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  1. Port Covington is literally the creation of an entirely new (and wealthy) neighborhood in Baltimore. Something most other US cities could not do. Baltimore has a ton of potential. I just hope we take the poor and working class with us when we improve and not just push the lower income people out of the city like DC did.
  2. Yeah but the crime isn’t happening with much frequency around the stadiums. OPACY isn’t on the west side. But not coming to spend money downtown is only going to exacerbate the problem. The county depends on the city, they have a symbiotic relationship, so we need to look out for each other.
  3. Yes, they generally use the main field. We went 2 years ago when the main field was being worked on and they used a back field. But I’ve been to a game every year there since ‘11 and they’ve all been main field games except the game in 17.
  4. Be prepared to bake. Was there last week. You’ll have your pick of seats in the stadium and almost everyone just sits under the awning.
  5. You can also bring in your own food and beverages. Concessions are generally not open for GCL games.
  6. Weds game, still no Adley. Usher said it’s TBD if he’s going to play in any games here.
  7. Adley is atm hanging out in the bullpen at Ed Smith, so this is a real possibility.
  8. We’ll be in Sarasota next week. Always go to a GCL game when we’re down there. Will probably go to Sunday in hopes that rutschman plays. If not, will go back on Weds to see if he plays.
  9. Who on earth goes into the draft as a RF? I thought everyone was usually a SS or CF who was drafted high.
  10. incubus

    Manny signs with Padres

    The question is now, so we really think Manny ever takes $300m from the Padres? my money is on no, I’d say he opts out after 5 years unless he hurts himself and the contract is an albatross
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