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  1. What do you think about Eduardo Perez?
  2. I think we should try to get Howard from the Phillies for the last part of the season.
  3. He calls them clueless and that's how many of them look. I read an article in the St. Petersburgh Times about Tampa Bay. They even scout the umpires so that they have an idea of their strike zone. Texas does that also and they are both in 1st. place. Maybe our scouting needs some improvement.
  4. At the right price, we can take a chance. He hit the ball well on those 2 games in winter ball. We are talking short time here.(hopefully)
  5. Why another left hander? Aubrey can do the job.If we are going for a left hander, bring Delgado, he is a legit clean-up hitter.
  6. 15 wins. Of course I love the O's and love is blind.
  7. Amen! I would like to see Markakis hitting in front of Cabrera.
  8. I agree, just not having to watch Ramon trying to catch the ball is good for my ulcer. Now, if I don't have to watch Cabrera trying to throw the ball my ulcer will be healed.
  9. It is because too much hope we have Cabrera. It's time to do what we have to do. I dont think we are going to get Tex so Scott is going to be our DH.
  10. Would you trade Cabrera for Bedard? At least the games will be a little faster.
  11. I agree with you but I know even less.
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