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  1. FWIW, I tweeted Jones after he had made that comment about loyalty being tested over the next few weeks. He was referring to either getting extended or traded. I tweeted him telling him to DO IT and to be in B-MORE for the rest of his career. He re-tweeted it and started following me. I think if the Orioles approached him and offered him a fair extension, he'd definitely sign on.
  2. Yeah. I'm not personally a fan of Damon's. They posted the question for MASN and I am getting the reaction I thought I'd get on here. He's old in baseball years and could maybe work for a contender, but that's about it.
  3. Baltimore needs a lead-off hitter with Roberts on the mend and/or possibly retiring. Although Johnny has been a member of our rival teams, would you be open to the idea? I think DD will be. He can be a lead-off hitter and our everyday DH. Is he on the decline, though? MASN asks the question on Facebook... https://www.facebook.com/MASNOrioles/posts/100523993403050
  4. Update from Connolly: Now hearing #Orioles will pay LHP Chen Wei-yin less than $12M total over 3 yrs in deal once physical is passed. Roughly $4M or less per yr
  5. Dan Connolly @danconnollysun The #Orioles signing of Chen Wei-yin is for three guaranteed years Initially heard Chen's value was $4 to $5M per year -- makes sense (w Wada getting just over $8M for 2) but dont know yet if that's deal
  6. From the man himself: 10 @SimplyAJ10 1m Just seen a fun thing in orioleshangout. Hahaha never did that from what I remember. But ok. That's how y'all work. A Bad decision was made
  7. Via Twitter: Jon Morosi @jonmorosi #Orioles indeed have interest in Prince Fielder, source says, but not at current asking price.
  8. Per Britt on Twitter: Source close to #Braves negotiations tells @mlbbowman that Prado/Jurrjens werent offered for #Orioles Jones: http://brittghiroli.mlblogs.com/2011/12/21/braves-did-not-offer-prado-jurrjens-for-jones/
  9. Going to be 34. Blah. Big bat? Meh. But... he provides solid defense, a good outfield arm, an average bat and speed. This is what the team was looking for with its LHed, 4th OFer, who can spell Jones when needed.
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