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  1. I gave it a D. To all the people saying, that Elias and them have more info and have a plan, etc, that doesn't mean that they are going to be successful with their data and plan. I would imagine that every front office has a plan and executes it to the best of their ability, and yet there are certain guys that aren't cut out for the job and end up never turning their franchises into winners. Sure they have more information than we do, and sure no one on this board knows what if any restrictions the ownership has put on Elias, but when you have the worst pitching staff in the majors and o
  2. Well that's disappointing to hear. I was really hoping the O's would draft some overslot arms today.
  3. Should we expect the overslot to be the last 2-3 picks? Wouldn't it make sense to call the guys and say will you sign for X amount and then they can relay to all other teams not to draft them? The orioles can fill their roster with other guys and take the overslots later or is that not a thing?
  4. Elias can get lost. This is a horrible strategy, IMO. Let’s draft a worse player with the first pick so we can maybe potentially grab a guy later that. Why are we even bothering to tank when all we do is draft mid tier prospects?
  5. Yeah he's not falling, but if he does I don't think he signs. I would expect him to take the Brady Aiken route and join the 2022 draft.
  6. The highest Allan was ranked was 13th, and as low as 20th. The lowest I've seen Jobe is 8th, some have him as high as 5th. Obviously teams didn't deem Allan worth 4M, I would imagine Jobe signs for significant amount more than Allan, which is a good tell on how teams view you as a draft prospect.
  7. It's a pretty decent example, but I'm not sure Allan is viewed as the same type of prospect as Jobe. Jobe is consensus top 10 and overall grades out around a 60, whereas Allan never cracked any top 10 lists, to my knowledge, and is viewed as a 50 prospect.
  8. Since they implemented the slot values/pool, what consensus top 10 guy fell to the second round and signed?
  9. Well then he isn't falling to 41, the two are mutually exclusive IMO. If he falls to 41, then he is turning down 3M, and if he isn't turning down 3M, then why wouldn't the Yankees take him at 20, or any other team with at least that much slot value?
  10. If signability is an issue, and he wouldn't sign for lets say 5M which means he falls to 10 or outside top 10, then what makes you think we could sign him if he fell to 41? Where would the O's get 3.5M+ to make up the difference in value?
  11. I hope we go with one of the HS SS Lawlar House Watson Based on track record I'm guessing Elias will go Davis or Cowser if Davis is gone.
  12. Fair enough, I don't think he's going to kill you if you stick him at first. More to my point is Milwaukee to me seams like the only NL team that could be a trade partner. I don't see many teams with a glaring need at 1B. If he's traded to the AL he can at least be in the same role he's in here, splitting time at 1B and DH.
  13. He needs the work, Mountcastle is the future, but he needs a lot of work at 1B.
  14. UZR has him at .2 so yeah that's not below average, but he has a negative grade in the dWAR, DRS, rPM and his RZR indicates hes between poor and awful so maybe not by all metrics is he below average but he is below average in a majority of them.
  15. Yes he is by any advanced metrics you look at. He's not a horrible defender, but he is for sure below average.
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