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  1. I'd say my feelings on the matter would be that it'd be great to have more surprises, but in this day and age, it's just not that simple. The thing is, there are usually plenty of misses on a lot of these rumors sites, too. I mean, the crowd was chanting for Lesnar last night and it was reported on the internet, but until it happens, you never really know. It's actually kind of a hobby in itself. I enjoy trying to read sites and figure out what's going to happen. In regards to Raw last night, what an excellent show. Rock had probably his best overall promo (loved his comment when a guy whistled at him 'he must be a John Cena fan'). Rock showed that at some point, who knows when or who it will be against, he's going to be making a title push. That's exciting to me and I hope it's sooner rather than later. They packed a lot of good action into Raw, a lot of storylines were either continued or started. Lesnar coming out was the perfect way to end the show. I got chills and have to say, despite the crowd, what a great surprise it still was. Until that music hits, you don't know. Speaking about the crowd, how great were they!? Man, so into it, and all over Daniel Bryan. Makes me think WWE really made a mistake having him drop the belt, especially in that fashion. In the last month or so he has gone from being an okay champion and decent heel, to super over. Only thing I'm not particularly excited about is Sheamus and Del Rio, but that's only because neither of them particularly excite me. I respect both of their in ring work, so if nothing else they should have a well wrestled feud. All in all, PERFECT show to have after Mania. I think it was the right move to have Brock come here and not Wrestlemania. Wrestlemania had enough very good, big things to make it awesome. By doing it at Raw, it makes Brock the #1 focus right now and really keeps the excitement and momentum from Mania. Too many times in years past I think the WWE has really dropped the ball after Mania, having a ho-hum couple months and losing whatever they gained from their biggest event of the year. Not this year though! I'm very excited about wrestling right now!
  2. Let me first state off by saying I think it's great that we now have our own forum. Hopefully this brings in more wrestling faithfuls for discussion! That said, I think we should break up our threads some now so we can have separate discussions. Let's have this one for discussing Raw, either during Raw or reactions/previews/predictions, that sort of thing! Really looking forward to tonight to see how the fallout is from Mania!
  3. Yeah, me too. Considering the main thought is that HBK is staying legit retired and won't have another match, it'd be pretty cool to see him in the ring again. For those who are interest, the Rock/Cena special is on tonight at 8. I'll probably check it out.
  4. Another solid Raw in IMO. I'm loving all the Rock/Cena stuff. WWE is actually building this PPV properly. Plenty of focus on the HHH/Taker, Rock/Cena, and Punk/Jericho matches. We're still a month away, but with the amount of build they've done, it feels like the PPV should be this Sunday. This is how a PPV is supposed to be..when two guys fight it's supposed to feel like FINALLY we get these two in the ring and get the big payoff. I think that's what we should get with all 3 of those matches, and to a lesser degree, Bryan/Sheamus. I also think they GM vs GM tag match could be good if they book it properly.
  5. That's what the officials decided would happen. UNC is so much better than MD, they don't need protection from the officials.
  6. The call a foul every time Zeller takes a shot. Just under 14 minutes to play and he's had 17 free throw attempts. Absolutely terrible referee work there.
  7. Supposedly the WWE put a video up that showed the Rock's promo, but the notes on his wrist were nowhere to be found. Pretty sure that part at least was not a work. Probably Rock being super busy, having less time to prepare than he should have, and just wanting to be sure he hit on the things he needed to. I think he was just a touch off, while Cena was in the zone, and as I said in the last point, there's probably a good chance he just wasn't prepared. Hopefully WWE gets his focus for the next month and he'll be on top of his game next time. And, let me just say, Rock slightly off his game, is still better than nearly everyone else on their game. And I don't think Rock would go for an angle where he looked like that during a promo. I think he would rather Cena physically harm him during a promo than look bad. That has always been his bread and butter, I just can't see him agreeing to that. Everything I've read has implied these guys have quite a bit of creative control over what they say, I think Rock was just at a bit of a loss when Cena was speaking, and certainly frustrated. Maybe I'm buying into it and the little kid in me is coming out, but I think a lot of this with them is very real.
