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    It has been a while since I've posted because I am running out of posts but man this one hits it on the head for me this off season. I just do not understand why people assume Brad "The IceBerg" Berg. is going to fail this year simply because his peripherals say he shouldn't succeed like he did. He was the smartest pitcher I have ever seen in an O's uniform. He understood how his arm angel affected his approach and how his approach affected his performance and his ultimate outcome. He listened to the Crow and he was a pitcher He knows what he is doing on the mound. Matusz is a dirty pitcher but I have no reason to thinkg the IceBerg isn't going to put up Lowe type numbers.
  2. That's crazy. Bedard in reverse but worse. I don't think any GM would make that deal coming from our side. And not to mention the fact he is going to test FA waters so why give up those 5 for two years at AGon. Sweet we have a power hitting 1b for 2 years. We'll still lose 85-90 games and lose him to the Yankees/RedSox.
  3. Why not Toby Gerhart? 26 rushing TDs I believe? (He averages more then 14 points a game.) Plus 1500+ yards? That is a gross season. Better then Ingram/Tebow/Spiller IMO. I know this comes off as being a homer but Ryan Williams on VT had the best freshman year I have ever seen (9 tds in the last three games). Watch out for him in the coming years to get consideration for the Heisman.
  4. There is no way you can fire him after this year. If Willis doesn't tip toe to the endzone this thread is never brought up.
  5. JH is 16-10. I will take that record any day. Mattion had a defense with no CBs shut down the Colts offense as well as anyone this year. Calm down every one. The Ravens are a good team who just needs to beat the Steelers at home sunday night and at GB Monday night to have a good shot at the playoffs. Reactionary.
  6. I am just throwing this theory out there for the people who are against getting Holliday or Bay. The "square peg in a round hole" thing doesn't really make sense to me. Both of those players are exactly what we hope our young OFs become. What are the chances they make it to this ceiling? There is a chance Reimold never hits 30 HRs in a full season. There is a chance he is always getting hurt, while you know what you get with Holliday/Bay (for the most part) If you can get one of them without spending so much you can't make any other moves a year later or whatever, then it should be a no brainer.
  7. Before offering DH I think I would find their interest in a guy like Patton. I would do Turner and Patton in a heartbeat. I really don't think we lose anything in that deal. I am high on Erbe. IMO, I think it would be a mistake to include him in a trade which isn't for a piece of our future.
  8. Does Patton have any trade value? Could we use him as our "second-teir pitching prospect" as opposed to Erbe/Johnson/DH?
  9. http://espn.go.com/blog/SweetSpot/post/_/id/1314/more-gold-gloves-more-head-scratching I say good for AJ, Go Birds!
  10. There isn't even a question the ACC is the better conference. BC has been in two of the past ACCC why would they get kicked out? Adding WVU would rekindle the VT WVU rivalry, good or bad. They are a kind of awkward team to be in the ACC being so north but they have definitely been a good thing for the conference.
  11. And was at a loss of words when they asked him post game if his Ravens defense shut down the wild cat, why couldn't the Jets.
  12. Anyone know where I can see video of the post game interviews? I would love to watch Ray ray and ed talk about the refs and the Roughing the Brady calls.
  13. Look at the most wins in the past 4 to 5 years in college football. VT is number three behind USC and Texas. Can't say that in the 'U'. Slop or not one team is elite and one is not and it showed.
  14. They all say Carlson in the worng on ESPN which blows my mind. Two Jays get hit so he throws behind Posada. ITS BASEBALL. Grow up. Then you throw a girly elbow. If your going to start something then start it but why just put an elbow into someone. Posada is a girl. It's like punching your little brother in the arm and when he tells on you, you go nuh ahhh i did not. Just another reason why I hate the yankees and ESPN covering baseball.
  15. Did every one see that tonight? Posada elbows the Jays pitcher(Carlson maybe) as he walks by thinking no one will do anything about it and then when Carlson turns and yells at him it turns into a fight. A few Yankee pitchers hit a few Jays batters before that and then Carlson threw behind Posada. Then, on MLB tonight they all say Posada needed to do that because Calrson was standing "close to where Posada was going to be walking". They said he "had to protect himself because you never know if he is going to throw a shot when you walk by" That just blew my mind. I couldn't believe Posada didn't get any crap for that.
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