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  1. He basically put it on a tee for him.
  2. How the hell is he not bunting there?
  3. At this rate there is NO WAY they start the season as scheduled. The NCAA and NBA decisions make it nearly impossible for MLB to do anything but delay it.
  4. Totally agree. I was born in 84 so I haven't experienced an O's championship unfortunately. I root for the Nats and am thrilled that they won, but being so close to home it just reminds me that I haven't experienced an O's title yet.
  5. Super happy that they won. It stings a bit that they won it before we did, but good for them. They deserve it more.
  6. Stupid to leave him in even if he says he's OK. Don't mess around with that.
  7. We were definitely spoiled with Manny's arm at 3rd. I always think every 3B makes those throws.
  8. Hess lookin' like Roy Halladay out there.
  9. Gary T. sure is having himself a good time.
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