  8. Gotta say I'm gaining a rooting interest in Cena. Rock has always been incredibly talented and charismatic with a mic in his hand, and for Cena to go toe to toe with him verbally and handle him makes me gain a lot of respect. There's a way to be a "hustle, loyalty, respect" kind of guy without being as corny and stale as Cena has been. Plus, I do think Cena genuinely cares about the WWE and the fans, while I would say Rock's interests are primarily a big pay day and feeding his ego. All that said, I think I'm still rooting for Rocky He seemed pretty stunned and angry when Cena came out, but he rebounded nicely and finished on a high note. I'm anxious for their next little soiree. Cena brought it last year around this time, then basically when right back to his corny image. Regardless of outcome, I'd like this Cena to be the one that stays.
  9. I enjoyed Rock last night, but I did think he depended a bit much on referencing Twitter. It was must see TV though whenever Cena came out. The great thing about this rivalry is these guys, at least to some degree, completely agree with what they're saying about the other guy. This is not your typical wrestling storyline. For instance, I'm pretty sure Punk and Jericho actually have a huge amount of respect for one another, thus their story, while believable, is fictional (like nearly all storylines). But Cena and Rock legit don't particularly care for one another. Maybe they exaggerate it a bit, but maybe not. Who knows. I think both guys are pretty spot on with what they say about the other. Very enjoyable to watch. Overall I thought it was a good Raw. They moved the GM storyline along well, and while I still don't really care about it, if they do go Survivor Series style elimination match, it could be entertaining. Would much rather have a MitB match, but oh well. Glad they had Kane do something, although I'm not sure where they're going with it. Big Show vs. Rhodes isn't all that interesting, but Cody needs to do something. Still would much rather see something with Goldust, but that doesn't appear likely. If they do end up facing each other, I would hope Rhodes goes over Show. I know he hasn't done much lately, but he's had a very long run with the IC title. I'd just like to see them keep him a bit more involved. Not sure what they're doing with the tag division, but Bourne getting a 2nd suspension and R Truth getting that first suspension really killed the momentum they had built. Air Boom was the most legit team WWE has had in awhile, and now it's back to a mish mash of guys thrown together and guys we don't care about. I'd like to be interested in Epico and Primo, they do actually work as a team, they make sense together, they've got a hot girl..but I just can't seem to care. Truth and Kofi are both super over, but aside from the one thing they have in common, their characters don't make sense together at all. Swagger and Ziggler can wrestle together some, but both of them should be much more focused on singles wrestling. There are still quite a number of guys who don't have anything to do at Mania yet, which is exciting, because they've already got 4 great matches on the card. I think this will be a good Mania regardless of what they do with the undercard, but it's typically the undercard that determines whether an event is good vs being great. Hopefully WWE creative delivers.
  10. CM Punk and Jericho with an excellent back and forth to start the show. I'm glad they let them start things off, I worry about them getting just a bit lost in terms of importance with HHH/Taker and Cena/Rock dominating a lot of focus and importance. Fact is, the match is still for the biggest belt in the land and features one of your most popular current guys and one of the best guys over the last 10+ years. Great start.
  11. Dip, make sure you tune in.. Somebody call my momma! Should be a great RAW. Super excited to see what Rock has for Cena, as Cena really brought it last week.
  12. Man, sorry to hear this Dip. You're one of my favorite dudes here at the OH and I hate to see a fellow brother suffering. I'll drink one for Mr. Larry tonight. Wish you the best during this tough time buddy.
  13. Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's basically confirmed. Plus, it's not like what he does with the WWE will be even close to fulltime. He'll never appear on anything but a Monday night Raw, so I'm sure he could work his movie schedule around that, even if he were to appear at all the Monday Night Raw's. I'm also torn on who will/should win the Cena/Rock match. One one hand, if Cena wins and it doesn't involve a heel turn, a lot of people who are brutally sick of him will be furious. On the other hand, Rock will never be a full time WWE talent again, so is it really smart to have him come in and whip your top face and then leave? I dunno. These are why matches like this are so great, just as the WM Rock vs Austin match was. It seems like it would be almost criminal to have one of these two lose given the scenarios at work. Wrestlemania is setting up to be really special. Definitely a no brainer that I'll be ordering this.
  14. I know this isn't cool to say anymore, but I thought that Cena promo was awesome. Strike me down?
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