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  1. This. So MUCH this. I don't always agree with Tony, but I agree with every word of this post. I've been on board too. The rebuild should be about progress -- they found a temporary solution, but the player fits the need they NOW need to fill in free agency. It's a silly move at best. It also means they're planning on a repeat of the 2019 season to stay gain one more high draft position year (as the pitching short club is now talking of trading Bundy).
  2. Great news! Now let the healing begin...
  3. As bad as it is -- this was the belly laugh I needed today. Patience is down to the bare bones, so humor may be the only weapon left as we await a brighter day.
  4. When Dan tried to bolt to the Jays, I recall Peter Angelos emphasizing a deal was a deal. My thought was, the only reason the family kept him around to the last day was to honor their side of the deal. There were plenty of reports about them scouting around and 'researching' the best way to rebuild. Based on the size and scope of the changes underway, it made sense to me either way. Whether it was to buy more time to figure out their next move or simply to finish the contract they required him to finish. I'm more surprised Buck made it to the end, but am fine with that too. It wasn't like an interim manager was going to make a dent in the win column with that roster.
  5. It doesn't surprise me the same complaints about Tulo popped up in Toronto. It is extremely telling -- to pay someone 38 million dollars to NOT play for you.
  6. I watched Tulo from his first call-up here in Colorado. Even if he is 100 percent healthy and ready to play 150 games, I wouldn't want him on this O's roster. Loves the game, plays hard, plus defender when healthy, but he isn't great in the locker room. The Rox don't miss his tirades when the team lost -- every single time. Not a big team chemistry guy, runs other players down, etc. A healthy Tulo is the last piece on a team pushing for playoffs, he would be miserable to be around for a young, rebuilding roster.
  7. My new cable set-up here in Colorado does NOT have MASN on it like my old satellite sports package. I thought I was going to miss the press conference, but MLB At Bat app saved the morning and I caught it live 10 am Mountain time. I like the new field boss. I know we still have a long way to go, but you want a guy who loves the job, despite knowing how difficult it is going to be. I think I read a fan reaction off of social media about a lack of personality -- comparing him to Buck in that regard. Yeah, I don't think he is going to be 'efforting' to entertain the media with tons of post-game quips, and that's fine. Player development, player development, player development. A concept so important, I had to write it three times. Get talent, make it better. To me, that was the real secret of the original Oriole Way (TM) of the 60's and 70's (which bled over into 1983). Call it Astroball or call it Astr- O's ball, or call it Oriole Way Part Deux -- just call me as we add more coaches who will get the best of the players we bring into the system.
  8. While I still get to visit family near Baltimore every year, I've been out of Maryland a while now. I only throw that in to illuminate my perspective. I have a more desperate need of O's information than fans who can tune in to local stations anytime. In that sense, I find The Athletic a decent additional source. Beyond our Birds, the site has a lot of solid baseball writers covering the league overall as well. The approach of The Athletic is more about depth and analysis than scoops, although it does have the digital format and they can be pretty quick when needed. It reminds me of a daily Sports Illustrated, back in the day when SI was stacked with good journalists. All of that said, I'm not real big on paying for content. I'm hoping for a bit more O's and Maryland sports coverage, but it has been worth it so far.
  9. If Elias is truly granted the budget and promised room to operate, then my blank check extends pretty far. A rebuild of this magnitude feels like a 3-5 year assignment. All of the analytics in the world isn't going to repair the horror show level of player development the organization has had since Angelos took over. How many years of FA patchwork to cover a system that had to develop far fewer homegrown players than anyone in the division? That will take the longest. I think Mike and Co. will be able to stock up fairly quickly on young talent, it will just take a while to get them on the field.
  10. It's not just another team. My O's are lovable and horribly frustrating at the same time with both a proud history with championships and a decade plus losing streak. The O's are in my DNA. I've had to be away from my home state for a long time now, but there is THIS place. A place where my fellow fanatics gather to keep me in the loop, share my pain and help me celebrate the sometimes rare, fun, moments as well. I get back for games and family visits, but never enough to absorb the baseball info I need. I don't post everyday, but I read this place...every...single...day and twice a day during Hot Stove. There really isn't a proper way to appreciate all that the OH does. From cool minor league stuff, to fascinating rumors to absolute complete baloney from some folks -- but it all comes from love of the O's. Thank you for being my home away from home!
  11. Unofficial or not, I’m just happy they were smart enough to have Elias among their top choices. That feels like progress in this Hot Stove season of discontent. Maybe a manager by Christmas?! I dare to dream of spring once more....
  12. Great list, but if I'm picking today, I'm going with A.J., Markakis and Britton.
  13. I may have an unhealthy affection for Buck. Anyone who got us out of the 14-year horror show lands in my permanent O's Hall of Awesomeness. His love of the game, his dedication to the O's and I still think he got more done with less than any manager the team has had. I'm not sure the pitching was ever at a championship level, despite the strong bullpen. And the the first post in the thread was a reminder of his class. All that said, it was time for a change. I wish him well.
  14. After 14-years of futility, it was nice to get a reminder of what it is like when the Orioles win. Five winning seasons, an AL East title and O's in the playoffs a few times wasn't enough, but it was fun to wear my orange and black again. I know he had some influence on the roster, not all of it good, I jut can't imagine he was happy with the lack of starting pitching for most of his time here. I think the biggest problems for the Orioles are all higher in the chain of command. Thanks Buck for temporarily restoring sanity to baseball in B'more! Godspeed good Sir!
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