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  1. Yes, that’s the one! Four hit shutout... okay that works... I remember Menhart was a hard luck loser that day since his only hit allowed was a HR and lost 1-0.
  2. My recollection is that both starters fired a one hitter and the difference was ours was a Harold Baines dinger to CF. O’s won 1-0. I think it was the Twins, perhaps? Hard to remember exactly... I was a little overwhelmed. I think it was 94, maybe 95. An even better memory was 93, though. I was dating the granddaughter of Chuck Thompson’s wife’s best friend. Somehow the whole family, including grandma moved to Florida... but grandma and granddaughter came back to Baltimore to visit for like a month and stayed at the Thompson’s. I won’t bore you with the details about being alone at Chuck’s house with the girl... y’all care more about the absolutely surreal experience of driving to an Orioles game in the backseat of Chuck Thompson’s car. I mean it was normal to hear his voice driving to the stadium, but not because he was driving!
  3. I interviewed Mike Mussina one time… In actuality I was an intern at WBAL and I put a microphone in his face in the locker room. It was after a one-hitter though which is pretty cool. It’s funny what stands out… I remember Gregg Zaun’s wannabe hipster outfit in his locker with like a silk vest. That, and Cal being there was pretty epic.
  4. I always thought the “break up the _____” comment was a reference to breaking apart monopolistic companies (like Standard Oil or AT&T).
  5. I watch every sporting event from DVR and don't understand why people hate it. Somehow it's like taboo or something. It is vastly superior, especially with the +30 second button during football. RB is tackled, hit the button, everyone is lined up for the next play. Like magic. A little trickier for baseball and you lose the flow of the game, but you skip commercials, mound visits, a bit of time between batters.
  6. Forgive my pessimism, though I suppose this is precisely the place for it... but I'm just not seeing the 2018 Yankee offensive juggernaut. Okay, Stanton... even with massive injury concerns, he'll be an MVP candidate. Sanchez could be great, maybe. Okay, so what else? Many people see a major sophomore slump regression coming with Judge. Guys that tall often struggle to cover a huge strike zone long-term... plus he had a bad 2nd half and a poor Spring... I'm not buying it, but okay... I guess that's a strong 3-4-5. (Especially a healthy Stanton.) But the rest? An infield of Walker-Wade-Gregorious-Drury... Is that scaring anyone? Gardner and Hicks are probably league-average.
  7. I’d like to see a legit 3b on a pillow contract and bump Beckham to a high-use Utility role.
  8. Rep to you. Thank you for the breakdown.
  9. So how many MLB rotation spots do you think are waiting to be filled by FA’s?
  10. The O’s have three openings in the opening day rotation. Most other teams have their top 4-5 identified. As slow as hot stove has been this year it feels as though most teams are waiting for prices to come down on this flawed crop of FA’s... and we know for sure that’s what DD is doing. So, I ask you, how many rotation spots across MLB are going to be filled by a FA? And, assuming we will never be in the running for Yu or Arrieta, you can subtract two from that number... and, with all of that in mind, is there any chance the game of musical chairs leaves us with Lynn, Cobb, Cashner types on team friendly deals?
  11. And the ChiSox would be over .500 if they didn't have to play us those three games.
  12. I don't get the "if they don't swing they're strikes" comment... We're supposed to swing at pitches in the strike zone... swinging was the right thing to do... and hitting home runs is the best outcome. So, is Gio saying we did everything very well and should be commended for our performance?
  13. Yeah, but the only cautionary tales are the ones with weird first names like Arky and Sherry. Based on that irrefutable evidence, Manny will be one of the all-time greats.
  14. I'm in favor of a compromise... buy out his last two years of team control plus his first two FA years for about $100m. He still hits FA for his mega-deal at age 28, we get him for four years at a fair number, and he is already set for life with a nine-figure deal in his mid-20's.
  15. We need a RH outfielder who plays good defense and IMO we need a better second catcher and a proven 7th guy in the bullpen. The prices have come way, way down on Pagan, Wieters, and Travis Wood. Don't you think we could get each of them on a one year deal for, I dunno, $5m-ish? Maybe add a club option with a buyout? Those signings would really catapult the completeness of the team. (I'd still like to upgrade Flaherty too, but I don't see an obvious candidate.) The Rule V guys turn into Pagan (unless you send down Rickard, but I really like the Kim/Rickard platoon in LF and now Pagan with Smith in RF), Joseph goes to the minors and you upgrade to Wieters, and McFarland turns into Wood (TJ's out of options, but he's making a tick over the minimum so maybe he clears?). (And seriously, Wood was really good as a reliever last year and would be a capable swingman to boot. MLBTR had him as the #24 FA.) I mean, it makes too much sense, right? The only tiny thing is that you have a Drake-Verrett battle for the last spot in the pen, but I think you were going to have that anyway and I believe we signed Verrett to a minor league deal, if memory serves. So maybe there's no issue losing Drake... not that I'm losing sleep over that. What am I missing here? Are we just out of money?
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