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  1. Start Lowther at triple A . I want Os management to do this right unlike the Calvary. If he’s dominating there then bring him up but I am not about rushing prospects anymore if we are banking on these guys . Same with Rustchman. I wouldn’t be upset if he DOES NOT make his debut this year .
  2. Still need a pitcher that can eat innings - Matt Harvey sort of risky in that regard .
  3. True but it what happens if Kramer and akin struggle and have to be sent to the bullpen or to Triple A or if they get injured . I want some kind of quality depth to cover for these types of things. Wade Leblanc is a starting pitcher and while he is an option he does not give me confidence as a legit option to take the ball every fifth day , especially coming off an injury. I see him more as a swing man rotation / bullpen guy. We need more than that before the season starts . Otherwise you may have Means and a bunch of guys trying to get their feet wet at the major league level in the toughes
  4. I am ok with this as long as it’s not the only pitcher we sign . We need pitchers that can eat innings . Keep in mind Kramer and Akin have only gotten about 4 starts each and they for are sure going to have their struggles.
  5. This is such an Orioles move - cheap 👍 - low obp👍 - lost a step defensively 👍 only Saving grace is that it’s only a year
  6. Well I would have to figure we’d give up a player at a position that we have some depth in. That would probably be outfield . That may be Santander . Don’t think I would trade him straight up for Cronenworth but maybe a package containing Cronenworth - I am not sure . But this acquisition would be something we sorely need and have needed - A potential middle infielder who could fill time in the infield and the outfield . He finished 2nd in ROY voting and yeah you could point to his sept numbers and say they weren’t very good and that he had one good month . I also looked at his walk verses k
  7. Or they signed Profar to build depth at a position so they can trade for something that they need . Worst case scenario he’s a useful utility player . Best case scenario he’s your multi positional player and lead off hitter for a few years . I see no downside to this trade .
  8. Saw today Profar got resigned - I have to think that Cronenworth may now be available . This is they guy we need . Trade for him sign Villar and get a couple or pitchers and head to spring training . Again Elias should be all over this https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/01/padres-re-sign-jurickson-profar.html
  9. Or two years with an option . I have to preface this with saying I don’t know a whole lot about Andrelton Simmons other than he plays gold glove hall of fame caliber defense and I know we have some middle infielders coming up but this is why I do it - those that are playing SS right now in the system are at least a couple of years away. - there is no guarantee that those prospects that could play shortstop in mlb will be able to in mlb - Henderson , west burg and Vavra are all bigger guys and could necessitate a move to another position - we have a lot of pitchers coming
  10. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2021/01/padres-rumors-masahiro-tanaka.html padres still looking for rotation help - Cobb for Cronenworth? They are obviously looking to win this year. I wouldn’t want to lose Cobb but I’d think about this if the padres could take on the salary . They seem to be willing to if they are looking at Tanaka .
  11. Exactly - they have depth at the place we need starters - infield
  12. And someone who could lead off and play other positions would be ideal . Cronenworth would fill both needs . It would also be nice to have someone be able to play third if Ruiz is ineffective again
  13. This is good - I do wonder if he just was stuck at short instead of playing all over if his numbers at short would be better . Seems like sort of a small sample size and he came up a shortstop so I’d think he’d have the arm strength . I am just trying to find cheap versatile infielders that wouldn’t be an automatic out at the plate . I just don’t want galvis .
  14. To 1) see if Jake Cronenworth is available and 2) if he is what would they want in return . I trade them Austin Hays or Diaz and a SP Cronenworth becomes starter at short for now and lead off hitter . Mountcastle plays left field , Mullins in center , Santander in right field . When Diaz is ready you move Mountcastle to first base , Mancini to dh When Henderson / west burg are ready you move Cronenworth to whatever position you need covered - he plays infield and corner outfield slots .thoughts?
  15. Exactly infield depth is coming - that’s why I would be targeting those players that are versatile and have some offensive upside - the Robertson’s , the Cronenworths . Players that can play multiple positions including outfield if possible . In terms of position player personnel those that have a little bit of a track record at the mlb level .Thats what I am targeting if I am Elias . If Urias can play shortstop at the mlb level, awesome - shift a Cronenworth or a Robertson to another position .
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