poor season from some of the YOUNGER replacement players and the breakout of a NAME RECOGNIZABLE life long MiLB player is why there is the interest. IMO
  9. At the age of 28/29 all three had their breakout seasons. That is what is MOST RELEVANT
  10. As with most things in life, coaches fall under the same mantra. " If you are not part of the solution you may very well be part of the problem"
  11. The list that was propagated did not have the Non-Tender players, it also does not have the DFA players that clubs will have when they protect their Rule 5 players. The list is apt to double in size.
  12. I also think that he is worth the Roster Spot.
  13. Wojo is out of options. Wojo has been Designated previously. He would become a Free Agent if he clears waivers. So the question would be as to his value as a fifth starter/MiLB signing by the other 29 ball clubs. With his showing this year and his lack of cost (not Arb Eligible until 2021) several teams my be in on him. Can the Orioles find a comparable replacement for the same cost??
  14. Two things strikeouts give a defensive team. 1) No need to have any decent fielders except the catcher and First baseman. 2) Lack of base runners for the inevitable Home run, which keeps the score in check.
  15. Why would we want someone other teams don't want. Let go in Tampa, about to be released in Chicago. Just another retread. 🙂
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