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  1. Didn't Tillman debut before Matusz, in theory making Tillman the right answer? I only say that because the answer is the same for me. Wieters debuted the same year (and earlier in the year), but he is 4 days older than me.
  2. I know this is last minute but does anyone want my two vouchers to the Hardy / Urrutia / Flaherty 11:20 signing - last minute flu - can't go.
  3. My too - and my buddy said there are no more 2 together for game 2.
  4. Does anyone haven access to 3 (or 4) extra tickets for this Friday? I share a 13 game plan with a buddy but my dad wants to take me and my brother Friday. He hasn't gone down to stadium with us in 13-14 years, and I really don't want to disappoint him. My brother and I are HUGE fans and go all th time, just can't get my hands on 3-4 tickets. If not, does anyone have acces to 2 for Saturday? Brother out of town but dad would still go with me. My buddy I share season tickets with wants to go each game so I can't get the second for Saturday. Obviously will pay for tickets - just can't swing StubHub prices. Would be eternally grateful!
  5. This post is crazy. It's simple supply and demand. If they did offer a holiday four pack, it would just sell out quick then you would be complaining about that. They had a significant number of people buy partial season ticket plans for this season right before the playoffs last year (so they would be eligible for playoff tickets). They have to appease those fans who have partial season plans before people who are only looking to buy 4 (or 5) games. Orioles fans should be happy there are supply issues when it comes to tickets. Just buy tickets on StubHub for opening day. If you really think the Orioles are being crazy because of one season, wait until you see what price you will need to pay to get tickets to the one game, the demand will be obvious.
  6. I got tickets to all 4 games at 2pm, but nothing good was left. Nothing in the lower level is left, unless they didn't release everything.
  7. There is already not many left?! I am in the 2PM group, and was hoping there was decent picking at least right at 2PM. Is it slim pickings only in certain areas, with more available in more expensive seats? Or slim everywhere?
  8. I placed a deposit for next year. I believe 26 game plans were yesterday, 13 game plans were 10AM today, and deposit for next year is 2PM today, with other presales after that
  9. Someone I know who had 10AM presale today said that all the cheapest seats were sold out pretty much right at 10AM. I am worried for my 2PM presale. Does anyone know what availability looks like at this point?
  10. LJ Hoes and Dylan Bundy need their opportunities to be the flavor of the day :thumbsup1:
  11. Back to back homers for the Rays. 5-2.
  12. Yeah but those teams had guys like Larry Bigbie and Luis Matos, now that they are gone, can we realistially hope to stay on track?
  13. What was going on between Miguel Cabrera and Adam Jones at the end of that inning? Did anyone else see that? It looked like Miggy was saying something to Adam (not something he was happy about)...
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