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  1. Was somewhat surprised Zach Pop was not added to the 40 man. I understand the additions of Diaz, Baumann, Lowther, Wells , Mattson, and Bannon but I would have thought someone like Wynns may have gotten dfa’d for Pop. Which leads me wonder 1) Do they think they can’t get Pop through the Rule 5 as he is just coming off surgery and 2) Because Wynns was kept as of now does this mean Severino or Sisco may leave later ?
  2. All he’s gotta do is stay healthy . No injuries next year . He may not be able to sustain a high obp but neither did Adam Jones . I actually like him better in the corner outfield spot and I think that would be better for over the long haul health wise . I like the defensive alignment of Hayes in left , Mullins in center and Santander in right for now . If Mullins can keep hitting I’d like him in that lineup for now .
  3. You rotate him between first base and DH and pay him the amt he would get in arbitration . You rotate Mountcastle between lf and dh and have him full in occasionally at first . You release Chris Davis and eat the 42mm plus on the remainder and you trade Núñez for what you can get . starting lineup Mullins cf Hays lf Santander rf Mountcastle dh Mancini 1b Ruiz 3b ( at this point I think he’s AAAA but best we have defensively ) Severino - replaces by Adley in sept Alberto - start him there - if he struggles start Vailaka - also intrigued by Vavra - 2b obtained from givens trade maybe September ? Iglesias - option to be picked up
  4. For me this was the worst loss of the year. At bats were weak. Hitters were swinging at balls way out of the zone but the worst part of the night was the defense .i like Alberto but he has absolutely no range at second base . Urias comes up , first game up makes an error and the two Ruiz and Stewart make errors on routine plays . On the positive side I thought Akin pitched ok.
  5. From what I’ve read Diaz can play the outfield - giving him a leg up on Stewart and maybe Santander . I believe he played centerfield some in the dodger system
  6. For me the starting outfield gigs are going to those players that 1) can play defense ( pitching and defense still wins championships ) 2) can produce at the plate (obp, power , hit ) 3) can stay healthy It seems that all of the guys that are in the mix meet one or two of these criteria but I don’t believe any one of these players exhibit all three . Of all them I think Austin Hays has a chance to meet all three but he’s gotta stay healthy . I really like Mullins game a lot and I really like the tools he brings atop the lineup. But his arm is very weak for center field and the jury is still out whether he will hit enough . Mountcastle can hit / hit with power but his defense is suspect in the of for a contending team . Santander’s range is ok but I don’t think he’ll ever have an obp above .320 because of his approach at the plate . All these players have some kind of deficiency . Hayes , Mullins and Mountcastle may end up being the best overall combination. ( combination of speed power and good defense ). It’ll be interesting to see how it shakes out .
  7. With the emergence of the surplus of outfielders the Orioles have I realize now Santander may be on the outside looking in come 2022 or even as early as 2021 . Here is what we have Mountcastle LF - should play somewhere everyday . Left field or dh Mullins - All three positions - fast but weak arm Hayes - great tools , needs to stay healthy Stewart - good eye at plate , limited defensively Mancini - really should not be an outfielder at this point -should be at 1b full time next season ( Davis will play depending on match ups) Santander - corner outfielder . 20+ hr power , limited defensively Others : Diaz, McKenna , later on Kjerstad I think the best outfield we could field for right now would be : Hayes , Mullins , Mountcastle . When Diaz is ready Diaz takes over rf from Hayes, Mullins goes on bench and Hayes moves to center . This would happen end of 2021 santander becomes trade chip if Diaz works out
  8. I think it’s too early to trade him . 12 ml appearances is way too small a sample size
  9. Yep that’s why you hold on to him - to see what he is capable of .
  10. And in the minor leagues he was a starter . He went multiple innings . I want to see more of a sample size for one inning at the Ml level . He also strikes me as a personality suited for late inning relief . Sort of an even keel guy adept at handling failure - a lot like his dad was . That’s an important quality in a reliever , particularly a closer .
  11. The fact that he has only made 12 ML appearances . The fact that he has shown me he can command a fastball for the most part . People forget that he’s never played a full season in the majors yet . . Very small sample size . Scott has been up with the team since 2018. And I will say he has improved this year and I wouldn’t just give him away. But it’s almost at that point where you have to make tough evaluations .
  12. I said this at the trade deadline but I’ll say it again - everyone in the bullpen but Harvey at this point should be expendable . Also as I said before I am not sold on Scott . If he could get us a future piece I would not hesitate in dealing him . Scott could not establish the inside part of the plate in the Torres at bat . That is nothing else but commanding the baseball. When you can’t command the baseball against the Yankees you will fall behind . When you fall behind against al East teams you will get hit . It’s really that simple . Doesn’t matter if you throw 94 or 85. See valdez’s outing yesterday .
  13. With the exception of maybe mason Williams just about everyone that has been reassigned at the alternate site at Bowie and then brought back up to Baltimore has improved their performance Cedric Mullins , DJ Stewart have been noticeably better . And those that made their major league debuts - Mountcastle , Akin , and now Kramer looked ready to contribute when they were called up. I know it’s a small sample size but I feel like now when those that guys are called to contribute they are able to and that the pitchers have somewhat of plan of what they want to do and don’t look like deers in headlights at mlb competition . In other words they are much better prepared to contribute to the ML team . just my observations - thoughts?
  14. If you look at the body of wiggington’s work he did not perform like an all star every year but he had a solid career while playing multiple positions . That would be Vailaka if he can’t hold down one position .
  15. I think with regular playing time at worst I think he could be like ty wiggington was. I’d like to think given regular at bats and playing time at one position he could be better than that . Never know until you give him the opportunity . I think he could definitely hit above the Mendoza line which Rio is not doing currently ( or just above it ).
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