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  1. I met Mcphail on a plane from BWI to Fort Myers in July '14. Got on the plane and he was in the row right behind me. Thought of what to say for half the flight and decided to leave him alone as he was with his wife I believe. When we landed, turned out his carry on was a row in front and I was pulling my bag out of the overhead. He asked if I might pass him the bag and thanked me. Got my courage up and said something like, "no thank you for getting my baseball team back on the winning track." He smiled and nodded with no response out loud. Always wondered what he was thinking.
  2. A very long way to go, I realize, but one to keep an eye on to see if he can develop is Alex Torres, 5th rnd pick, glove first SS.
  3. Will Smth would be a nice lefty to add for a relatively inexpensive price hopefully.
  4. Multi-hits in 1st game. Also, ranked #21 on mlb pipeline top 30 O's prospects.
  5. Altuve isnt going anywhere, Houston wants to sell tickets and be relevant, so i'm. Not sure hwy it matters if the Os were interested. Dee Gordon is a sell high player who was an afterthought even for the Dodgers last April until he had his big breakout season last year. While i feel he could have been a good fit, DD was not going to give up an elite prospect or two for a guy with still questionable batting skills Kendrick, i have to believe the Os have had interest in, if for no other reason then they have in the past during multiple time periods.
  6. I love this comparison Roy, and even though I'm only 34 Frank Robinson is one of my favorite players ever. Not sure Bruce, (or anyone) could live up to FRob, but the comp is still interesting and has parallels despite the talent gap between the two players.
  7. Cinci would certainly like to unload the Phillips contract, but I cant see Balt willing to take it.
  8. If I'm not mistaken, Bruce was dealing w a nagging abducter injury at points this year. I really think 2015 could be his breakout year from a good player to a star no matter who he plays for. Very much doubt it will be Baltimore, but man would a Left, Right, Left of Bruce, Jones, Davis be a nice middle of the lineup.
  9. Birdland, you think those numbers are out of range of what the Os would find attractive for Bruve or is that just because of the value regardless of player? For Bruce, who still has more upside in my eyes then hes shown w 3 years of control seems very reasonable to me even in context of the Os limitations payrollwise
  10. Thanks and rep for you. I'm traveling and was unable to look it up right now. Seems like very reasonable numbers.
  11. I think Walker will get a really strong opportunity to make the mlb team. Once they brought him up and started his service clock this summer I think the intention was to see if he was at all out of place and in my opinion he acquitted himself well enough in his brief showing to see him as a guy in the plans for 2015.
  12. Bruce would be a fabulous fit for "The Right Price". Not sure im buying this as a real rumor because this would definitely cost the O's some of their supposed untouchables, whom weve heard numerous times were deal breakers in other negotiations. Does anyone know Bruce's contract offhand? Really the only way I see any traction on this rumor is if the Os include Bundy plus, and the Reds add Chapman to the deal. Realistically, the Reds have numerous suitors for most of their top players and the price would be extremely high. I would think Bundy plus a couple B prospects would be the only way
  13. mrbraswel3


    I would also put Arrieta in a different category, but not just for the reason stated. I'm not convinced much has change for Jake. He is really struggling right now, and his success this year, while notable, seems to be short lived in my eyes.
  14. Maybe Neil Walker from Pittsburgh could be available. Aaron Hill in Arizona another. Not a big fan of Hill. Anyone have info or opinion on Walker's availability?
  15. Now that's a name I never thought about and would have called you crazy three or four months ago. Cleveland would have to be willing to sell Kipnis a tad low as far as value is concerned because of his struggles right now. With Lindor waiting in the wings Asdrubal Cabrera is not likely to be back in Cleveland so replacing their entire middle infield seems unlikely. I like Kipnis a lot but I don't think you get very far if Bundy isn't included.
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