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  1. Just because they are losing doesn't mean there is no teamwork or that they have no leadership. Maybe, just maybe, we have an incredibly young team with very little experience, and they just aren't that good yet.....
  2. How can you make this statement without actually being part of the team yourself?
  3. Grandma's Boy FTW!!!!!! Kevin Nealon was just too funny in that movie, much like this thread
  4. I used to be all about this kid, but this "Micheal Crabtree-esque" attitude has really thrown me off. I'm now on the fence about whether signing him or not is such a good idea, since he clearly doesn't deserve the 1st round money he's asking for at this point (or else he would've been picked there).
  5. Nats suck.....................hollahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  6. Embarrassing, but oh well, at least I had it right! :laughlol: Edit: The idea, just too tired to get vertical and horizontal right.....man, that's pretty terrible on my part.
  7. The only problem with vertical movement is it doesn't make you change your bat level, resulting in more bloopers. With horizontal movement, it's harder to hit the ball squarely, which results in a lot of ground outs, pop flies, and missed swings.
  8. There's a song called Birthday Sex now......I'm so disappointed in humanity
  9. 1-1 with 1 RBI as a PH tonight.....can we say he's ML ready now?
  10. This is the only coaching change I approve of....
  11. I really hope this is a joke, because if not it could very well be the worst idea I have heard in a very, very long time.
  12. Clint Hurdle :rofl::rofl::rofl: I'm sorry, I can't stop.
  13. I thought he was replaced by Clint Hurdle
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